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Pubg is a globally populated game and to maintain its popularity, Pubg has to upgrade its system regularly. Pubg has made careers of millions of people, by simply playing the game. But to gain more popularity, Pubg has founded new tactics, which increase the game reach as well as boost its sales.

Pubg has started making different versions of games according to a country or region so that people can connect the game more with themselves and engage more in the game. Pubg is always keen to make changes in the game and upgrade more and more, so the old users will not get bored and new users will get more attraction.

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So, what’s about the Pubg Korean version, well as the name suggests this version of Pubg is made for Korean people and the interface is totally in the Korean language. This also generates the sense of nationality that even game makers are changing the game or improvising it for a certain nation, and this drives more users.

Pubg Korean version is almost the same as the global version but there are some differences that make this version unique. The Korean versions have much more cool stuff than the global version. Many crates are there waiting for you to open them and win exciting and exclusive rewards. It is also easier to get different gun skins, outfits, and crates than the global version, which makes this version even more tempting. You can also buy rare items such as bags, helmets, guns, and vehicles skins with the help of silver fragments.

Pubg KR Download

Although this version is made for people of Korea that does not mean that you cannot play it. You can play different versions of Pubg on your mobile, with the help of a VPN, no matter in which country you are playing from. But the major drawback of the Pubg Korean version is that, if you are an old user/gamer of Pubg, you cannot play with your old id on this version. Basically, this version does not support, Pubg global IDs. And to play this game you need to make a new id starting from scratch. I know, this hurts a lot, to give up on your progress but something is better than nothing, always.

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And due to the ban of Pubg in India, specifically, the Korean version attracted most of the Indian audience. Because the Indian youths have nothing to do in their free time and they are deadly attached to the Pubg game due to its immense popularity and usage in India and the Indian audience do not want to use the Chinese version as there was a conflict between India and China during the lockdown.

But still many individuals were unable to download this version of Pubg, due to a lack of knowledge (from where to download) or in fear of getting a virus attack from the APK files.

The Korean version is available for free download on numerous websites and apps. The well-known app Tap Tap can be used for downloading this version. This app contains thousands of different games, including different versions of PUBG, such as the Korean version, the global version, and so on. You can download the APK file of the “Tap Tap” application directly from chrome or your particular browser.

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Android users can easily download apps from different applications, but iOS users have a bit more difficulty. Additionally, iOS users can download Pubg Korean with a trick. All you have to do is fiddle with your settings. Let’s see step by step.

  1. In iOS systems, open the app store and then press on your account info.
  2. Check your account settings and go to country/region settings.
  3. Open the settings and change your country to Korea, Republic of…
  4. Agree to all the terms and conditions.
  5. Select a street, city and change it to Busan or google some other city.
  6. Select postal code and type 600-001 for Busan/ if selected some other cities to type its
  7. Now close the app store completely and reopen it.

Now the changes should be visible to you all and you can see that your app store has converted itself to the KOREAN app store. You will not be able to download APK’s on iOS as there are some pre-installed security restrictions that make iOS systems a lot safer than androids.

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Pubg constantly works on the game for any improvements and additions and launches different updates from time to time. These updates could include bugs fixes, glitches fixes, new updates, new maps, etc. So to keep your application updated or to update your Korean version of Pubg, the process is simple.

  1. Ope the app store.
  2. Search for pubg (no need to write Korean as the app is the Korean version itself)
  3. Click on “UPDATE”
  4. Wait for the processing time to finish your update.
  5. Sit back and enjoy.

We all know that Pubg is a high-definition graphics game. With a lot of creative and mesmerizing graphics, it needs a good amount of ram and storage of your device, to work smoothly. The most recent update is Pubg KR 1.7 Update, which is a 690 MB update for android devices and 1.68 GB for iOS devices. Also, remember this is just one update, Pubg launches a minimum of 5-7 updates a year. So, first of all, you need to check the specifications of your devices, at least to download the KR version of Pubg.

Minimum requirements for android devices are:

  • Android version: 5.1.1 and above is compulsory
  • Ram: 2 GB
  • Storage: 2 GB
  • Processor: Snapdragon 425 equivalent or above.

Minimum requirements for iOS devices are:

  • iOS version: 9.0 or Above.
  • Storage: 2.5 GB
  • And a good, stable network.

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Note: These are the minimum requirements that will allow you to download and play pubg, but it could lag or glitch in your system as I told you earlier Pubg keeps on updating, and your system might not be able to receive the best graphics or data. You can play on the lowest settings, but it will not give you that realistic experience because of the poor graphics settings. And if you are a gamer then you should know that you need a powerful device to play a powerful game like Pubg in the best settings.

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