Use of a Pan in PUBG

Pan is one of the unique concepts of Pubg. It can be found in many places and it is easy to find. No, this pan is not used for cooking but you can enjoy your Chicken Dinner with the help of this pan.

Pan is a melee weapon in the Pubg Game. There are other melee weapons as well inside the game that are Crowbar, Sickle, and Machete. But Pan is the Almighty of all the melee weapons in terms of damage. Pan one body-shot damage without protective gear is 80 and head-shot damage without protective gear is 200. Other melee weapons damage is way lower than the Pan. That is why Pan is also the preferred choice of most of the Pros.

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Does a PUBG Pan Repel Bullets?

PUBG Pan Repel Bullets

Pan is capable to kill an unarmoured person with two shots in the body and one shot in the head. Another best characteristic of the Pan is that it can block bullets. While unequipped, when the pan is on the backside of the character, it acts as a small shield that prevents any damage done to that particular area covered by the pan. It can also be used when equipped and it can deflect the bullets fired by the opponents. In some certain conditions, pro players tried swinging the pan to deflect the enemy bullets in a face to face combat and it works very well.

Its superpower is that it can block all ranged gun attacks. Even the shots from AWM and Shotguns are no match for the Invincible Pan.

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Pan was nerfed as it was too overpowered before it was able to instantly kill fully Level 3 protected in just one swing. It is very funny and insane at the same time and to maintain balance in the game, the Pubg development team considered the case and nerfed the Pan 40% to its full potential and the community did not like the change at all. Thou it was in the pre-released version of Pubg and never came into existence when the Public Version of the Game is released.

Pan came into existence into Pubg due to Brendan Greene. He thought the Pan was in the Battle Royal movie, which inspired him for the game. But the truth is, Pan was never in the movie.

In the Chinese and Turkish versions of Pubg Mobile, Pan is also called “Level 4 Vest”. I think the answer is already clear. Its damage-resistant ability earns it this title as it can reflect the Highest damage Gun “AWM’s” bullet-like peanuts.

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Pan is so popular among the gaming society that it has many nicknames like Thor’s Pan, Level 4 Armor, and Tactical Pan.

Pan was just a melee weapon before but after Update 5.1, Pan and other melee weapons are now throwable like a grenade and it can still damage the Character like before. Pan can only be thrown at a maximum distance of 30m.

There is just one disadvantage of Pan that is you cannot use it very often, there are only certain scenarios in which you can use a pan. Like when you are landing from the plane and you got a pan, and others are empty-handed, that is the only golden opportunity to use the Pan, But also take a look at the enemies weapons too, if they get their weapons first, they will give you a ticket straight to the next lobby.

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Or you can use Pan if you are a pro like Mortal, Mortal used to Pan-fight with the last team remaining in the game. In this fight, only Pan is allowed and no revives too. But this idea was also a failure because many of the players broke the rules and killed mortal many times by using guns. Due to this behavior, Mortal stopped playing Pan-Fights in the last round.

These are some unique characteristics of a Frying Pan inside Pubg and all of these abilities make him the king of all melee weapons. What’s your thought about it? Let us hear about your note on this.

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