PUBG Vs Blackout

PUBG Vs Blackout: Pubg and call of duty are among the highly rated games across the world. Call of duty is one game which has been consistent for a decade. Pubg is a relatively new name but has been on the top of the list when it comes to multiplayer FPS or RPG games. The call of duty blackout operation 4 is the latest version which was revealed in October 2018. It has also been well received the cause of the call of duty tag. So are you excited to know about the differences in pubg and call of duty blackout operation 4? We have come with PUBG Vs Blackout comparison post to give you a better outlook on the differences between the two games.

Basic Introduction:

Black Ops 4:

Black Ops 4

The black operation is the latest addition to the call of duty series. It was released on October 2018 and is basically a multiplayer version. It has got blackout version, multiplayer and zombie mode as well. However, the single-player mode has gone. It is one of the most drastic changes that you will find in blackout operation for. This is one of the reasons why many players are finding it difficult to review the operation. However, we have got it covered, so you don’t have to take any tension.

The multiplayer mode is a nice replacement and the game has got a lot of content which will help you in overcoming the single-player campaign. The 4th edition of the operation has got a lot of new features and the characters now have greater power compared to edition 2 and 3. Good news is that the gameplay is strong. It is engrossing, challenging and tactical at the same time which makes it even more fun and full of thrill.



You might be well versed with the gameplay of pubg. It is currently the number one mobile game in the world and the gameplay is very straight forward. For those who are not aware, you are dropped on an anonymous Island along with a hundred different players. All you need to do a search for weapons and different survival items and then engage in combat with players. The player for the team which survives till the end is declared as the winner. It is exciting and thrilling as well. It involves a lot of planning and the entire gameplay sums to be really great. It doesn’t have a single-player offline mode. However, you can play as a single participant in the multiplayer games.

What We Loved the Most about Blackout? (Pros)

Blackout Pros

Black ops 4 is overall a great games and it seems to be even better because of the developer’s commitment to make it the best game. It has got a lot of exciting new features which forces the player to preplan the next step that he has to take in the game. The multiplayer mode allows you to form a team and have a group discussion for planning the next step. The graphics are also decent and is available on both PS4 and PC.

The operation has also got zombie mode in which is there for all the zombie mode lovers. The mercenary playlist is a good addition for solo players. Hence, if you are not willing to form a team to play the game, you can simply go solo and have fun.

  • the blackout mode of the game has full-fledged battle royale game feels.
  • The gameplay is amazing and the response time of guns is also very less which makes the game even more intuitive
  • There is a reconstruction for a makeover of the Classic call of duty maps
  • Vehicles, zombies and search new features makes the game content-rich.

What We Love the Most about PUBG? (Pros)


This is particularly one thing which everyone might be aware of because the game has already broken all the records and has become the best game in the world. There is everything that you love about the game. What we particularly love about pubg is the new variants and modes that are added frequently to the game. Besides regular updates, the graphics and character customisation is a very attractive thing.

  • Regular updates to improve the Gameplay.
  • New events added regularly for keeping the players Engaged.
  • Maps are changed frequently in order to maintain the fresh feel.
  • Pubg allows the users to customise the character to look according to their choice.
  • A lot of customisation options are available in the wardrobe and settings.
  • Graphics is good and a variety of applications are available to support all kind of devices.

What We Didn’t Like About Blackout? (Cons)

Blackout Cons

  • Single-player mode not available in the entire game
  • Armour could use a nerd
  • inventory management seems to be a bit problematic on the console. This is because of the fact that the screen looks about clumsy and it becomes difficult to control or customise them
  • Quick heal and revive time might be too fast.

What We Didn’t Like About PUBG? (Cons)


  • Character customisation and the new wardrobe styles are limited because they are not free
  • there are a lot of in-game items which are available at a high price.
  • Renaming the account on changing the name of your original account is not free
  • the game might not run smoothly if the internet connection is a bit slow.

PUBG Vs Blackout Graphics:

PUBG Vs Blackout Graphics

Graphics is something which matters the most while playing a battle royale game. Both pan cyan and call of duty Black ops 4 have good graphics. It is only the PC version of Black ops for which suffers a bit in terms of graphics. This is a general review that you will find everywhere. People claim that the graphics on PS4 is much better to what is found on the PC. Pubg, on the other hand, has great graphics across all the devices. It also allows the players to customise the graphics according to their choice. There are currently three graphical models that you can use in the game. Hence, Dr Sharad that you will find the best graphics while playing pubg on any of the devices.

