Desert Eagle In PUBG

The DEAGLE or The Desert Eagle is a hand cannon that was added in PUBG in 2019. Since the start of PUBG, a collective demand came from a majority of players for a personalized hand canon. Considering these popular demands, Tencent decided to add Desert Eagle In PUBG.

What Is DEAGLE or Desert Eagle In PUBG:

The Desert Eagle with its 45 ACP Ammo, is a semi-automatic, personalized, and powerful hand cannon.  It has huge damage of 62. It has a shooting range of 100 meters. It can even knock out an enemy wearing a level three helmet in just two rounds. This can effectively stop the enemy from quite a distance. Hence, the enemy can be halted at a distance and he would beware of your presence. The part to note down is that this hand cannon can use all the specializations and attachments that an assault rifle can. Yes, you heard it right, all the specializations in just this little but deadly weapon.

Features Of Desert Eagle In PUBG:

Desert Eagle In PUBG


We should first look into some of the features of this powerful weapon:

  1. As mentioned above this weapon can utilize every attachment that an AR can. This comes with the fact that it can help you utilize both holographic or the Red Dot sights. With these attachments, you can improve your shot potential to a maximum level. This will give you a clear vision to knock out the enemy.
  2. This hand cannon has the most heart-clenching damage of 62 seconds with 248 impacts. This gun has one of the most deadly guns in the game.
  3. The one disadvantage that limits the power of this gun is its magazine size. With a limited magazine size of 7, this is the only drawback of the DEAGLE. Though the magazine size can be increased to 10.
  4. However, the velocity of the muzzle is the highest. The speed of the bullet is 450m/s with only 0.25 seconds time gap between the bullets. As stated earlier, the damage caused by the gun is 62. This makes the gun a powerful and fast weapon for swift movements in the arena.
  5. It should also is worth mentioning that the headshot damage is 124. Even a player wearing a level 3 helmet can be knocked out with just two rounds. The level 3 damage of this weapon is 55.80.
  6. Featuring polygonal rifling, this gun is basically used in areas of hunting, target shooting, and silhouettes targetting. The magnum of this weapon is as high as 45 ACP Ammo.

Desert Eagle In PUBG Stats

Where Can You Find The Desert Eagle In PUBG?

Now you must be curious to know where to find this powerful weapon. Knowing the features it’s quite natural to come up with this question. However, this gun isn’t easy to find. The power-packed nature of this gun makes it very desirable and hence tough to find. Coming to the point, Desert Eagle In PUBG is available on all maps. But this availability of the weapon is limited to a few locations and this makes it tough to find. The locations where Desert Eagle in PUBG is available are, Rozhok, Pochinki, School Apartments, and Severny. If you ponder in these locations while in-game there are high chances of getting this gun easily. So while you are in your next game, keep these locations in mind.

Locate Desert Eagle In PUBG

This deadly weapon is the most sought weapon in the game. The prime feature that makes it so desirable is the damage per second factor with the muzzle velocity. The drawback being the limited magazine size of 7 ( extended 10). However, this drawback can be ignored considering other features of this weapon.  This gun is both deadly and handy at the same time. This one of the major reasons for its popularity.  This article provided you with a deep insight into the features and availability of the Desert Eagle In PUBG. Considering the available locations where you can find it I hope this article helped you in some way. Look out at these mentioned locations for this weapon!

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