Pubg is the most famous RPG game in the world and has constantly remained the favorite one. It has a lot of features which have attracted millions of people from across the world to play this game. There are different kinds of vehicles in the game and interestingly there are different maps. The Pubg maps should be understood and you must know the difference between all the maps. Hence, we have come up with this elaborated post to explain the features of each and every PUBG Map that you can select in-game.

Popular Pubg Maps

The Pubg maps are quite different from each other and the beginners must know what they will get in each map and what are the exciting places to visit in each map. There are all particular only red spots on the map which has been made by the players themselves. These places are filled with players and if you are going to land there, you will have an intense match. So, let’s look at the aspects of different maps that you get in the game. We have also ranked each PUBG map show that the players can play the one which is most active and Amazing.

Popular Pubg Maps Guide:

There are four popular Pubg maps available in the game. Selecting the map is the discretion of the player. Hence, you can select the best map out of the four and play. Remember that we are not talking about the arcade mode of PUBG. The arcade mode is the small version of the game which is located somewhere in the Erangel map itself. Hence, we will talk about the remaining maps which are just available for the long gameplay. The average gameplay time of all the map is around 30 minutes and it can be extended a bit depending upon the situation.

1. Erangel Map Guide:


Erangel has remained the most famous and popular Pubg map since the game has been launched. This is the default map which is selected and download it in the game. It comes pre-installed in the game, unlike any other map. All other maps are available for downloading and they do not come pre-installed. The reason is that all the arcade games are also situated in Erangel itself. Hence, this map is selected by the developers by default. Moreover, it is one of the most popular and amazing Pubg maps to play in. We have discussed the map below.

Erangel is an amazing map and it has got a lot of features. Their standard vehicles available in the game include jeep, sedan type car, and scooters. Each map has got different towns and villages and you can jump in any one of those places. So which are the popular places to visit in Erangel? Playing Pubg and not knowing about Pochinki is impossible. Pochinki is the most popular sport in this Pubg map. Almost 75% of the players land in this place because of the availability of a large number of weapons and other accessories.

It is also considered as one of the most intense places in the entire game. You will have to be very quick as you land at this place because there are players all around and the one who finds the gun earlier, will be in lead for sure. Beginners must not visit this place because they will die just after landing. There are pro players who landed at this place. Similarly, Georgopol is another famous spot in this Pubg map. It is a place which is full of tin containers and you have to land on the boxes in order to collect the weapons.

The place is considered as one of the most popular once and it attracted a lot of people. Other famous spots in this popular Pubg map include school, hospital, military base and a few others. Hence, you will get used by the name and places once you start playing the PUBG game regularly.

2. Vikendi Map Guide:


Vikendi is another popular Pubg map. It is one of the most famous Pubg maps and has been included in the game after a few months of launch. This was introduced on the occasion of Christmas and winter. This map is completely covered with snow and is one of the unique maps that you will find in the game. It doesn’t come pre-installed and the user has to download it separately.

The map also includes different kinds of vehicles. These vehicles are unique and are only available for this map because of the snow. The snow-covered region attracts a lot of players because of its unique interface and graphics. You must try out this Vikendi map because it has also got some unique weapons. So far, Vikendi is considered as the second most famous Pubg map.

3. Sanhok Map Guide:


Sanhok is the third map introduced by Pubg. It is another amazing map which is quite similar to Erangel. However, there are a lot of differences in the interface of the game. The land is covered by green grasses and it seems to be significantly different from that found in Erangel. The vehicles are similar to those found in the earlier maps. However, the spots on the map are different. Most beginners do not prefer playing this game inside this map because it has a lot of pro players. This Sanhok map is mostly famous for single-player gameplay.

4. Miramar Map Guide:


Miramar is considered to be the worst map so far. It is mainly because of the large size of the map and unavailability of many players. It has a good interface and attracts a lot of players but it is not as actively played as the other three maps. It is like a deserted land which will give you the feeling of a desert. There are no trees and grasses to hide. However, there are a lot of rocks on the map which works as protection. The map is not very popular and hardly 10% of the players download this map. Hence, we advise the new players to stick to Erangel and Vikendi. Try out Sanhok once you are familiar with the gameplay of Pubg.

If you completed reading this post, then you might already know by now that how important is the PUBG Maps to be Understood before playing the Game. I would suggest you to watch the below video to see it in LIVE Action.

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