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Pubg, player’s unknown Battlegrounds is a very popular game among every section of the countries, and especially youths are so much into it and dedicated to playing the game. Pubg Game is the best gaming application available for you because it has different modes depending on the time and interest you want to put. It has different modes depending on your time and interest. If you want to play the pubg game for fun and entertainment, to kill your boredom, or if you want to play seriously, the pubg game is the best gaming application available to you. It has 30 to 45 minute long games as well as 5-10 minute shorter games depending on how much time you want to invest.

These all features collectively made Pubg a well-known brand and to make it to the top, it also needs to win the competition against the big brands of the gaming field. Now, to gain more popularity, brands use different types of tactics to gain their audience’s attention and attract them towards their brands. There are many practices done in the name of advertisements like marketing, free offers, giveaways, and discounts. These all strategies are used to increase the number of users for a particular brand.

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One such great way of attracting more users towards a brand is a “MASCOT”. Different companies have unique Mascots which resemble and symbolize their brand. The Mascots of big brands such as KFC, McDonald’s, Pringles, Michelin, Kellogg’s as well as Walt Disney show some form of connection with the brand.

What is a Mascot?

The basic meaning of a Mascot is anything that brings luck towards the company/brand or represents it. A mascot could be a human, animal, or some certain object which somewhat resembles the brand product and can be used as a representative spokesperson for the brand. I bet you’ve seen a clown with red hair and yellow-red clothes outside every McDonald’s outlet. In general, human mascots interact with customers, greet them properly, and entertain them in a variety of ways. People really appreciate these works and also enjoy having fun with the Mascot. The Mc Donald’s Mascot entertains the people and kids by making funny faces or interacting with them. People also love to click a photo with the Mascot, and that boosts sales for the company. A happy-going customer will come with more customers. That is a perfect example of a Mascot for you.

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Pubg Mascot:

Pubg also has some mascot which is available in the logo. This Mascot represents different graphical interpretations of characters inside the Pubg application.

Now as these Mascot logos symbolize Pubg, there are always some die-hard fans or content creators, who want to use these Mascot in their content as well as for their personal use, to show their connection with the game. There are now many different avatars with many unique outfits, and this gives us a lot more options of choosing or making a Pubg Mascot.

Where to find these PUBG Mascot Logos?

Internet is so big sometimes when you start surfing it, you could get lost from your concerned topic and there is no coming back. The major concern most of the fans and creators find is that they are unable to download or find these logos for their personal use. Or they do not have the knowledge of creating one for them.

Paid services:

The Mascot logo of Pubg is a paid service provided by some freelancers or some companies.

You can spend some money to create your own unique logo. There are many paid services available by different sellers on various platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, Instagram, and youtube. There are many other platforms as well in which you can find these services and choose the one which best suits your budget.

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The profit you will get from these paid services are:

  1. You can fully customize your Mascot according to your need.
  2. You can expect a high quality of work from the service provider.
  3. If you somehow do not like the work or are not satisfied, some of them might refund your
  4. There are many services that include unlimited revisions to your content.

Free Services:

For free you can create a Mascot logo for yourself, just by putting in some effort. If you have time to spare and eagerness to learn there are many courses which are available for you for absolutely free. But this work takes time and the best of your efforts. If you learn this service then there are many more benefits of that. First of all, you will be able to create your own logo and customize it all according to your needs. You can create a custom-made character, choose your own unique color, barehanded or with weapons, it is totally your choice. And by practicing it and trying it out for yourself, when you start feeling confident in logo-making, you can also provide paid services to other customers who are willing to pay a good amount of money for your work and skills. But for every skill to learn, you will be needed to practice more and be consistent with your work.

Similarly, there is also a way where you can get pre-made logos for your selective use, and you can use them by doing minimal or no changes at all.

The website “Pixabay” has a collection of 20+ Pubg Mascots absolutely free to use. You can use them as per your free will and the quality will also be decent.

They also offer paid versions also so you can choose from their catalog and download the one which matches your style.

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Download Free PUBG Mascot Logos:























The profit you will get from these free services are:

  1. You do not need to invest any money.
  2. No time invested, just go for content that is available.
  3. Free to use content without copyright issues.
  4. Many options are available to choose from.

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And similar to this there are also other sites that are providing free Mascots for crazy Pubg freaks like you. Just check that the content is free to use, and is not licensed by some company.

Enjoy your game with your new Mascot that suits your style.

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