PUBG has become the most popular fighting game. It has released the version to play on mobile, PC, and PS4. Now after a long wait, PUBG Corp. has released the version for Xbox One. The team who developed the record selling PC version, now designed the PUBG version that is possible to play on Xbox.

Pubg Xbox One

Pubg Xbox One

After a record of selling more than 20 million copies of the PC version, Microsoft Corp. has taken an interest in this top popular game to its flagship console by getting help for development from the team who has developed the Gears of War 4.

This was a long and great struggle for Microsoft that they did to bring this hot and high profile game in their showcase for their users to play PUBG. Of course, this is great news for Microsoft users but the development of this game is still under construction and it may take some time to completely developed.

But you don’t need to worry about that. In fact, if you want to get the PUBG Xbox preview copy, you can purchase it from the Amazon store.  Though the physical copy is not available yet it will be entered in the market soon. Well, if you play on Xbox One, it will give you visual depth.

Price and Size of PUBG Xbox:

Here the question about the price of the PUBG Xbox version may arise in your mind, so the answer to that question is the price of a Preview copy of PUBG Xbox on the Amazon store is round about $25.45. and you can directly purchase the game from Microsoft Store for $29.99 and download the 10.53GB game on your console.

So, it depends on you that from where you want to purchase the game whether from Amazon Store for $25.45 and from Microsoft Store for $29.99.

Download Pubg Xbox

Download Pubg Xbox

This version of PUBG for Xbox console developed by the team who designed the record selling PC version takes the players into a battle scenario on an island where they face a heart-racing combat fight.

The purpose of this fight is to be the last man standing after killing all the opponents and enemies. The winner at the end gets a chicken dinner. Loot supplies, find weapons, and gear up to take on the fight.

This game will take you in situations that are really adrenaline pumping and it will emerge the lone survivors in a thrilling and suspense moment. A player has to defeat all the opponents to be the last man to survive on the island after a fight of life and death.

How to Manage the Controls in PUBG Xbox to Play the game?

Controls in PUBG Xbox

PUBG Xbox One Basic Controls:

Are you asking me for the right triggers for your gun? Yes, I have the perfect answer to your question. But there is a bit more nuance to some of the controls, so wait for a little for it.

For example, aim mode is a toggle by default, as with the PC game, so you tap the left trigger once to go into aim-down-sights and again to exit.

Elsewhere, long-pressing X is the control that how you can reload your gun. But click or tap the button once will interact with an object in from of you.

Pubg Xbox: Basic Controls

So, for the starters of this game, they will have to spend a lot of time to get skills with this button. Meanwhile, lets you mess with throwables and supplies of every type.

PUBG Xbox One Aiming Controls:

Once in the aim mode, the controls are primarily vectored towards people who are hiding somewhere looking for opponents. LB lets you hold your breath to steady your aim, RB plus the left analog stick lets you zoom in and out, and the d-pad lets you change fire modes.

PUBG Xbox One Vehicle Controls:

The developers wanted to keep vehicle controls simple, so they just made the vehicle controls simple for its players like what you play within the other usual games.

The one option that is a little abnormal as compared to other games is the ability to change seats using a button.

Moreover, long-pressing the button of A will vector you directly to the driver’s seat.

PUBG Xbox One Swimming Controls:

Do you want to go for a fancy dive in the water? The developers have made it simple too. But one thing is bad about this option, you just cannot fire your gun when swimming in the water. You can go for a dive, float, and interact with loot, that is all you can do in swimming.

PUBG Xbox One Map Controls:

The most important tool of your survival in PUBG is to maintain the sage distance from the red zone. It means that you have to make sure that you are in the latest Blue Zone and avoiding Red Zones. This is really important to not get killed by your opponents.

Pubg Map Controls:

The developers have made the controls for this option quick and simple, which allows you to go in and out between the zones, move the map around, and place and remove markers.

PUBG Xbox One Inventory Controls:

Do you want to have the maximum inventory level in PUBG? It is very complicated to be able to manipulate objects in your inventory rapidly, the equipment that you want, to get rid of the things that you don’t want to keep and to drop the things you are shedding to make way.

The developers have made quite interesting inventory controls in PUBG. You switch columns with the bumpers, then use a combination of X, A, and Y to pick up, assign, and drop the items respectively.

Pubg Inventory Controls:

In our opinion, this is a very complicated thing to manage and you will have to do a lot of practice to get skills in this control.

PUBG Xbox Maps:

PUBG Xbox Maps

There are three maps available on PUBG Xbox as compared to the PC version where a total of four maps available. The total three maps on PUBG Xbox are Eragnel, Miramar, and Sanhok. Vikendi is missing and you have to wait for some time to include the snow terrain map. Sanhok is also added recently to the Xbox version.

If you want to get more information about the vehicles, loot, boats, and garages, you can get all this information on PUBG Maps from its official site about all three maps.

