Pubg Lucky Spin 12.4 PU Com Trick

Pubg always brings up something new for the gamers inside the game. As the game is very much dynamic, the updates are dynamic too. It always brings out some new changes like balance updates, game changes, bug fixes, new events, or new rewards.  It introduces many new things in the game as well as improvises the existing elements which makes the game improve and update altogether. The rewards game introduces could be new skins, gifts, or outfits anything that brings uniqueness to the game. There are many ways to get cool rewards, that come through participating in an event or by opening crates and the Lucky Spins. Everyone likes gifts but we are bored of the same gifts, and we want something new in the gift and that desires are fulfilled by the pubg.

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1. Events:

Events are something that Pubg and its users love the most. There are special tasks and requirements set for each event that are very adventurous and by completing the required tasks, you get rewarded with some cool and unique gifts. These gifts could be anything like skins, outfits, or something else.

Recently, the PUBG x JUJUTSU KAIZEN Event is Live and there are many cool rewards included in this event. These rewards are filled up with Jujutsu Kaisen Cosplay outfits, Theme based skins, special emotes, and unique items based on the Jujutsu Kaisen theme.

Pubg changes different events from time to time either in mid-season or with the change in season. These events are mostly time-limited events and are live for a fixed period.

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2. Crates:

Crates are another way of Pubg of providing free items to the gamers. There are different types of crates available inside the game. These different crates hold something new and unique inside of them, but you need to be very lucky, to get your hands on one of the Unique items. The different crates available inside the game are PREMIUM CRATE, KNIGHT CRATE, LUCKY CRATE, CLASSIC CRATE, AND SOLDIER’S CRATE. Besides the Soldier’s Crate, every other Crate is Time Limited, and It gets updated with different intervals of time.

3. Lucky Spin:

Lucky Spins are the spinning game inside the game which provides free items and gifts just by spinning a dial in the game. Lucky spins are launched when the game introduces new events or celebrates some festival. Sometimes the game provides free spins to the users as a bonus gift but most of the time it requires some amount of UC (in-game money) to play the spin. The lucky spins are also updated with the new patches or updates. All of the Lucky Spins are time-limited events and each Lucky spin is different from the other in terms of Price and Awards.

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Lucky Spins 12.4

Lucky Spins 12.4

Pubg Lucky Spin 12.4 pu com is a time-limited version of Lucky spin that included Gifts different from the rest of the Lucky Spins. 12.4 is the version of the patch which includes some other changes too like New Modes, Vehicle, Arena, and many more.

The Lucky Spins contains some of the exclusive items of the season and provides temporary and permanent items based on the available list. As we all know that we need some amount of UC to play the Lucky Spin but the amount of UC could be very high as well. Lucky Spins are luck-based spins only and you don’t need to get some Legendary or Exclusive items from it.

Also, the first Spin is less in amount to draw than the next consecutive ones. The more you draw the Lucky Spins, the further its usage amount increases. You can also buy 10 Lucky spins at once and you will get a fixed price for that. So, it is your choice to open your Luck one by one or in a bulk. The Lucky Spin is the best way to get the Legendary items but you will be needed to spend a good amount to get these Exclusives.

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If you are ready to pay the price, then these exclusive items are yours but most of us are not ready to pay the price. So, there are some other methods to get Free Lucky Spins.

To get free Lucky Spins, you need to get free UC, there’s no other option available. But getting free UCs is not an easy task as well but o not worry, I have researched some steps with which you can get free UCs.

Steps to Get free UC using Lucky Spin:

  1. Free UCs could be earned by doing online surveys and earning points which then be converted into real money or UCs. There are many websites available that provide free UCs for the completion of small gigs. You can also use GOOGLE OPINION REWARDS app for earning UC in the game in exchange for some surveys. The drawback of GOOGLE REWARDS is that the surveys are not very frequent and sometimes it can take a lot of time to reload a new survey.
  2. For Indian players, there are Bonus Challenges available inside the game which helps you get free UCs in the game.
  3. There are also some cheat tools available on the web which help you get a lot of UCs but there are also some risks of using cheat tools in the game, your account could be banned temporarily or permanently, depending on the scenario.
  4. Pubg Youtubers or some other websites occasionally does Free UC giveaways, you can also try your luck there. Maybe you can hit a jackpot.

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There could be other methods available as well but these are all the most practical ways to get free UC otherwise if you have enough cash, you can buy UC anytime from the in-game shop.

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