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Miramar is the second map that the developers have added to PUBG. It is a fairly old map as we talk about it right now. However, the map is still popular among the players and there are many who love playing on this map regularly. It is a huge 8 × 8 kilometers long map. There are many main locations on the map where you will find additional benefits on landing. San Martin Pubg is one such area in the Miramar map of PUBG. We are going to discuss the benefits of this exclusive Hotspot in the Miramar map.

The Miramar map is always regarded as one of the toughest maps of PUBG because it hardly offers any buildings or places to hide behind. Hence, the only way of surviving till the end is getting equipped with a lot of items so that you can use them anytime you need during the match. For this reason, we are going to explain the advantages of landing in a hotspot like San Martin. It is a big area which offers a lot of equipment and other benefits. Go through the advantages given below and then decide whether or not to land at this place.

Advantages of San Martin PUBG:

Miramar is still a very popular match and this is the reason we are going to discuss the places where you will find some important stuff to survive throughout the game. We highly preferred San Martin because it offers some benefits which are not available in other places easily. It is also one of the densest areas where you will find intense gunfights. The reason being that many people and your at the beginning of the match to get the advantage which we are going to discuss below.

1. Equipments/ Gear:

Where Is San Martin In Pubg Mobile

San Martin is full of high tier equipment and gears. You will find all the necessary gears of top tier here in San Martin PUBG. For instance, armor and rifles are available in huge numbers in this area. This helps in getting the equipment as soon as you land. Hence, the probability of dying only gets reduced because you have the equipment that you need to survive on the map. Given the fact that Miramar is a huge map, getting the equipment in plenty and that to an early stage prove to be highly beneficial for the players. Hence, this is one pro tip for the Miramar map.

2. Decent Cover:

Los Leones And San Martin In Pubg

Miramar is basically a map that is deserted and hardly offers any place to hide and take shelter. Hence, finding a place where you can take shelter can prove to be of great benefit. San Martin is one such place where you will find ample of buildings to hide in. Moreover, there are two towers located at the edge of the city which gives the perfect view to all the snipers out there. You can sit there and keep sniping the enemies which are also in good numbers at that location.

3. Location:

Which Map Has San Martin In Pubg

It is one Pro PUBG tip to land in a centralized location. The reason being that a centralized position will allow you to move in any direction and the map if the zone starts. The people who land at the edge of the map get a shorter span of time to return to the zone. San Martin is located in a location that is centralized as well. Moreover, it is very close to Hacienda del patron. The place is full of military-grade equipment. Hence, you can land in San Martin and then move to this place and get even more items easily.

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