PUBG Mobile x Jujutsu Kaisen Collab Mode

Pubg Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games in the world. BGMI, the Indian version of the Pubg mobile has over 5 Crore downloads in the play store and it has a massive engagement of millions of users daily playing the game.

And for keeping that excitement and thrill maintained, Pubg always works on different concepts and ideas for a better user experience and engagement. Pubg has launched many themes and collaborated with many big brands to capture the gaming market even more. These collaborations always bring out something new and exciting in the game and the users are always excited to play with the upcoming updates. These updates are based on the theme and collaborations with the brands. The last collaboration Pubg did was with the “Spider-Man no way home” team. Pubg has introduced the Spiderman theme and it has also shared a screen of Spider-Man at the starting of the game in which Spiderman plays with the Spawning plane, throwing web strings and enjoying the ride. This partnership is done to bring the best of the Spider-Man verse onto the game. The best part of the update was the Web shooter, as it allows the gamers to move freely and jump to the higher buildings with ease. This also gave the feeling of being a Spiderman itself to the users. This partnership was a massive success as the community of gamers and the Spider-Man fans shared a massive engagement response. This was the second movie collaboration, the first one was with ” Godzilla v/s Kong“.

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Now Pubg is not stopping with the collaborations part and released a brand new partnership with Jujutsu Kaisen. Jujutsu Kaisen is a Japanese Anime that is created from its Manga. Pubg has partnered with “Viz Media ( English Publisher), to merge the worlds Jujutsu Kaisen and Pubg game. This Anime collaboration gives the players new content to explore and players can enjoy the Fight Actions in Anime style with this update. There are also changes regarding the rewards also, Discovery Mode is introduced which allows players to earn Exploration points, which helps them in getting more loot during this event.

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PUBG Jujutsu Kaisen Event

Jujutsu Kaisen x Pubg Rewards:

In this Jujutsu Kaisen event, there are many changes made to the game and also there are many cool rewards as well. These rewards are listed down below:

  • Megumi Fugishiro Cosplay Set
  • Jujutsu Kaisen Scar-L
  • Nobara Kagisaki – Enlighten Me Emote
  • Satoru Gojo – Warming Up Emote
  • Yuji Itadori Ornament
  • Megumi Fugishiro Ornament
  • Nobara Kagisaki Costplay Set
  • Jujutsu Kaisen Parachute
  • Jujutsu Kaisen Pan
  • Megumi Fugishiro – Cursed Technique Emote
  • Satoru Gojo Ornament
  • Nobara Kagisaki Ornament
  • Satoru Gojo Cosplay Set
  • Yuji Itadori – Cursed Technique Emote
  • Jujutsu Kaisen – UAZ
  • Ryomen Sukuna – Groza
  • Cathy – Exclusive Emote
  • Yuji Itadori Cosplay Set
  • Satoru Gojo Serious Mode Cosplay Set

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These are the rewards that you can grab throughout the event period.

At the starting of the game, when the players are joining the lobby before boarding the plane, the Jujutsu Kaisen characters are placed in the lobby, to welcome the players in their Anime Swag. This update is available in all regions except Japan and the Chinese mainland.

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The event “Jujutsu Kaisen x Pubg” became live on 15 Feb 2022. Jujutsu Kaisen’s main character Yuji Itadori along with other characters like Satoru Gojo, Megumi Fushiguro, and Nobara Kugisaki will be available as in-game characters and there will be Cosplays of all these characters included in the game which players can collect.
To participate in the event, players need to play Ranked theme-based matches on their preferred maps. There will be cursed object crates available in the different locations of the map which will contain “Sealed Sakuna Fingers”. And if any player gets their hands on all the new items in a single map, then they will be treated with a special reward.
In this update/event, there is also a cursed doll-type grenade spawned in different random locations of the map, when used summons a Boss Cursed Corpse. This Cursed Corpse contains a heavy loot that will satisfy most of your loot needs. But to get this loot, you need to first kill the Boss Cursed Corpse and this Corpse is so Cursed that it can kill a character in 3 effective Punches, so beware of the Corpse too, because it is a double-edged sword and it can cut both the ways.

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Overall, it is a very fun and exciting event that brings up the uniqueness of two different virtual worlds on one platform.

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