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PUBG Rony Truck

Pubg is one of the best mobile games that you will ever play. It pleases available on almost all platforms and it has gained a lot of popularity because of the amazing gameplay. The game has been in the market for more than 2 years and it has still not lost its shine. It is a general observation that gives do not have a craze for a longer period of time. However, PUBG has managed to keep the trend in their favor and they have even seen at getting better and stronger with time.

Pubg Updates:

Pubg Rony Updates

The reason behind the constant trend of PUBG has been because of the regular updates. Pubg is one game that never gets old because fresh items and gameplay is added every now and then. There are many games that have been on the train and have lost their charm because of the monotonous gameplay. Pokemon go is one example of such a game that became extremely popular when it was launched. However, the game did not last in the trend for more than a few months because the gameplay became monotonous and the same thing doesn’t entertain people.

Hence, PUBG has a very dedicated team of developers who are actively working on regular updates. The developers of the given add different modes in the game to add something new and make the players feel that they are not getting bored of the same thing. Similarly, Many items like weapons and vehicles are added from time to time in the game in order to keep players excited. Rony pickup truck is one of the latest PUBG items which has been in the trend. We are going to discuss the new trend in this article and also tell you how to get them.

Pubg Rony Pick Up Truck

Pubg Rony Pick Up Truck

Pubg has exclusively launched a Rony pickup truck in the game. It is a brand new vehicle that is added to the game and all the players can get their hands on the New PUBG Rony truck. The new truck is very powerful and is one of the best vehicles that you will find in the game. It is capable of climbing the mountains and also has a higher fuel tank capacity. This means it is perfect for the maps in which there are too many hills and rocks.

It simply means that it is an amazing add-on for the Sanhok map. The vehicle can accommodate 4 people and this means that your entire squad will fit into the vehicle. Those sitting or standing on the backside of the PUBG Rony truck, can use their weapons as usual and shoot the enemies on the go. However, there is also a risk because it is an open vehicle and the players cant get hit by the enemies’ bullet. But everyone will want to try the new vehicle in the game and this is the reason why we have come up with this article to introduce the new vehicle in the game.

Is Pubg Rony Truck Already Available?

Pubg Rony Truck Already Available

Yes, the PUBG Rony pickup truck has already been added to the server. However, there are people who say that they cannot find a new vehicle in the game. So the latest tell you that the vehicle is not already available in the game. It is actually available only on the test servers. The Vahi girl is being tested by the developers and once it is a table and there is no bug, it will be added to the normal server as well. Hence, you can try playing on the test server if you really want to try the new truck.

What is the Location of Pubg Rony Truck?

Location of Pubg Rony Truck

Perhaps, the biggest question is that where is the truck is the new vehicle located in the PUBG game. Well, the latest tell you that this is an exclusive vehicle for the Sanhok map only. This means that you will not find the legal in any other location on the map. It is a perfect vehicle that is available for the Sanhok map because the map consists of hills and rocks and this power truck has the capability of going up the hill. Hence, it has been designed in a special way to enhance the gameplay.

The exact location of the new vehicle is in the Sanhok map of the classic version of the game. However, players of the test server will only be allowed to get hands-on this vehicle. It is not available on the normal server of the game. Therefore, you can try the new vehicle in the test server and it will really be good. The vehicle will be soon added to the normal one once the test is successful. All the players can then use the new Rony truck.

Why is it not Available in Erangel?

Rony Not Available in Erangel

Unfortunately, the new PUBG Rony truck is not available in the normal classic version of the game. It is exclusively available for the Sanhok map only. This is not something you because we have already come across various items that are map specific. This means that the item has been designed specifically for that map. Rony is a typical pickup truck that is required for hilly terrain driving. We all know that Sanhok is one such map where it is required the most to go up the hill. Hence, you must start playing the game on the Sanhok map and get your hands on this new truck. We have already driven this particular vehicle and it was truly a great experience. The best thing about the vehicle is that you can shoot your enemies while moving and that too with a clear 360-degree view.


This article gives you a brief about the new vehicle that has been introduced in the latest PUBG update. We have discussed the PUBG Rony truck. It is very important for all the PUBG players to remain updated about the latest items available in the game. So keep visiting us regularly.

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