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In the 21 century, we all love combining things. Whether it is our salary, we combine multiple sources to increase the earnings, or in investment, we split up our fortune. Like this simply we all love combinations. Similarly, Pubg and its fandom also love combinations like AWM + 8x, M416 + AWM, UZI + DP-28, and many more. That is why Pubg has given two slots for the different individuals to try and test out the best combinations according to them. Like this, they also have provided duo and squad matches so that each player can choose the best suitable partner for themselves to rock the game. And we are also rocking today by combining all the Best Pubg Players all together we have covered so far, split up before. So let’s go.

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Top 60+ Pubg Pro Players in the World:

Let’s start with the Indian pro players of the Pubg:

1. 8 Bit Goldy:

8 Bit Goldy

8 Bit Goldy or Lokesh Jain is called the Big brother of the whole Pubg community. Goldy’s Pubg Id is “5129256692”. He is the main reason behind the success of the gaming community of India by forming India’s first eSports organization “8 Bit”. Goldy is an Entrepreneur, Gamer, and a YouTube Content creator and the whole gaming community loves Goldy as their Big Brother.

2. Antaryami Gaming:

Antaryami Gaming

Antaryami Gaming’s real name is Rishab Verma. He is a hardworking and famous Content creator known basically for his Roasting and Playing. His Pubg Id is “583147218”. He manages three channels on YouTube and earns a monthly income of around 4-5 lakhs.

3. Bandookbaaz Gaming:

Bandookbaaz Gaming

Bandookbaaz Gaming has one of the fanciest gaming names in the community. His real name is Indrajit Singh. Bandookbaaz Pubg Id is “514083312”. He was an Emulator player earlier but someone poked him for playing in Mobile and commented on his gameplay. But he silenced all the haters with his gaming skills even on mobile. He is one of the top gaming content creators and earns around 10-15 lakhs from his YouTube channel.

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4. Carryminati:


We do not need to introduce this guy, he is a self-made millionaire Youtuber. Carryminati who is also known as Ajay Nagar is famous in the whole of India and his reach in fans is International too. His Pubg Id is “545247961” and his in-game name is “khalidjamonday”. He is a fan of this game and plays with different pro players in the gaming community. And he earns a total of jaw-dropping 29 Crores in a year. Lots of love and respect for this guy.

5. Casetoo:


When we were young we do not have clue how to earn a penny but this pro built his empire at the very young age of 20. His name is Casetoo and his real name is Aditya Sharma. Casetoo Pubg Id is”5108853226″. He has played in famous teams like Soul and also participated in competitive matches. He earns around $ 1-2.5k per video.

6. Dynamo:


Dynamo is one of the top Gaming Youtubers in India. When most of the Indian pros were learning Pubg, he had mastered his Sniping skills and was taking headshots that time. Dynamo Pubg Id is “591948701”. He plays many more games except Pubg and he has also bought a house named Bootcamp, dedicated to the place “Bootcamp” inside the Pubg. His Net Worth is insane as he earns 20 Crores per year.

7. Eagle Ron:

Eagle Ron

Another pro player on the list is Eagle Ron also called Ronak Makhodia. Ron is a pro content creator and a Youtuber who works hard each day to create almost daily content. Ron Pubg Id is “5102099001”. He also loves to test out different games and enjoys playing and sharing them. Ron Gaming’s net worth is $889,000.

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8. GameXpro:


GameXpro is a famous Pubg Content creator who comes under the top 10 Gaming Content Creators of India. GameXpro’s real name is Ravi Rawat. He is also the leader of the “B Lac” clan and his in-game name is “B Lac Legit”. His Pubg Id is “5397003232”. His net worth is estimated at around $100K.

9. Jonathan Gaming:

Jonathan Gaming

Jonathan is an Indian Pro player who is best known for his God-like reflexes. He also plays for Godlike eSports and plays as the main assaulter in the team. Jonathan Pubg Id is “5112616229”. He has achieved many achievements in different tournaments of Pubg and is one of the famous Pros of Pubg. Jonathan’s earnings are estimated at around $ 200k.

