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Pubg mobile remains one of the favorite games that has ever been made by the developers. The game has millions of active players and there are some who have taken the game very seriously and are pursuing it as a career as well. The game is not all about playing but also having a strategic mind to manage everything and become the number one ranked player in the game. It is good to have a deep knowledge of anything even if it is a game. We live in a generation where game and is taken very seriously and even people are trying to pursue this as their career option.

Are you’re one of those players who try to get the best knowledge out of the game? We a dedicated Pubg gamers platform that is willing to share in-depth knowledge of the game. We have already posted a lot of articles related to improving the Pubg gameplay on Tencent gaming buddy or any other Pubg emulator. You will also find various Pubg mobile tricks on our website which will help you in improving the gameplay and becoming a better-ranked Pubg player. Today we are going to share the Pubg flare gun trick.

Pubg Flare Gun Trick

Pubg Flare Gun Not Working

The Pubg flare gun trick is all about finding the flag gun in the game. However, we would like to disclose that there is no specific trick that will get you the airdrop or the flare gun. But we are going to share some tips using which the probability to find the flare gun will increase in the game. So are you excited to learn the tips and tricks using which you can get unlimited flare guns in the game? The complete article will give you an idea about how the flare gun works and how to increase the probability of finding the flare gun in Pubg mobile for Pubg emulators.

What is a Flare Gun?

Pubg Flare Gun Locations

Many new players might not exactly be aware of the term flare gun. Hence, we will give a brief introduction about what is a flare gun in Pubg and how does it exactly help you. Well, it is a gun which is exceptional and has a special feature. It is not there for killing the enemy. It will rather help you to shoot in the sky. This is a signal for the airdrop. What exactly is an airdrop? You might have come across those airdrops and the game which is dropped from a flight and release is red fumes when lands on the ground. The flare drops are a bit different from these conventional red fume drops. Below is the difference between a normal and a special airdrop. In this post, we are going to explain how to get a special airdrop with loaded items.

These drops are only brought by the plane on request using the flare gun signal. They release yellow fumes in place of the normal red fumes. Basically, these are the special drops available in the Pubg game for those people who shoot the flare gun in the air. It brings special items including rifles and covers. It mostly includes all the level 3 essentials of Pubg mobile and Pubg emulator. Hence, it is of great significance to the players. This is the reason why everyone looks for the flare gun as soon as they land on the island. So let us tell you how exactly to increase the probability of finding the flare gun and thereby getting the special airdrop with loaded items.

How to Get Flare Guns in Pubg?

Flare Gun Pubg Mobile

The flare guns are available to anyone who is playing the game. The gun is red-colored and is available at various places on the map. There is no fixed place where you will find the flare gun in Pubg mobile. It is randomly started just like any other work in the game and will be present mostly in that area where there are many players. However, the number of such guns is very limited compared to the normal guns available for killing enemies. Moreover, most of the professional players do know the location of these guns roughly and this is the reason they get them very quickly. Hence, you will have to be very quick in order to grab the gun before anyone does so. Follow some of the Pubg tips that have been given below.

Where to find Pubg Flare Gun?

How To Use Flare Gun In Pubg Mobile

As mentioned earlier, there is no fixed location where you will find this gun. However, if we go by the algorithm and the history of Pubg games, we can draw out a conclusion. The following are the popular locations in the Erangel map of Pubg mobile where the probability of finding the flare gun is very high.


This is one of the most famous landmarks on the Erangel map. It is one place that is promising and does have the maximum density of the fire guns in Pubg mobile. You will have to search thoroughly on the containers scattered here and there and there is a high probability that you will find the red-colored airdrop gun. Make sure that you are among the first lot of people to get on the containers because anyone who reaches earlier will have the advantage to kill you. A lot of people jump in Georgopol.


Located at the extreme right-hand side bottom part of the map, Novorepnoye is another famous location where you can find the flare gun in Pubg. It is located just decide the military base and is full of containers. It is a better option to land directly on the containers placed at the extreme and start searching for the item. Pubg Flare Gun Trick is nothing but the algorithm of tracking the flare. Once again, you will have to be quick in order to reach the containers faster than anyone else. Therefore, we hope that you are able to find the red colored gun more frequently in Pubg and enjoy its perks.

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