Change Your Pubg Name

Pubg is the best royal battle game for both PC and mobile. The game has got very popular in the recent days and a lot of new players adjoining every day. There are some basics that might go wrong while you are setting up your account. One of the most essential things is the name of your pubg account. There are multiple problems that the users face related to the account. Hence, in this post, we are going to explain the procedure of changing the name in pubg. It is quite easy to reset your name in pubg but seems to be a bit complicated at first.


Reset Pubg name

There are many players who by mistake choose a wrong name while setting up the pubg account for the first time. For instance, you might have made a typing error while entering your name and now you probably want to rename your account. Besides, there are some players who log in using Facebook and the game directly fetches the Facebook name and consider it as pubg account name as well. So if you are among these people, you might be looking for the possible ways to reset your pubg account name.

Is it really possible to rename your pubg account? People argue that no one really likes having the real name from Facebook as the gaming name. Well, there was no way to rename your account or reset it when pubg was released. However, after the recent updates, the feature to rename or update a new account name has been added. Now you can officially change your pubg game name. However, there are multiple steps that have to be followed and it is not free of cost. It seems to be a bed disappointing but it’s the harsh truth.

How to Reset name in Pubg?

It is possible to reset your pubg name and enter a new name or add it in the previous one. This feature was not available in the previous version of the game but has now been added. Hence, all the users who want to change their in-game name must take a breath. However, the procedure of changing the name is not similar to the other games. You will have to purchase a Rename Card from the inventory in order to become eligible for resetting your name in pubg. We will guide you through the steps of purchasing the rename card.

What is a Rename Card?

Reset Pubg name

As mentioned earlier, Pubg has ended a dedicated card in the inventory which can be purchased and used to unlock the feature of renaming your account. It can be purchased and used directly. However, it is not absolutely free to get this item. You will have to spend some amount of money or your words to purchase the rename card. It is a new concept in the gaming world and has been introduced by several games including pubg. The steps of getting pubg rename card have been mentioned below.

Is Pubg Rename Card Free?

The rename card is not free and you will have to pay a particular amount of money in order to and unlock the feature of resetting the name of your account. It costs 3000 BP and can be purchased easily from the inventory. It is a unique feature of this game because we generally know that changing the name of the game is quite simple in other applications. For instance, most games allow users to go to the setting of the profile and edit the name easily. However, this is not the case in Pubg.

How to get a Rename Card?

Reset Pubg name

It looks like a complicated procedure but it is very easy to get the card and then use it to reset the game name. As mentioned earlier, you will have to pay 3000 BP in order to get the card. Hence, it is quite impossible for the new players to rename their pubg account. This is because of the fact that the credit points are given in the form of rewards when you level up in the game. Hence, collecting 3000 BP will take significant time in the game and you will have to play a lot of matches.

However, if you are not willing to play the matches and still change the name, you will have to pay real money. The rename card can also be purchased using UC. You will have to pay 180 pubg UC in order to buy the rename card. The unknown cash can be purchased from the store and then the payment will be made on the Google Play Store or App Store respectively. You will roughly spend $5 in doing these things. However, you can use several UC tricks or offers in order to get a discount on the purchase amount.

How to Reset name in PUBG?

It is quite simple to reset the name after having purchased the rename card from the store. Just follow the simple steps given below in order to reset your pubg name.

  • Launch the game and click on inventory, present at the bottom part of the screen
  • Now tap on the “Add” button and select your rename card which you have purchased beforehand
  • Click on “Use” and ID then enter the new name that you want for your account.
  • Now click “ok” and proceed
  • the name of your pubg account will be successfully changed.

How to get some extra BP?

Reset Pubg name

Most people might be looking for a way out to get some free points to purchase the rename card for free. It is possible to get some free credits and save the amount of money that you spent on doing this task. The easiest way to get 2000 BP is by linking your pubg account to Facebook. The game offers 2000 points on attaching your Facebook account to pubg. You can do so and earn free credits. Similarly, there are multiple ways to get credits. Users can send a survey email and get 188 BP for free again. Hence, you will minimise the amount that you spend on resetting the name of your bubbly account.

Watch this Video Carefully if you want a Video Description to Understand how to Change your PUBG Name:


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