PUBG Players In The World

The present era is called the era of PUBG. This game revolutionized the gaming industry. It has the second most downloads on the google play store. PUBG saw the advent of the esports industry across the world. This era of PUBG is seeing the rise of PUBG stars across the world. People are following and admiring the best talents. They are becoming inspirations to people who want to become professional gamers. Hence we decided to let you know the best of the best. The Top 10 PUBG players in the world are given below.

This article will be a tribute to these excellent players. Let us get acquainted with the top 10 PUBG players in the world.

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Top 10 PUBG Players In The World:

1. SUK

This player is from the team of Four Angry Men. This team bagged the top position in the PMGC 2020. They also in the same year won the PEL S3 as well making a dual win. SUK from this magnificent team was titled ‘ League Terminator’. In the PEL season 3, he titled‘ MVP’ as well. This PUBG player has made it to the top 10 PUBG Players in the world with these honorable titles and numbers.

2. Ryzen

If you have heard the name of Bigetron RA, you must have heard about their assaulter. Known by the name Ryzen, his full name is Muhammad Ryzen Albi.  In the PMGC he was given the title of Grenade Master. Making the win dual the same year, he was listed in the top fraggers in PMWL East PMGC.

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3. RRQ D2E

You must have been acquainted with RRQ if you follow PUBG. They are from the highest-ranking club of PUBG Mobile. D2E from RRQ is the name of Bawonchai Han. RRQ D2E had the honor of representing his team in various international tournaments. He is known for his 4 finger Claw setup skills. Plus you do not wish to meet him in close combats. This makes him a member of the top 10 PUBG players in the world.

4. Athena Gaming

You must have come across the youtube channel of Athena if you follow PUBG related content. Athena Gaming or Serioton is a popular PUBG player who loves to stream his content.  Popular amongst his fans Athena is known for his pro skills. A player from Korea, he is not an ardent participator of e-sports. He believes in playing solo the majority of the time.

5. Soul Mortal

A star from India, Naman Mathur is a well-known name behind the face of Soul Mortal. He owns a youtube channel as well. He has millions of fans who wait for his online content. This player has won the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019. This player with 1000 level IQ is known for quick responses and gaming skills that are another level.

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6. Coffin

If you are looking for a god-like figure of PUBG, meet Coffin. He is from Turkey and is hailed as a god by his fans. He is believed to be an undisputed champion of pro skills and PUBG according to his fans. Be it solo or in the squad, you cannot beat Coffin. He also owns a youtube channel and has a large fan base on youtube as well. This player from Turkey is a definite addition to the list of top 10 PUG players In the world.

7. Biu Biu

Based In Malaysia, this player is another pro of the pro-level skills. There are many awards and achievements in his name. including, Squad Cander Asia, China. He too owns a youtube channel and has a large fan base.

8. Rollexxx

USA-based team Lights Out has a player Rollexxx. Known more for streaming his content on youtube, he has played with a wide range of players from across the world. Rollexxx is renowned for a gameplay that is rushed and his excellent timing.

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9. Izzo

From Denmark, this player is too a YouTuber. Izzo is known for many of his skills. Pro-level player, Izzo can beat anyone in close combats. Izzo prefers to play in squads and duos rather than solo. He is a clear fit in the list of top 10 PUBG players in the world.

10. Levinho

If you are looking for perfection meet Levinho. This player from Denmark is popularly called Perfectionist amongst his fans. He comes from Mrishk quad and owns a youtube channel as well.  With over 500 headshots this player is definitely a perfectionist.

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This was our list of Top 10 PUBG players in the world. We hope you found it useful.

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