10. Kaztro Gaming:

Kaztro Gaming

Kaztro is another fancy and unique name on the gaming chart. Kaztro’s real name is Muhammed Ramees. Kaztro has some serious skills in Pubg which made him highlight in front of the World. His Pubg Id is “591984617”. He is a smart content creator who works based on trends to keep himself updated with the current fashion. He has a net worth of $ 1 million.

11. Kronten Gaming:

Kronten Gamin

Kronten is one of the best supportive players of the PUBGM. His real identity is as Chetan Chandgude. He is the owner of the famous eSports called “GodLike”. Each player in GodLike respects Chetan a lot and he manages the whole team as his family. Kronten Pubg Id is “525348414”. He is more of a rushing type than a slow-type gamer. Kronten net worth is around 50-60 lakhs.

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12. Lolzzz Gaming:

Lolzzz Gaming

Lolzzz Gaming is another pro content creator of Pubg gaming. He is an Emulator Pubg mobile player. Lolzzz Pubg id is “526040141”. He is also the co-leader of the “BI ( Beyond Infinity) clan”. His major focus stays on pushing the rank and he has achieved the top 100 positions in the Asia TPP squad. He earns a total of $994,000 every year.

13. Maxtern:


Another young content creator we have is Maxtern. Maxtern’s real name is Sagar Thakur and he is 21 years old. His Pubg Id is “594387287”. Maxtern also creates gaming content and roasts people as well in his YouTube videos. He also manages three channels and he tries hard to stay consistent on his channels. Maxtern net worth is $744,000.

14. Mortal:


Mortal is the Gaming legend of the Indian Gaming community. He is very dangerous in the game but very humble and jolly in person. Mortal real name is Sandeep Mathur and his Pubg Id is 590211476. He is the leader of the all-famous Soul Clan and comes among the top Pubg content creators alongside Dynamo and Scout. His net worth is around $ 2 Million.

15. MRX Gaming:

MRX Gaming

MRX is another Pubg content creator and Youtuber. His real name is Aniket Chaudhary. MRX Pubg Id is “577261439”. MRX plays his game on his iPad with four-finger claw settings and achieved the highest KD of 7.33 in one of his previous seasons. He has dedicated his main channel to the Indian audience and he takes care of his two channels. MRX’s net worth is around $ 683,118.

16. Nova King:

Nova King

Novaking is a Pubg pro and famous content creator. His real name is Rahul Dhankar. He is a conqueror-level player in India. He has also been part of the Soul Clan. Novaking Pubg Id is “5128421699”. His Pubg name is “GodLBMWowner”. Nova king focuses on rank pushing and plays with extreme caution. His net worth is $116,000.

17. Ron Gaming:

Ron Gaming

Another gaming star we have is Ron Gaming. Ron real name is Ronak Makhodia. Ron is a famous YouTube content creator and an Emulator player of Pubg mobile. Pubg Id of Ron Gaming is “5102099001”. His Pubg username is “Eagle Ron”. Ron is a full-time Gamer and Youtuber and he earns a total of $885,000 per year.

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18. Scout:


Some players are respected by the whole community and Scout is one of them. Scout’s real name is Tanmay Singh. Scout has been a part of many famous eSports teams like RAW, IND, Soul, Godlike, and X Spark. The first Clan in India was made by the Scout team called “RAW”. Scout Pubg Id is “5144286984”. Scout’s in-game name is FNC•scoutOP. The net worth of Scout is $1 Million.

19. Shreeman Legend:

Shreeman Legend

Shreeman Legend is a legend in content creation and gaming. Shreeman’s real name is Siddharth Praveen Joshi. He is playing Pubg from season 2. He creates content based on Pubg and makes real-life memes too. His Pubg Id is “510399433”. His Pubg username is “I’mShreman”. His net worth is around $783000.

20. SNAX Gaming:

SNAX Gaming

Snax is a Gamer, YouTuber, and eSports player. Snax’s Gaming’s real name is Raj Varma. Snax Gaming is a pro gamer and also a fitness freak. He is the most physically fit eSports player in the gaming community. His Pubg Id is “585127130”. Snax plays for team IND and his in-game name is INDSnax. His net worth is $1 Million.