PUBG Vs Blackout Gameplay:

PUBG Vs Blackout Gameplay

The biggest change in Black ops 4 is perhaps the removal of the single-player mode. Pubg still offers single-player mode across all the multiplayer games. Both the game starts initially with 100 players in the arena. Having the same battle royale background, Black ops 4 blackout and pubg seems to be similar in terms of gameplay. The task of the player is somewhat the same in the battle royale mode. You have to collect the weapons and other items and fight with the opponents in order to survive till the end.

PUBG Vs Blackout Shooting:

PUBG Vs Blackout Shooting

The shooting remains the same in both the games. However, there are many differences in terms of weapons which are used. There are some additional items that you will find in Black ops 4. However, after having tried both the games in full graphics, we found out that pubg shooting remains the best one out. This is because of the fact that there is a minor difference in the shooting speed. the shooting speed and Black ops 4 is a bit slower compared to do what you find on pubg. We had tried this on the same platform and same resolution, hence, it is completely true.

PUBG Vs Blackout Looting:

PUBG Vs Blackout Looting

Looting is somewhat similar in both the games. Both of them allows the players to automatically pick up the items which are necessary for survival. Moreover, you can customise the things that automatically affected by the character during the game. Blackout lacks behind a bit when we talk about looting on PS4. We are saying this because the customisation option while looting in PS4 is a bit clumsy. You will find it difficult to pick up the items and arrange then in the bag.

PUBG vs Blackout: Which Game is our Recommendation?

PUBG Vs Blackout Recommendation

Both the battle royale games are equally amazing. However, we always have to choose one while comparing. Pubg has remained the only the number one position and no other game is a true competition. However, call of duty black operation 4 seems to be a great battle royale game and it is a true competitor of pubg. Not just for the console but for pc too. Black ops 4 is a true battle royal game and is quickly gaining grounds. It has not even been a year and the game has become so famous.

Despite the amazing gameplay and growing popularity, black operation 4 lacks some basic features. However, certain features still remain unjustified. Hence, we choose Ping as the winner in this Pubg vs Blackout comparison post. Pubg still enjoys the number one position and it seems that it will remain on the top of until and unless some great changes are made in call of duty Black ops 4. There is only one game which is giving true competition to the player unknown battleground. Hence, pubg means the undisputed winner of this comparison and you must install it and enjoy.

Video Demo of the Difference between the Gameplay of PUBG Vs Blackout:


1. What Games are better than PUBG?

There are many arguments on various gaming platforms about the potential alternatives of pubg. However, let us tell you that there are a very limited number of games that can be called a true opponent of the player unknown battleground. Black ops 4 is surely one of the true competitors of pubg. So far, we believe that there is no game that is better than pubg in practicality. Fortnite and call of duty Black ops 4 are the only 2 games which are somewhere near about pubg. We will not say that they are better but they are a true opponent. Hence, you can try out these two games if you are Bored with pubg.

2. Is PUBG worth Buying in 2024?

Pubg is completely worth buying and playing be it 2018 or 19. It is currently the number one game in the world and we simply don’t find any reason why you should not purchase the game and try out. This question is significant only if you are already playing the game on mobile or some other platform and are considering to shift to PC. Well, the game is more intuitive and amazing when you play it on a bigger screen. Hence, we always advise true gamers to switch from Pubg Mobile to Pubg PC by paying the necessary amount of fees.

Moreover, you can try out pubg emulator if you are not willing to pay a certain amount of money for purchasing the PC version. The emulator version will simply give you the feel of Pubg PC. Hence, you can easily shift from pubg mobile to pubg mobile emulator on the PC and enjoy the game for free. But the fact is that you will have to connect with only those players who are playing pubg mobile and not PC. Hence, the decision of choosing one out of the various platforms is up to you.

3. Will PUBG ever Die?

We do not think that pubg will die at any time in the short term. The reason being that it has millions of players and all are well engaged with the game. There are a lot of event modes and regular updates which keeps the players engaged in the game. For instance, you might have heard about the new pubg update which is going to bring Helicopter and combat vehicles to the game. This will attract not only the old players but also the new ones to join the game. However, there are some parameters which have to be taken care of.

We all know that this is a technically advanced generation and everything changes overnight. Hence, it is not exactly predictable if pubg will ever survive or not. This can be better understood if we talk about Pokemon go. It became a sensational game overnight in 2016 and now we find hardly anyone playing this game. Hence, technology and game environment changes very quickly and this makes it difficult for both the reviewers and the developers to predict the future. However, you should enjoy the game and think about how things Beltone in your favour in the game rather than thinking about the sustainability of the user base of the game.

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