Playerunknown’s battleground, also known as PUBG, has become a sensational game. It is currently the most popular Battle Royale game. The game was released about a year ago and has been trending. You might come across people every day who might be talking about PUBG or Pubg Lite. The game has reached each and every person across the world because of its amazing gameplay. It falls in the survival category of games and is available for download on PC, Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, and a few other consoles.

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Initially, the game was launched for a limited number of the platform only. However, seeing the immense popularity of the game, Tencent mobile soon expanded it to other platforms to reach out to the mass. You might be amazed to know that PUBG is currently the number one game both on PC and mobile. It has been in the number one position on the top-grossing game list of the Google Play Store since day one.

We have come up with this post to explain to beginners the gameplay of this game and how they can download and install PUBG on their various devices. There is no need to worry about anything, we have prepared this guide from scratches so that the users who do not have any clue about the game can also join it and become mainstream gamers. Having explained what the popularity of the game is, now we shall move to the details of the game player and other necessary things that you need to know before installing it on your device.

Most people have a common misconception that search a big game can be downloaded and installed only on high-end devices. But this is not true. PUBG is a game that has a versatile user base and this is why it is present across all the platforms. Yes, usually need a decent specification in order to run the game without any issue. However, we will introduce PUBG lite in this post which can run even on low specification devices. First and your seat belts to get set for the journey of PUBG.

In this post, we will answer each and everything that you need to know about PUBG. We will explain to you how to download PUBG and PUBG lite-on mobile and other devices like PC and Xbox. You will also understand how to play the game and pair up with your friends in order to play in multiplayer mode. So, let’s get started with the introduction of the game.

PUBG Mobile Gameplay

As mentioned earlier, Playerunknown’s Battle Ground is a survival game. The very first question that might come in your mind is, what is a survival game? Survival games are aaa games in which you have to fight against animals like zombies and other players and kill them. The play that survives till the end of the game is declared the winner. Similarly, PUBG is a game in which you have to fight against the enemies and the motto is to survive till the end.

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The game will start with you and several other players on a plane. The players well are dropped on an anonymous Island depending upon the map that you select. There will be various towns and cities full of houses. You will have to land at these houses and collect weapons like guns, grenades, and other items which will help you to kill the enemies. Once you are fully equipped with the items, you can go out and spot other players and kill them. It is quite similar to the shooting games which you might have played in childhood.

However, the gameplay is really amazing because of the great graphics. You will have to kill the opponents by shooting them down. The players can hide inside the room and use other safeguarding measures like smoke to prevent themselves. Moreover, there are first aid kits that can be applied when you are less healthy. Additionally, there are scopes that you can add to the guns in order to kill the animals who are at a distance.

PUBG Mobile Lite Map & Zone Explained

There are different kinds of vehicles and scooters available in the game which can be used to travel from one place to another. Another important thing that you must know before starting the game is that there is a map on the top right-hand side corner of the screen. You will find a white circle on the map. The white circle indicates the place and you must be inside the circle.

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You men also find a blue-colored zone that keeps on moving at a particular interval and reaches the outer boundary of the white circle. What is the significance of the blue zone in the game? Well, it indicates that you must be inside the white zone or else the blue zone will decrease your health. If you are in the blue part of the map, your health will decrease gradually and you will die. Hence, it is very important to be inside the white zone on time. There is a timer that keeps on giving the indication of the movement of the blue zone. Hence, you can plan your movements accordingly.

There are many other exciting features that you will find in both PUBG mobile and PUBG PC. There is special PUBG dynamic weather in all the maps. So, sometimes it will be sunny and the other time it will start raining and you may see Fogg around you. This next to the game sim realistic and adds to the fun. It is one of the most realistic and interesting games that you will ever find. They have also recently introduced PUBG mobile lite and PUBG lite for PC. We will talk about the light version of the game later in this post.

What is Pubg Mobile Lite or Pubg Lite For PC?

As explained earlier, the game requires high-end specifications for running on both Smartphones and PC. It has been a general observation that people having RAM of 3GB or more can enjoy the game seamlessly and smoothly. However, people having Ram less than 3GB for missing out on the amazing game or were having real-time problems related to frame drop issues. Therefore, Tencent mobile has launched PUBG Lite. It is nothing but the light version of the game which can run on devices having a slightly lower specification.

This directly means that the mission of launching PUBG mobile Lite and PUBG Lite for PC is to reach out to the audience who are having inferior quality devices. There are many people especially in South Pacific Asia who do not have access to high-end gaming devices. Hence, PUBG light is a revolutionary way to reach out to these people even on those devices which do not have higher specifications. This is great news for all those people who have not yet purchased a high-end device for gaming.

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In this post, we have explained the procedures of downloading PUBG Lite on mobile PC and other platforms. Read and follow the steps given below in order to install it and play it on your device. Both PUBG and PUBG Lite are completely free to download and play. So are you excited about downloading and playing the all-new version of the game on your smartphone or PC? Follow the details given below in order to install it on your device. Many people ask, how to play PUBG lite and how to get it for free? Well, we have answered everything in this post.

Is PUBG Mobile Lite free to download?

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are completely free to download and play. However, this free version of the game is limited to smartphones only. Users how to pay in order to get the game on PC. This means that PUBG mobile and PUBG Lite for PC is not free. The paid version of the game can be downloaded from steam and some other platforms. However, we have explained the procedure of downloading PUBG and PUBG Lite for PC absolutely free of cost. Therefore, get PUBG PC free by following the simple method given below.

