Desert Prince Outfit In Pubg Mobile

Players Unknown Battle Ground is one of the most popular battle royale e-game. There are many events in the game that is played among the players and with these events there are even new changes, additions, and subtractions in the game. Like there are new features new outfits new lobby etc. Sometimes even better outfit in comparison to the royal pass outfits or the crate outfits is seen. Outfits are usually more detailed outfits and more textured and bold outfits to get redeemed. Outfits can get easily redeemed.

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This is an outfit that represents the prince Of the desert. As we even look at the outfit it represents the prince wearing this outfit and leading over the desert. The prince in this outfit has been seen wearing too many jewelry and a bold statement giving ornaments. From the front side, we can see that there is a belt in brown color, a pocket, some safety purpose tools that can be used for defense purposes, and a very beautiful white color cloth with a green border and a black color cloth with a golden border overlapping each other giving it prince like the look. We can even see that there is a white color scarf that is tied around the neck. That is even golden color shoulder covering and hand covering on both hands that are giving it a very sharp look.

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The whole outfit looks very aggressive and fierce. We can even see that on the bottom side one of the legs that are the left leg has a golden color covering while the right leg is a white base with a brown tie covering it with no outer shelter. Just as you saw on the front side similarly at the backside it also has almost the same looking detail outfit. Even on the backside, that is so a piece of cloth white in color hanging with a brown belt and even pocket that is exactly what we saw on the front side looking quite similar and detailed.

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The players of Players Unknown Battle Ground Can easily Purchase the desert prince outfit directly from UC. If the players do not want to spend their money on UC Then in that case they can even purchase the desert prince out of her by using silver coins. These silver coins are usually earned by the players on a daily basis by playing the Players Unknown Battle Ground. To earn silver coins if needed then the players can even sell or remove the old items or the unused items that exist in their inventory as in this way also they will earn some silver coins depending upon the item. If the players have enough silver coins then they can purchase the desert prince outfit for seven days at just 196 silver coins. Or if they want they can even purchase the desert prince outfit for 30 days at 840 silver coins. But if the players want this outfit permanently then they should have at least 1680 silver coins with them. This is a huge amount but if players want it then they can keep playing the game and save the silver coins by not using them and once they have enough coins they take it easily by using the silver coins or else use UC.

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To purchase the desert friends outfit the players need to simply follow the following steps but it is necessary that they do have the required UC or the required silver coins

  • Step one: The player needs to open the player’s unknown battleground and then click on the shop option.
  • Step two: The players need to click on redeem option and look for the desert pants outfit
  • Step three: After selecting the desert princess outfit choose the option that is 7days, 30 day or permanent option in which they want to purchase the outfit, and then click on purchase
  • Step four: Once the outfit is purchased Players need to go to the inventory option and select the desert princess outfit.

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Along with the desert Prince outfit, there is a desert prince turban and a desert prince mask that is also added in PUBG.

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