21. Solo Rush:

Solo Rush

As the name suggests he is a rushing type player. Solo Rush’s real name is Md Asif Iqbal. He is also known as the fastest player in India. He has also played a 1v1 challenge with international pro player MOK which gave him tough competition. His Pubg Id is “5166723929” and his in-game name is iSxSoloRush. He holds a net worth of $74 K.

22. Soul Regaltos:

Soul Regaltos

Regaltos is a famous member of the Soul Clan. He works as an IGL for the Clan. Regaltos real name is Parv Singh. He has started his Pubg journey with another pro called Casetoo. Soul Regaltos pubg Id is “593193849”. All the members of the Soul Clan stay in a gaming facility called “Bootcamp”. This facility is for the players of Soul and 8 Bit. Soul Regaltos net worth is 200k.

23. Mr. Conqueror:

Mr. Conqueror

His name says it all, he is a conqueror player for three consecutive seasons. His real name is Madan Kumar Manickam also known as Madan OP. He is the first Indian Gamer to push conqueror in solo, duo, and squad mode. Mr. Conqueror Pubg Id is 51013737408. He is a famous content creator whose earnings are estimated as 2-3 lakhs per month.

24. Triggered Insaan:

Triggered Insaan

Triggered Insaan is not a hard-core gamer but he does play games. Triggered Insaan has a special channel for gaming videos which is “LiveInsaan”. His Pubg Id is “5183953859”. He shares PUBG, GTA, Mine Craft, and Fall Guys on his channel. He earns a total of 15-16 crore per year.

25. Ujjwal Gamer:

Ujjwal Gamer

Ujjwal Gamer is famous as “Techno Gamer”. His real name is Ujjwal Chaurasia. He is famous for his gaming and tech content videos. Ujjwal owns two YouTube channels and tries to keep Consistent in both the channels. His Pubg Id is “510168661”. His in-game name is EXO UJJWAL. His net worth is estimated at around 15 crores.

26. ZGOD:


ZGod is another pro content creator and an eSports player. ZGod was a part of the number 1 BGMI eSports team of the India TSM Entity. ZGod’s real name is Abhishek Chaudhary. ZGod plays as a support in the team that provides grenades support for massive damages and sniping support for Enemy Tracking and killing. ZGod net worth is around $80 K.

Now we have covered all the Indian pro gamers, let’s add now Indian guests who are very special and lays a massive impact on society. They are members of our lovely Indian Cricket team.

27. Virat Kohli:

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is a Famous Indian Cricketer and Former Captain of the Indian Cricket Team. Kohli is not that fond of the game but when all the teammates are together, they are ready to knock off a few games. Virat Pubg Id is not confirmed on the internet. His aggressive side loves AKM and M416 the most as they are more stable and damaging guns.

28. Hardik Pandya:

Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya is a freak of Pubg. He loves to play Pubg to kill his boredom and to do some juicy chicken dinners. Pandya’s Pubg Id is “5223664720”. His Pubg name is “HARDIKPANDYA11”. Hardik plays Pubg on his iPad with 3 finger claw settings.

29. Mahendra Singh Dhoni:

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Captain Cool or MSD is some synonyms to call a legend in India. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the Former Captain of Team India. He is world-famous for his helicopter shots and flashy wicket-keeping skills. Dhoni is also prey to the Pubg addiction trap. He plays Pubg for refreshing his mind and killing his boredom. He always keeps a planned and winning approach in every Pubg game. Dhoni’s Pubg Id is ” 5583657745″. His in-game name is “BTS Ripper”.

Now, in this modern world girls are given heavy competition in every field either in politics or in gaming. Girls are taking part in every opportunity and facing off boys with a positive attitude. Let’s talk about the powerful girls we have.

30. Payal Gaming:

Payal Gaming Pubg Gamer

Payal Gaming is a pro gamer girl who comes live late at night for streaming Pubg on YouTube. Her full name is Payal Dhare. She is also an eSports player and currently plays for the Soul team. She has started her eSports journey from Entity Gaming. Payal gaming Pubg Id is ” 5156387927″. She is also a very famous YouTuber and she earns a yearly income of 1 crore + in INR.

