Pubg TPP vs FPP

Do you ever got confused while playing battle royal games, especially PUBG which mode to select TPP or FPP?

Well, let me help you with that? There are many types of players in the game. Let’s divide them into two categories, one who just want to play to win and another who wants to win while exploring the game. If you want to explore the game differently I would suggest you play as FPP mode because in FPP you can aim accurately and it is a bit hard until you get used to it.

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What are TPP and FPP Mode?

TPP stands for Third-person perspective, In TPP you watch the character from someone else eye as you were just beside the character. In TPP you can easily view a wide range as the line of sight is larger.

FPP stands for First-person perspective, In FPP you watch the game from the perspective of the character. In simple terms in FPP, it looks like you were playing the game with the eye of character. Simple examples of FPP games are counter-strike global offensive and Apex legend.

Why use TPP or FPP?

Well, we do not have a choice because we have to select one of the modes to play the game as the game has only two modes till now. In the battle royal game PUBG or call of duty, you have to select a mode to play the game. In PUBG by default the option which is selected is TPP but you can always change it in the main menu when you were selecting the map in the upper corner section there is an option of TPP and FPP.

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The reason why TPP is more used rather than FPP?


TPP is widely used by the PUBG community as it is easier to play rather than FPP. In the game, FPP is an optional mode whereas the default option given in PUBG is TPP. You can switch the mode in every game.

As TPP is widely used by the character, that helps matchmaking time to enter the match is lesser in terms of FPP mode. For example – If It takes 1 minute to enter the lobby in TPP mode then in FPP mode it will take around 3 minutes as the player count is less in FPP mode. So, In FPP you will find more BOT’s as compared to TPP.

How to change Prospective in PUBG?

You can change the perspective in the main menu when you select the map and there is a new update in which you can also change the mode in-game by switching the mode.

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Pros and Cons of TPP:


  • In TPP mode you have the advantage of spotting the enemies as you have a much bigger field view. This helps players easily win in squad games as they are able to move more freely and can easily position themselves in a good spot while the zone is coming.
  • You can also easily hide while in a fight by taking cover as well as defending.


  • In TPP it is hard to aim without a scope and the other enemy near you can also spot you as they too are playing in the same mode.
  • In terms of viewpoint, it does not look good and most of the skills are not required.

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Pros and Cons of FPP:


  • FPP – In FPP riding a vehicle is more fun and exciting especially a motorcycle as you can focus more on riding and it looks more realistic in the first person. Mostly FPP mode is used by the pro players as it required more skills. FPP requires more concentration as you have to be aware of your surroundings.
  • FPP looks much cooler while playing the game but it is hard to play while TPP is much easy to play mode and you can also check out your gun skins which look cooler in FPP.


  • FPP mode is much more difficult in comparison to FPP mode as you can not able to use the eye button and you can’t able to hide in the game properly because you can’t confirm whether you are hiding properly or not.
  • FPP is not for the new players as they are not used to the game.

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How to become good in both TPP and FPP?

  • To become an expert in both modes first, you have to adjust the game control according to your comfort in both TPP as well as FPP.
  • Practicing is one of the best ways to become more experience in the game and earn the skills.

Both are good in their own way and you can always try the other mode so you will be able to figure out which mode suits you the best.

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