Currently, everyone is searching for free to play PUBG (Players Unknown Battleground). The recent development has come from Bluehole Studio as they have converted the PC version of PUBG into a mobile version.

This is a great modification done by Bluehole Studios. Tencent is an associated partner with Bluehole Studios in this great job. They jointly released the mobile version of PUBG at Google Play Store and Apple Play Store and it is all free.

Pubg Mobile

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Now, PUBG mobile is available to download free from your respected store like if you are an Android user, you can download it from Google Play Store and if you have an iPhone, you can get it from Apple Play Store.

So, are you ready to play free PUBG on your Android or iOS device? We have organized the following informative article for you about the downloading, installation, and how to play the game.

When you are going to download and install PUBG mobile version, you should have your Android or iOS compatible with this game. It means that your mobile should have the capacity to run and support the PUBG APK.

If you don’t know about the mobile capacity that is required for PUBG mobile, you can find this information in the following:

PUBG Mobile Requirements:

PUBG Mobile Requirements

You Android or iPhone should have the following capacity if you want to download and install the PUBG mobile:

Requirements for Android System:

The PUBG mobile is compatible with more than 500 Android devices available in the market. You should have an Android device that has 2GB of RAM and running a minimum of 5.1.1 lollipop or the latest version. The device less than this capacity will not support and run the PUBG mobile.

Requirements for iOS System:

In case you are an iPhone user and you like to download, install and play the PUBG mobile on your iPhone device, then you should have iPhone 5S or the latest version with the iOS system installed 9.0, 10, 11, 12, 13 and latest. Moreover, while downloading the PUBG mobile on 5S may face a lag issue, but it will run smoothly on 5S or the following devices.

Maps Available on PUBG Mobile:

Maps Available on PUBG Mobile

For starter players on these players’ unknown battleground games, it is necessary to have information about the maps of the PUBG mobile version.

The information about its maps will make you ready to play with your friends on your favorite map and you used to play after knowing about the maps.

There is a total of four maps available in the PUBG mobile version to enjoy with your friends on your favorite map. The maps are Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and the recently new added map by PUBG Corp. Vikendi which has snow terrain.

  • Erangel: This is the first map in PUBG and still seen as the best map. This is not a small map, there are hundreds upon hundreds of games over and over again. There are buildings with ubiquitous design, trees and rolling battleground countryside that are easy enough to get lost in.
  • Miramar: Miramar is the 2nd map in PUBG. Its area is 8x8km square with an open desert terrain with plain and rural areas.
  • Sanhok: This map is previously known as Savage back before it released. This map is more challenging than usual. Its total area is 4x4km and it includes new vehicles, weapons, and items.
  • Vikendi: Vikendi is a PUBG map recently released with a snow terrain. This is a large map with a total area of 6×6 ion the Adriatic Sea. There are many weapons and places updated on this map. Vikendi looks like the city of Venice in Italy. There are canals and bridges everywhere in the streets of the island like Italian city Venice.

Procedure to Download PUBG Mobile on Android or iOS Devices:

Download PUBG Mobile on Android or iOS

The PUBG mobile version is available to download free from Google Play Store on Android devices and Apple Store on iOS devices.

You can download and play this game after getting login through different gateways, as a guest, through Facebook and using Twitter. It will help you to keep your PUBG mobile record sync whenever you play PUBG APK from different smartphones.

So, here as the following, we have provided the three different links to download PUBG APK on your mobile phone to play. You can get your game by just clicking the download button.

Procedure to Install PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS Devices:

Install PUBG Mobile on Android

We have organized the procedure to download the PUBG APK on your mobile phone to make it easy and convenient for you to play. You just have to follow the following steps to install the game.

  1. First of all, you have to download the PUBG APK from the given links on your device.
  2. In the next step, you have to go to your mobile settings. After scrolling down you will see the option of security settings.
  3. Tap on it and here is an option of installation from unknown sources. You just have to enable this option of unknown sources.
  4. Now go the downloaded folder in which the downloaded link of PUBG APK is saved and click to open.
  5. Here is the install button, just click the button and then follow the instructions as asked to enjoy the game on your smartphone.

How to Play PUBG Mobile?

Play PUBG Mobile

Cross Player and Multiplayer:

If you have a question in your mind that you can play PUBG mobile cross multiplayer after downloading and installing PUBG APK, then the answer to this question is yes you can play PUBG mobile in crossplayer multiplayer on your smartphones like Android and iOS mobiles.

For instance, if you have logged in PUBG on your iOS device through your Facebook account then you will see that your all Facebook friends are playing PUBG on Android and iPhone.

Finally, it does not matter you are playing on an iOS device or Android, you can actually play PUBG mobile in cross-platform.

How to Add Friends and Play PUBG Mobile?

You can play PUBG on your mobile in the squad after successfully installing the PUBG mobile version. You can make a squad by adding your friends.

One thing to be noted that the squad should be of odd numbers like you can add one friend or three friends from PUBG mobile.

We have organized the process of adding your friends on iOS and Android devices in the following steps:

  1. First of all, open the PUBG mobile on your smartphone.
  2. There is a Friend icon on the left side of the screen, just tap on it.
  3. You will see the option of Add Friend on the right side of the screen, now tap on it and type your friend’s name in advance search.
  4. Type the friend’s name and click the yellow search button.
  5. You will see the friends list, you just have to tap on the friend’s profile which you want to send a request to join the PUBG mobile to play.
  6. Type a message and hit the send button to send the request.
  7. They will receive your request to join. Once they accept the request, you can add them from the invite list once they come online and play with them in a squad.

How to Accept Friend Request in PUBG Mobile?