31. BTR Alice:

BTR Alice

Next, we have our guest from Indonesia, BTR Alice. BTR Alice’s real name is Maureen Gabriella Stephany. She is a pro Pubg player and an eSports player who plays for Bigetron RA, the biggest Indonesian eSports company. Her Pubg Id is ” 525522828″ and her in-game name is “BTRXAlice”. Her net worth is as high as $124,538

Now the show moves on to the garnishing portion and to garnish our stuff we have some International Pros who are always fun to watch.

32. Athena Gaming:

Athena Gaming

Athena is the world-famous PUBGM player and he plays 1 vs 4 games in Asia High tier matches. He is a Korean Pro player. He can handle any gun in panic situations and he is also a master of controlling the recoil of the monster guns like M762( Beryl) or AKM. He has played with International as well as with Indian pros and his fan following is very high in India. Pubg Id of Athena is “694984807” and his game Alias is “Serioton”. He has a net worth of around $1 Million.

33. Atro Gaming:

Atro Gaming

Atro is also a YouTube gaming content creator. He was born in Iraq but currently living in the Netherlands. Atro plays Pubg mobile on Emulator and he is most famous for his Sniping skills. He comes in the Second position after Dynamo Gaming in terms of the most famous Pubg players. Atro Pubg Id is “5587557062”. His clan name is ATR and it is one of the best clans of Arabs. Atro’s estimated net worth is $50,548.

34. Levinho:


Levinho is also a pro Pubg player and YouTube content creator. Levinho is a Swedish Gamer and a resident of Sweden. The real name of Levinho is “Brahim”. Levinho plays his games on his iPhone and he usually takes part in many challenges. But he is a very mysterious person as he has not shared much information about him and his face is still unknown. Levinho Pubg Id is “546590561”. Levinho earns around $1.5 k per month.

35. Sevou


Sevou is another pro of the game Pubg and he is the younger brother of “Levinho”. They both have played together in several matches. Sevou is more mysterious than Levinho as he has not even shared his name on the internet. Sevou is also a resident of Sweden and a Swedish gamer and content creator. He has developed his character “Spidermon”. Sevou estimated net worth is around $6.59 Million.

36. Ruppo


Ruppo is another International Pro Pubg Gamer and Content Creator from Turkey. The real name of Ruppo is the same. He is a young guy 22 years old and he plays Pubg in solo vs squad mode. Not much information about him is revealed on the internet.

Ruppo maintains a KD of 4.5 almost every season and his Pubg I’d is “553177605”. His gameplay power is so strong that he gained 4.18 million YouTube subscribers in a couple of years.

37. Coffin


Pubg has many pro players in the World, but the player who is called God of Pubg is Coffin. Coffin is the player who scares other pros even in their dreams. Coffin’s real name is “Asimaltan Yucel”. Coffin’s nationality is Turkish and he is a resident of Turkey.

Coffin’s age and his facial identity are unknown as he has not shared even a single bit of details about him. Pro players also have admitted he is “Pro of the pros”.

This all might look exaggerated but you check on google – Who is God of Pubg Mobile?

The answer will be clarified. Coffin Pubg’s name is “CoffinAF” and his Pubg I’d is “510443661”. Coffin’s net worth is $148,000.

38. Luxxy Gaming

Luxxy Gaming

Luxxy gaming is a Pubg pro and a competitive eSports player who plays for the Indonesian company Bigetron eSports. Luxxy real name is Made Bagus Prabaswara.

Luxxy also has a twin brother named Zuxxy and they both play competitive Pubg matches for the same team Bigetron RA. The combination of Luxxy and Zuxxy is very famous and together they both are known as  Luxxy Pubg Mobile I’d is “511765696”. Luxxy Pubg name is “BTRLuxxy”.

Luxxy plays on his iPhone XS Max and he plays with 4 Finger claw settings. He mostly plays solo vs squad or duo vs squad games on his channel.