PUBG Mobile Lite Launch Date

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Tencent mobile has officially announced the launch of PUBG Lite on July 4th. The new version of the game will be available to play from July 4th in all the South Pacific countries like India, Sri Lanka, China, Maldives, Indonesia, and others. “These countries are among the most important to us in terms of traffic and we must cater to their needs,” said a senior Associate of Tencent mobiles while launching PUBG Lite. He added that there are a lot of passionate players in these areas and it is important to reach them out effectively. This means that you can download and install the PUBG Lite Game on both mobile and PC, July 4th onwards.

How to Download and Install PUBG Lite on PC for Free? 

Not many people like paying for the game unnecessary leave when you can download it for free. Originally, the game can be purchased from steam or other gaming platforms by paying the subscription fees. However, we consider that you are looking for a PUBG Lite PC free. Hence, we have come up with a guide that will explain to you the procedure of downloading the latest version of the game for free on PC. Follow the step-by-step guide and get it on your PC directly.

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The trick to getting PUBG lite PC free is that you will have to download the PUBG lite mobile version on the PC. How is it possible? Well, it is really easy to download and install mobile games on a PC. You might be aware of the software is called Android emulators which are available for download on PC. Android emulators are special software that helps you in running Android games and applications on a PC without any trouble. Moreover, it is a simple application that can be directly downloaded on the PC for free without doing anything illegal.

As mentioned earlier, PUBG Lite is absolutely free of cost for smartphone users. Hence, you can follow the steps given below and use the Android Emulator to download the mobile version of the game for free on PC. There is no need to worry about the graphics because you will not even feel that you are playing the mobile version of the game.

  1. Download Android emulator software on your PC and complete the installation procedure by following the steps given on the setup page.
  2. Now, launch the Android emulator on the PC and you will find a complete Android interface. There will be Google Play Store and all other applications which come pre-installed on Android devices.
  3. Simply go to the Google Play Store and download the PUBG mobile Lite for free.
  4. Once the game is successfully downloaded, it will be automatically installed on the emulator.
  5. Now, you can simply launch the game and login into your account, and play it on PC use and keyboard and mouse.
  6. The gameplay is completely similar to the PC version of the game.
  7. Hence, you will get access to PUBG Lite for free on PC without paying anything.
  8. Note that you can access the game only by launching the emulator and then turning on the game from there.
  9. Enjoy playing the light version of the game on your PC even if you don’t have very great specifications. It will run smoothly on devices having an Intel i3 processor and higher along with 4GB ram or more. Most users do have i3 powered PC, hence, they can enjoy the game without any trouble.

Many users think that the game will be slow if they play on Android emulators. However, we have personally experienced and tested emulators like BlueStacks and NOX for high-end gaming. Moreover, there are many YouTube streamers who play the Android Emulator version of PUBG and you can see how efficient the game is. Therefore, you must try it out today itself and get your handset.

Download Pubg Lite Mobile

The mobile version of the game is completely free to download and is available on the Google Play Store and iOS app stop respectively for Android and iPhones. It is a fact that most players prefer playing the game on mobile instead of PC and it is evident from the downloading stats of the different app stores. The game was available for pre-registering on the official website. However, the game has now bin launch officially and is available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store for downloading.

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However, many users have reported that they are getting an error that the game is not currently available in their country. This issue is being faced on the Google Play Store by Indian users. Hence, we have got an alternate procedure to download PUBG Lite on mobile without the need for Google Play Store. The APK procedure can be followed in order to download and install the game without the need for Google Play Store. It is a good procedure for all those people who cannot prepare for downloading games from the playstore because of some error or the other. We how is explained the entire procedure of downloading the PUBG lite mobile APK on android smartphones.

  • Go to the official site of PUBG and download the latest version of PUBG mobile Lite APK on your Android smartphone
  • now go to the settings on your device and enable the trust unknown sources of information the accessibility menu. This will ensure that no new file is restricted from being downloaded on the device.
  • Go back to the file manager on your device and select the downloaded game APK file
  • Click on install and follow the instructions given on the screen in order to complete the installation procedure
  • the game will be successfully downloaded and installed on your Android smartphone and is now ready to be played.
  • Normally go to the app drawer and launch the application.
  • Login to your account and start playing the game as mentioned earlier.

How to get Pubg For Free On Xbox?

Thousands of users always ask that is it possible to download PUBG on Xbox for free? Well, there is no possible way to download the game for free on this console. However, you will be able to access the game if you are a gold member of Xbox. But you will have to purchase the game from Amazon or Microsoft store depending upon your budget if you want access to the entire game and the original version. The game can be purchased from other stores as well but it is better to stick to popular names like Amazon and Microsoft store.

Many users do not play the game on Xbox and brother downloads it on the smartphone. However, it is our suggestion to try out the game on Xbox because it has been rated as the best multiplayer game for the console. The console will give you additional features in the game which will be really amazing. It is also added to the list of best console games of 2018 and 19. Hence, you can understand the amount of fun that people have a drink while playing the game on Xbox.

Pubg Lite For Play Station 4:

PlayStation 4 players will have to wait for a longer time in order to get hands-on PUBG. The game is not currently available for PlayStation and is under development. The preview version of the game has just been launched on Xbox and this indicates that some more time will be required to launch it’s on PlayStation. It seems to be a major disappointment for all the PlayStation users because it is already available on other consoles and platforms. Till then, enjoy the game on your mobile offer see and start playing at once it is available for PlayStation 4. It is expected that the PlayStation 4 version of PUBG will soon be released. The developers were currently busy developing the lite version of PUBG and this is the reason why the PlayStation 4 version was delayed. Now that PUBG lite for PC, mobile, and other platforms has already been released, the focus will be shifted back to the PlayStation 4 version.