Hackers are a threat to the online gaming world and this is nothing new. every online multiplayer game has hackers and it is very basic. some games have completely lost its value because of the hackers and this is the reason why many people have left playing those games. Counter strike is one search game which has lost its shine because of the hackers. Thousands of hackers play the game every day and this is not legitimate for other players who do not use any cheat. Hence, all such players must be reported. We are going to explain to you the procedure of how to report hackers in PUBG mobile.

Hackers in PUBG

Hackers in PUBG

PUBG is one of the latest games which has managed to remain above the other games. All the games have a specific development team that focuses on making the game cheat-free and ensures that no player is able to use hacks on the server. However, it is technically impossible to restrict the players from hacking in the game. There where no hackers in the game because the developers required a lot of time in order to break through the system and developer cheat code. However, these developers have been successful in doing so.

PUBG now has a lot of hackers and the cheat is available easily on the internet. It is impossible for the developers to block all the hackers from the game but they are trying very hard to do so. So are you one of those PUBG players who have got frustrated by the hackers in the game? We have come up with an exclusive way using which you can get rid of hackers and you can help others and the entire community to become free of hackers. This will be explained throughout this article.

How to Players Hack PUBG?

pubg report player team killing

There are different kinds of hacks available on the Internet and the players can easily use them to hack the game. You might have come across players who kill you even if they are not near you. This is called the wallhack and this enables the Hacker to aim and shoot at you even if you are hiding behind a container or a wall. He is able to look at you without any disturbance and can kill you easily. Similarly, aimbot is a PUBG hack using which the player can aim at any player accurately.

It is very frustrating for a genuine player to face this kind of person in the game. They destroy and deteriorate the entire gaming environment because it is not possible for a normal player to kill them. These hackers are superior compared to the other players and never killed in the game until they win the match. Hence, it is very important for genuine players to get together and report these players in order to make the community free and great again. This procedure will be given in the article below and you must go through that in order to make the community free of hackers.

Why can’t developers stop hackers?

It is not possible to stop the hackers because they use different kinds of tricks. It is practically impossible to eliminate the hackers from the game because they keep on joining the game every minute with a new ID. This means that once the developer blocks the old id, they create a new one and start hacking again. This is the reason why it’s very difficult to analyze the hackers and ban them. However, there is one-way using match the hackers can be eliminated.

How to stop hackers?

There is one way to remove the hackers from the game and this requires the unity of the genuine players. PUBG has an option using which you can report the player who is hacking in the game. This means that an alert will be sent to the PUBG developer team regarding a particular ID that has been hacked. Then the team will investigate the gameplay history of that particular player and find out if he was really hacking. If the reported id found hacking, he will be immediately banned from the game permanently and this means that he will not be able to play the game from that id.

Hence, it is very important for all the genuine players to keep a watch on the hackers and not their ID in order to report. If all the players get this thing and they keep reporting the hackers, almost all the hackers will be banned and this will be great news for all the PUBG players. Hence, you must know how to report a hacker in PUBG. It is very easy to report a hacker in PUBG mobile and we are going to guide you through the steps to do the same.

How to report a hacker in PUBG mobile?

report a hacker in PUBG

The PUBG mobile game officially has an option to report the players who are using cheats and hacks. It can be done easily by following the simple steps given below. You must keep a note of this step in order to be aware of the hackers. You can literally help the developers by reporting all the ids and making the game hack free. So go through the simple steps given below and get started with your duty of reporting the bad players. So how to report a hacker in PUBG?

  • Launch PUBG mobile on a smartphone.
  • Now go to the invite friend option available on the left-hand side middle part of the screen.
  • Now click on the tiny triangle but a present on the lower side of the opened menu.
  • This will open the report menu where you will have to enter the username or character ID of the hacker.
  • Enter the ID and then click on the submit option.
  • This will send the ID to the developers and they will review the gameplay.
  • As soon as they find evidence of hacking, the account will be permanently blocked from PUBG. So do your duty and report.

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