39. Nova Paraboy

Nova Paraboy

Nova Paraboy is a very popular gaming athlete and all the global gaming community knows his potential. His real name is Zhu Bocheng. Nova Paraboy’s nationality is Chinese and he is a resident of China.

He is among the youngest pros of Pubg and his birth date is 24 March 2002. Paraboy started his competitive career with the team called X-Quest F, when he was just 17 years old. Now he plays for Nova eSports and he is among the top highest paid gaming athletes in the World.

Paraboy play settings are 6 Finger claws with gyroscope always on. Pubg I’d of Paraboy is “155943358”.

40. Panda


Panda is an international pro gamer and a YouTube content creator. Panda shares his own gameplay on YouTube as well as reacts to other game plays as well. He has millions of people following him on his YouTube channel. He is an Elite level player and he plays with 4 finger claw settings on his iPad.

Panda is a Swedish Gamer and belongs to Sweden. Panda’s Pubg I’d is “5178659321”. Panda shares videos of tips and tricks on his channel. His net worth is $5.5 Million.

41. RRQ D2E


RRQ is the most feared clan on the 2019 Pubg Global Finals Berlin. RRQ clan is known as the “Kings of Pochinki” as they know all the locations of the Pochinki very precisely. RRQ D2E is the leader of the Clan. D2E’s real name is Bawonchi Han. Bawonchi Han is a resident of Thailand and his nationality is Thai.

D2E also has a brother “G9” famously known as the “God9”. The RRQ was so dominant in the PMCO Finals that they engage in two fights at the same time with teams like Bigetron and Golden. The team just rocked the global finals with 29 kills on their account. More than half of the squads were wiped by the RRQ.

RRQ D2E Pubg I’d is “512269986”. D2E’s earnings approximations are $168,046.

With all the processes completed, the menu is ready to be served and it just needs one final touch. We have put together a list of International Celebrities who are professionally connected to PUBG for collaboration and business reasons.

42. Black Pink

Black Pink

Black Pink is the most famous Singer Girls group in South Korea. The band includes 4 members named Rose, Lisa, Jennie, and Jisoo. This is the most influential girl band of the decade and it is managed by YG entertainment.

This band is so famous worldwide because of their rap-singing style and their amazing looks on the set. Black pink is the highest-charting female Korean act on Billboard Hot 100.

This band has collaborated with Pubg and they have introduced their song “Spark the Flame” on the gaming platform. You can hear it near the spawn island as well as the tent locations on the map.

In this collaboration, the Pubg development team has also customized new parachute skin, new emotes, airdrop new designs, and much more on the game.

In spite of the fact that the Black Pink group is not a professional in the game, they loved the concept and were delighted to play. Their Pubg official I’d is:

  • Rose: 51009801702
  • Lisa: 51009791380
  • Jennie: 51009797582
  • Jisoo’s: 51009780171

Black Pink members could be seen playing Pubg on YouTube and enjoying it. They find it interesting and entertaining as well. There is a full dedicated Pubg themed animated video with BlackPink characters dancing on their blockbuster song “How you like that”.

43. Brendan Greene

Brendan Greene

The man behind the most influential game of the decade is “Brendan Greene”. Brendan Greene is the mastermind behind the idea of Pubg which became a massive hit and shifted the World of Gaming from one or two players to a large amount of up to 100 players playing on a single game. Brendan also revolutionized the World of Online Gaming when most of the market was captured by Non-Online Games.

He is 45 years old and he was born in Ballyshannon town of Ireland. Now he is a resident of Amsterdam and he has bought a house there.

After the success of Pubg, many games followed the process and became hit in a short amount of time. These games were fortnight, Apex legends, and Realm Royale.

Despite being the creator of the game, there is no such information about him playing the Pubg game. Neither are there any statistics about his Pubg account. Taking all these things into account, the statement “Drug Dealers never consume their drugs” is confirmed.

So, Overall we have seen many brilliant players playing Pubg not just for the earnings but for their passion, their love towards the game, and all their emotions connected with the game. All the pros are competitors inside the game, but outside they share a lovely and fantastic bond.

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