Blood Raven X-Suit in PUBG Mobile

As we all know the popular players’ unknown battleground mobile has many events in it and players like to play the game and events and win the reward. This reward acts as a center of attraction for the players to play more and more. Every player wants to play the best and even likes to look the best so they choose the best outfit they have or they can afford. Out of all the outfits player should have a Blood Raven X-Suit. These X-Suits are rare and yet very expensive that is exactly what makes them rare and of high value and once’s appreciation.

These X-Suits are very demanding by the players’ unknown battleground mobile players as this is not common like the other outfit but have different quality as they look very attractive. They even have the upgradable items along with them which makes it very high on demand. This X-Suit is not available all the time but comes from time to time. This makes it more exclusive as whenever it arrives only a few players are able to purchase and spend a huge amount. Only those players having at least 80K UC to 100K UC can afford its high price.

The Trick to Get Blood Raven X-Suit:

A new suit, Blood Raven X-Suit was introduced by PUBG mobile and it was only available during the blood raven event.  Exactly when Pharaon X Suit was introduced right after that the blood raven x  suit was also introduced as the last suit gained a lot of popularity among the players. The event of the blood raven took place between 17th April 2021 and April 25, 2021. In between this event the players can get the Blood Raven X-Suit. The blood raven x suit was introduced on 17th April 2021 season 18.  This suit needs to be upgraded at every stage having a total of six levels. On each level, there is a different upgrade to the Blood Raven X-Suit. The six-level of upgrades which are Base form, teammate interaction, advanced Form, elimination broadcast, shock and awe, and last Final form.

To get these upgrades at each level the players need to spend a good amount of UC as these are not free of cost or cheap but however are costly. With each up-gradation, there are decorations to the suit, a range of new perks but talking about the first upgrade only that is only very costly. Not only these but there are even new options like there is an exclusive blood raven emote, a shareable mask for a friend, a blood raven themed elimination broadcast, and a lobby entry animation.

When a player successfully completes a mission in this blood raven season then a player gets a blood raven seed which he can use to redeem the exclusive items such as blood raven title, blood raven ornaments, melee weapon blood raven bone scythe sickle which is of course of a cost which is of more than 100 UC. Here is even an attraction for the players who do not want to spend UC as they can easily get it for free of cost and with no extra charge but only after the mission is over in this way they can enjoy these add-ons without paying any extra cost. These add-ons are meant for those people who want to show off their glory.

For this, the player should have a good amount of UC in that game to get all the upgrades. To gain this outfit a player should have at least 70000 UC in the spin. Each spin cost 60 UC but if they buy ten UC at one go then it is available at a discounted price of 540 UC.

Once a player has successfully purchased the item they can easily go to inventory and equip the outfit. Once equipped it gives them a look of a bird. It gives them a fierce, passionate, and strong look. We can see the color is red and have feathers, wings, and even a white color beak on top.

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