Accept Friend Request in PUBG Mobile

If you receive a request from a friend to play the game in a squad and you really want to play with them, then you will have to accept the request. Friend requests are in the friend icon on the left side of the screen. We have organized the procedure to accept a request in PUBG mobile in the following steps:

  1. Launch the PUBG mobile on your smartphone.
  2. Tap on the friend icon on the left side of the screen to receive a friend request.
  3. Now tap on Game Friend and go to the request list.
  4. Now tap on the friend request and click the accept button next to your friend’s profile to accept the PUBG friend request.

Voice Chat on PUBG Mobile:

For communication with your friends while playing PUBG mobile, voice chat facility is available. You can stay connected with your friends through voice chat to have a conversation in a squad.

With the PUBG mobile 0.7.0 updates, the voice chat feature has been clear and noise-free. To turn on voice chat on PUBG mobile, you have to tap on the speaker and mic icon at the button on the home page and right top side when the game start.

Messaging with Friends on PUBG Mobile:

You can do messaging with your friends while playing PUBG mobile. You can send a message to invite your friends on PUBG mobile to play the game with you.

To send the play invitation to your friend through a message, you have to follow these steps:

  • Launch the PUBG mobile on your phone and go to the main menu.
  • There is a friend list on the top left side of the screen, just tap on it and select your friend you want to send an invitation message.
  • Now tap on Start a Chat. Enter the message and hit the send button.

Selection of Solo, Duo, or Squad play in PUBG Mobile:

You can make a squad consist of four members on PUBG mobile to play together. There is also available the Duo option if you want to play with one friend.

However, the selecting option for Solo, Duo, and Squad is available in the latest version of PUBG mobile. To select the Solo, Duo, and Squad option, just tap on the mode and select the person icon under the team section on the pop-up screen as per your requirement.

Best PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks:

Best PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks

PUBG is a game about surviving as the last man standing after a long combat fight in the long island by killing every opponent. After completion of this mission, you get a chicken dinner.

To get the chicken dinner, you need a lot of combat tactics, tricks, and tips. We have organized some tips to get you the chicken dinner as follows:

Mode Friendly Clothes:

PUBG mobile is a survival game in which you have to be the winner after killing all other players after a long battle. This is not a fashion show or a party, just keep in mind this thing when wearing clothes in the game.

You should select the right clothes in the game according to your mode that you are playing in. According to the Miramar map, you should wear a sand color t-shirt.

In the Erangel map, you should wear a friendly wild t-shirt. This trick will help you to hide and your opponents cannot track you easily. In prominent clothes, you can be tracked and killed easily by your opponents.

Lower Competitive & More Loot Area

The first thing that you should be noted at the time of landing on the island is that you should choose the area where the combat competition is low comparable and where the fewer people jump and the area where the weapons, consumables, and other necessary stuff is easily available.

This trick will help you to find everything you need easily and quickly without being tracked by other opponents. For example, in the Erangel map, you should land on Rozhok, Mylta Power, and School.

Follow the Map in Full Senses:

There is always a live map available on the left top corner of the screen while playing the PUBG mobile. This live map is very helpful to find your enemies by sounds and signs of gunshots and footsteps and kill them easily.

The map also provides you to see the blue and safe zone. So, try to keep awake your senses on the map.

1. Keep Moving

You should keep moving while playing the PUBG mobile. It means that don’t stick around one point or location. By sticking on one point, you will offer a clear and perfect headshot.

There are a lot of snipers who are searching for an opportunity to headshot. So, keep moving is better for you to get good covers.

2. Use Headphones and Connected With Your Squad

It is more important to hear the sounds of gunshots and footsteps of your opponents. So, you should always use the headphones while playing the game with or without a squad.

It will be very helpful to track your enemies by the sound of gunshot and footsteps about from where the gun triggered. Headphones are also very helpful to stay connected with your friends in the squad to make or change the combat strategies during the mission and play like a team to get chicken dinner.

3. Peek and Fire Feature

The Peek and Fire feature are not enabled according to default settings in the game. So, you need to turn on it in the basic settings to play by just revealing your head to shot by hiding your full body.

There are two upper body icons shown on the left side of the screen after activating the option of Peek and Fire.

4. Avoid Gun Fights

You have to just focus on the main fight and mission. If you try to involve in other combats, there are a lot of chances to get killed by opponents. So, you need to make the right decisions and directions.

If you noted that two parties are fighting then don’t involve in their fight but just hiding is the best option for you. After their fight finished, you can kill the remaining one easily. Is not it the best idea?

5. Use the Silencers

Obviously, when you fire a shot from any gun available in the PUBG like Sniper, SMG, AR, etc, it makes noise. Due to this noise, your enemies can track your position easily.

So, you should use gun silencers to prevent enemy tracking. There are silencers available for different types of weapons. If you found a silencer suitable for your weapon, just attach it on your gun and it will help you to kill the opponents silently.

6. Playing on the Edge

You should play on the edge when there are two or three circles left in a mission. If you have 4x or 8x sight scope, it will give you the best view of the whole circle to play.

This kind of trick also helps to minimize the chances of getting killed from behind. So, always prefer to play on the edge of the combat circle, which means that where our blue line is near to the white.

7. Lie Down in Looting

If you killed an opponent and want to loot the crate, we will recommend you to lay down while looting the crate. Your opponents can track you even if they see the green light popping on the person you just have killed.

Wrapping Up:

Finally, this is the all information available about the PUBG mobile on your smartphones. We tried to share every informative thing about the game on the mobile version.

A lot of updates are coming in upcoming PUBG mobile updates. We will try our best to share that updated information like this article. So, wish you a happy playing.

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