Pubg Ranking System 2020

PUBG is one of the best games which is played by millions of players across the world. The game is not only about joining the match and start playing but also about getting rank and increasing it further. Like any other game, there are different kinds of ranks available in the game, and each player rankings according to his skill. The PUBG ranking system is quite complicated for some people but it is really easy to understand if you go step by step. Hence, we have come up with this article in order to explain to you the entire PUBG ranking system and how can you get the Best rank in PUBG mobile.

What are the Ranks in Pubg?

Ranks in Pubg

As mentioned earlier, PUBG has a ranking system like any other multiplayer game. The players who are very competent and play the game quite well are ranked higher and those who do not know how to play the game well are ranked lower. The ranking system of the game is very well maintained and it is very important for any player to rank higher in order to become a professional player. We have also discussed the importance of the rank in the following post.

Knowing about the PUBG ranking system is quite important and all the players must also be aware of the ranking system methodology. Hence, we are going to explain to you the entire ranking system of PUBG and also how they are calculated and evaluated and even the ways using which you can rank higher. Hence, This article is very important for all the PUBG players who are concerned about their rank. Some players just do not play the game for the sake of playing but also maintain their level. Hence, all the new players must go through the article and understand.

Why is Pubg Ranking System Important?

Many people ask the reason why the ranking system in any multiplayer game exists. Well, the reason behind the ranking system is very clear and it is very much required in PUBG and all other multiplayer games. The reason is that all the players who are of a typical level are connected to the same match. This means that if you and some other friends of yours are having the same level ranks in the game, they will be connected to other players from around the world having the same rank. This assurance the quality of the game for all the players.

Pubg Survival Points Calculation

Matching all the players randomly without the ranking system would be very unfair. Imagine playing the game with a new player who does not have any experience. There will be no fun because the player will die anyway. Similarly, imagine if you are a new player and you get connected to all the professional players. You will not be able to survive even for 1 minute after landing on the island and this will be unfair for both the professional and the beginners. Therefore, the ranking system is a must in any game.

Pubg Ranking System Explained

Currently, there are eight different ranks in PUBG mobile as well as any other version of PUBG. A new player does not have any rank and he starts from the beginning. The very first rank that he gets after playing a few matches is called bronze. As the player continues to play the game and gets better, the rank getting higher and higher. However, it is not very easy to reach the highest rank because each rank has different levels. Hence, all the players have to complete each level before going to the next rank. The following are the eight PUBG ranks.

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum
  5. Diamond
  6. Crown
  7. Ace
  8. Conqueror

Hence, Bronze is the basic rank that all the players have in the game, and click conqueror is the highest rank one can achieve in PUBG mobile. The ranking system of the game is categorized so that the players can match with those players who are of the same competency. Hence, a bronze player will always get connected to a bronze server only. This means that when you play online on a server, all the players will be rough of the same rank.

More about Pubg Ranking System

How To See Rank In Pubg

However, it is very much possible that the other players might be of different levels. But the levels in PUBG mobile hardly matters because the skills of the players are roughly similar. There are five levels each in each rank before Ace. This means that all the players will have to go through five levels each in each rank in order to reach Ace. However, it does not have any levels and you can directly go to Conqueror. This is the highest level of the PUBG ranking system and it is very difficult to achieve this position. Hence, you will have to be extremely professional in order to reach the highest level.

One question that arises in mind is if friends having different ranks can play together or not. Well, players of any rank and combined together into a squad. They will get connected to a server which is approximately the average of the rank of their team. Hence, the PUBG ranking system is fair enough. However, one must note that the ranking system is different in the first person and third person. Similarly, the ranks are different for the single, duo, and multiplayer. However, the ranking system remains the same across all the maps.

How is a player ranked?

The methodology of ranking a player in PUBG mobile must be known by all. It is a misconception that the players are ranked only by the number of kills in the game. This is not the case because the ranks are evaluated on the basis of strategies and the kill death ratio. It means that not only the kills but also the survival strategies are taken into consideration. Therefore, players only having a high number of kills will not have a higher level compared to a person who is used in strategy to kill as well as hide at the same time.

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