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Player Unknown BattleGround aka PUBG really started from scratch. In the initial phase, the game began with literally 0$ budgeting. And now with a revenue of over 8.1 million USD every single day, the game has surely climbed up to the top. The game has also brought the gaming community along its side. And one such member of this community is the Indian gamer, streamer, roaster, and a very famous creator Antaryami Gaming (Pubg gaming id: 583147218).

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Born in Kanpur, Rishabh Verma goes by the name Antaryami Gaming (Pubg gaming name: NADExAntaryami).In just his early 20s, the gamer has earned a lot of recognition via his multiple talents. His skills as a professional gamer are quite amazing and his statistics are the living proof of it.

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Pubg Gaming ID for NADExAntaryami: 583147218

Season 13:

Antaryami Gaming Season 13

With a K/D ratio of 3.87 in the 964 squad games that he played, the gamer managed to get almost 146 wins (or victories) and 3727 kills (or finishes). He even managed to get into the Top 10 position 477 times. In the squad mode, Antaryami Gaming got up to the Ace Tier. (For other statistics details, refer to the image above)

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Season 14:

Antaryami Gaming Season 14

Again with a K/D ratio of 3.45, the gamer has backed 87 wins (or victories) in the 501 squad matches that he has played. Finishing in the Top 10 position 242 times, he managed to get 1728 kills (or finishes). And this time as well, the player in the conversation has reached the Ace Tier. (For other statistics details, refer to the image above)

Pubg gamer, Antaryami Gaming, is famous for his gaming pattern 4 finger claw + full gyro. He uses his iPhone 11 Pro Max for the mobile-based combat game.

To watch his gameplay, live streams, and aforementioned skills, one can easily find the videos on his YouTube channel that has a massive audience of 3.58 million subscribers.

The creator has uploaded over 1,100 videos since he started his channel back in April 2019. He has another channel for roasting that also has other 758K subscribers.  The influencer also has 350,000 followers on Instagram. Another channel under his own name, Rishabh Verma, the player uses to give back to society and help the needy.

Pubg gamer, Antaryami is said to make almost 2 lakh INR every month via his YouTube streaming, uploading and other various income sources.

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