Pubg is not just for anyone. Many people join every day and quit every day. The difference between the pro and the regular player is that the pro did not know when to stop and why. They put in all their efforts and their sheer will into the game. We all know that no one can win every game he plays in life. But the winner is the person who does not leave playing and learns something new with every mistake and applies the learning from his next game.

Today we are gonna talk about another content creator and pro-gamer on the list “MRX”.

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MRX Pubg ID and PUBG Settings:


MRX Pubg

MRX is a pro gamer and a famous YouTube content creator. He is an Indian Pubg player and Pubg content creator. The real name of Mrx is Aniket Chaudhary. The age and birthdate of MRX are unknown to us but by looking at his pictures on Instagram we can tell that he is also another young content creator of Pubg.


Family information of Mrx is not available on any part of the internet.

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The love status of Mrx is still unknown to us. Well, he could be single. Who knows.

PUBG Stats:

Pubg is the very best choice to boost your YouTube career. That is why there is so high rush of Pro players sharing their gameplay and live streams on YouTube. Well, the rising popularity of the game has led to various content creators joining the game and sharing their gameplay on various platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and other social media platforms.

Even many famous personalities also play Pubg for fun and entertainment. Cricketers like Hardik Pandya and Yuvi Chahal also play Pubg as a stress buster or as an entertainment.

MRX is also a Pubg content creator. He plays Pubg daily to craft and polish his skills. He plays Pubg on his iPad Pro and by looking at his setup it is definite that he plays four-finger claw settings. His Pubg I’d is 577261439. He has a KD of as high as 7.33 on his previous season. It defines the level of his gameplay and the efforts he puts into the game.

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MRX joined his YouTube journey in September 2018 and to date, he is continuously putting efforts into his channel and growing it further. Now he is currently having over 1.72 million subscribers on his channel and 938 videos on his channel.

His channel name is MRXHindiGaming. He creates his content in Hindi, so to connect to his audience better and to engage with them.

Mrx is having two channels:

  1. MRXHindiGaming
  2. MRXisLive

In MRX Hindi gaming he shares edited videos of Pubg mobile and shares his gameplays. To not make the video much longer and boring, the pro player removes the extra or the non-action portion of the game from their videos, to not bore the audience and keep them engaged in the content.

The second channel is named as MRXisLive or MRX. In this channel, he shares gaming video clips of different pc games like GTA and many more. This content is also created in Hindi to get better engagement from the lovely Indian audience.

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He shares 2 or 3 videos, mostly every week and the engagement he gets on his videos is as low as 50k. Remember this is the lowest mark I am telling. The highest numbers are very mind-blowing. He has grown his YouTube channel in such a short period of two years and gained popularity.


MRX is also having his social media accounts on Instagram in which he posts content related to his hobbies, life, and likings.

His Instagram account name is MRXHindiGaming and currently, his account is having 101k followers on his channel with a total of 113 posts active on the account. There also he shares his Pubg content and his photos.

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MrxHindiGaming is a very popular YouTube gaming channel and the net worth of MRX from this channel is $683,118 which is somewhere around 5-6 crores.

Can you just imagine the power of YouTube? YouTube is a platform which is having enormous earning potential. But to earn this potential you need to be consistent, efficient, and unique.

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