Pubg Emulator Update Problem

PUBG is a game that is loved and played by millions of people across the world. Now that the game is available on all major platforms including PC, mobile, and PlayStation, people ask for the best platform where they can enjoy the most. The very obvious answer to this question is the PUBG emulator. The emulator version of the game not only helps you in getting PUBG Mobile on PC for free but also provides you with some gaming experience. Today we are going to explain to you how to update PUBG in the emulator. It will be an easy step-by-step procedure.

PUBG in Emulator:

There number of emulators available on the Internet and you can download any one of them in order to enjoy PUBG. Tencent gaming buddy is the official PUBG emulator from Tencent and probably the best one out there. It is very important for you to update the PUBG game to the latest version in order to get the best experience. You must also update the PUBG emulator to the latest version in order to fix all the bugs that were previously present. The combination of both will help you remain up-to-date with technology.

How To Update Pubg Emulator Manually

This doesn’t only apply to those used in Tencent gaming buddy but also to other emulators like BlueStacks and NOX player. This is the guide that will help you in updating PUBG in the emulator to the latest version without any issues. So if you have been trying to update and get all the updates done, this will help you in doing so. We will not only tell you the steps to update PUBG in Tencent gaming buddy but also that for NOX players and BlueStacks. Hence, you can skip to the respective section and get your update done.

Why should you update PUBG regularly?

Technology changes every day and it is very important to cope up with the change in technology. This is precisely the reason why you must update your games regularly. PUBG is a game that is often updated with new features and maps. Moreover, there are many updates in which the developers fix various issues that the players have been facing. Hence, the users must get the latest features and also fix all the pending issues. This will help you in getting a smooth and consistent gaming experience on your emulator. Therefore, you must update PUBG in the emulator without thinking twice.

How To Play Pubg Without Updating On Emulator

Another major reason to update PUBG is multiplayer gameplay. We all love playing the game with our squad. It is important for you to know that two people with different versions of PUBG running on the device cannot match together in order to play on the same server. This simply means that you and your friends must be on the same version in order to play together. Hence, remaining up to date will help you all to play the game without any interruption. Overall, the simple conclusion that we can draw is that the game must always be updated to the latest version to avoid any problems.

How to update PUBG in an emulator?

There are multiple emulators that allow you to play PUBG on PC. The steps to update PUBG is different in different emulators and this is the reason why we have listed them down separately. The major emulators available and used for playing the game are Tencent gaming buddy, BlueStacks, and NOX Player. The overall procedure for all the emulators remains the same when it comes to internal updates. However, the procedure is different when we talk about the external App update.

Update PUBG in Tencent Gaming Buddy:

Pubg Emulator Update Not Coming

Tencent gaming buddy is the official PUBG emulator and it is the most used PUBG emulator as well. So it is the best option, to begin with, the procedure to update the game using this emulator. There are two steps to update the game in Tencent gaming buddy. If it is an internal app update, you can do so easily after reading the notification itself. However, the external App update is a bit different and you will have to follow the procedure given below in order to update to the latest version.

  • Launch Tencent gaming buddy on your PC.
  • Now tab and open PUBG in the emulator.
  • Click on the update instead of clicking on the play.
  • The browser then starts searching for any update that is available.
  • If any update is pending, you will be given the option to start the download.
  • Click on the update now and wait until the game is updated to the latest version.
  • Reboot the application and you are all set to play the new version of the game.
  • Update PUBG in BlueStacks.

BlueStacks is another popular PUBG emulator. It is a computer Android-based emulator. Hence, the complete procedure to update PUBG in the Emulator remains similar to the way you update PUBG on mobile. You can either follow the APK procedure to update the game to the latest version or follow the standard option to update use in Google Play.

  • Launch the emulator and go to Google Play.
  • Click on the available updates action and select PUBG.
  • the update will be shown to you and you just have to click on update now in order to get the latest features.
  • Once the app has been successfully updated, you can start playing.
  • The APK procedure will involve downloading the latest APK of PUBG from a trusted website and then installing it using the Android installer package.
  • Update PUBG in Nox Player.

For Step-by-Step Video Guide, Check the below Video:

NOX player is a less popular PUBG emulator but remains of a favorite choice for many people. It is quite similar to BlueStacks because it is also an Android-based emulator. Hence, the procedure to update PUBG in this emulator is similar to the procedure that was followed in BlueStacks. So you can directly follow these steps given about updating your game directly from the Google Play Store. It is a very easy procedure and you will not find any difficulty and doing so.

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