Highlights of top Patch Notes and Updates in PUBG Xbox One:

  • A new weapon Beryl M762 lies in the category of assault rifles is recently added in all three maps Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok of PUBG Xbox. This is probably one of the best assault rifles available in the game.
  • The Beryl M762 uses 7.62mm rounds and its magazine can load up to 30 rounds. It also can be attached to an extended magazine loaded with 40 rounds.
  • This weapon has upper and lower rails to fit the extra attachments like magazines, sight scopes, and a grip too.
  • The damage rate per bullet of this assault rifle is low as compared to the AKM. But it has a high fire rate. It means that it has higher DPS if you can control the kick.
  • A new two-seated vehicle is also added in this version of PUBG. This vehicle is known as Scooter and this Scooter is only available in Sanhok.
  • The scooter has replaced the motorbikes on the Sanhok map.
  • HP of Scooter is as same as a motorbike but its speed is low than a motorbike and its turn rate is high as compared to a motorbike.
  • There are many other updates and tweaks in the GamePlay, UI/UX, anti-cheating and reporting, custom match, skin and items, and many bug fixes.

PUBG Xbox and PUBG PC:


When you play the PUBG Xbox preview version, you will experience that it has low graphics and sonic effects as compared to the PC version. All graphics look very grimy with the choppy frame rate.

All objects in the game do not load in full view until you properly land on the map. Moreover, you will not see the rock when you are driving to the safe zone.

PUBG Xbox can only run 30 Frames Per Second, not the 60 Frames Per Seconds as compared to the PC version. If you want to play this version with full graphics and technical assistance, you will have to wait for some time until they release its final version.

Is PUBG free on Xbox?

install Pubg on Xbox

Xbox is one of the best selling consoles which is produced by Microsoft. There are millions of people who own this console and are constantly playing amazing games. Pubg is an evergreen game and we are sure that you have heard about this game earlier. Pubg has also being launched on the consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. So are you looking for the guide to download Pubg for Xbox? We have come up with a detailed guide in which we have explained all the aspects of Pubg. This is an ultimate guide that will help you and downloading and playing the complete game on Xbox.

Pubg For Xbox:

Pubg for xbox

The PUBG game was launched for Xbox One right at the time of the launch. Its voice also available on all the major platforms like Smartphones and PC. The console version of the game is similar to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, the Xbox One was the first council device to receive the game after launch. The developers launched Pubg for PlayStation 4 after a few months. You can also follow our ultimate guide of Pubg for PlayStation 4 in case you have a Playstation too.

The game is absolutely addictive and you will fall in love with the game. It has been more than a year since the game has come into existence and it has driven the players crazy. It is one of the best Xbox games and you are missing a lot if you haven’t already installed it on your console. Follow our detailed guide in order to understand the concept of Pubg for Xbox. Moreover, you will also find the exact procedure for getting the game installed. Besides, we have also discussed if you can get Pubg for Xbox for free or at a discounted rate. You can also download the game on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It is available for all the versions of Xbox and you will really enjoy playing the game on this console. Follow the complete guide given below in order to understand the gameplay and other elements.

Pubg For Xbox Gameplay:

Pubg for xbox graphics

The gameplay of the console version is completely similar to the PC version of Pubg. You can choose between classic and arcade modes. The typical gameplay includes 100 players in a game and all of them are dropped on an island. Your primary motive is to land on the island successfully and gather weapons and other necessary items which will help you in fighting and surviving. Thereafter, you will have to locate all the other players and killed them. The one who survives till the end is declared as the winner.

There a lot of strategies that have to be adopted by playing the game because it is not really easy. There are some amazing players who play in the multiplayer mode. Hence, it is always a better option to follow the latest Pubg tips and tricks. These Pubg mobile secrets are also working on Xbox and other platforms and it will give you an upper hand over the other beginners. Similarly, you will have to play the same kind of game on a small scale In The arcade mode. To read more details about the game below and get started with your Quest of Pubg. You might often come across people posting pictures of their squads. It is time for you to make your own squad and show the screenshots of the wins.

Pubg Xbox Maps:

Pubg Mobile Secrets

As mentioned earlier, the Pubg on Xbox is similar to what you play on mobile for PC. The map is also completely similar. You might be aware of all the maps in the game if you have already played the PC version or e mobile version of Pubg. However, if you do not have any idea about the Pubg maps, consider reading out a detailed guide of Pubg maps. Currently, there are four maps in the game. All the maps are quite different from each other and you must know the details about each map in order to become a good player.

Erangel is the most popular map and it comes pre-installed with the game. The other three maps are not downloaded and you will have to download them manually if you want to play. Erangel is a normal map while the others are based on things like snow or desert. Vikendi is a snow map and is the latest map that has been introduced in the game on all the platforms. There are various locations on each map that are attractive in terms of weapons. However, these are hotspots and they attract a lot of other players. Hence, you must not go to such places if you want to survive for a longer period of time.

Pubg Xbox Graphics Settings:

Pubg for xbox

The graphics are very important when you are playing an RPG shooting game. We all Arabia of the fact that Pubg has great graphics. However, it actually depends upon the setting in which you are playing. The settings can be altered in order to adjust the brightness and other graphical solutions in the game. For instance, there are 3 graphics settings. The low, medium and high-resolution graphics can be selected depending upon the specification of the device in which the game is being played.

There are a number of Xbox devices and you can play on the highest gaming settings in Xbox One and Xbox 360 because they are capable of withstanding the pressure on the system. Both Xbox one and its variants are having good specifications. However, the older variants of Xbox do not have a very high specification and it is recommended that the players must play the game on low settings. The game looks redefine even in the low setting version. You can adjust the graphics by going to the setting on the homepage and then selecting graphics.

Pubg Xbox Update:

Pubg for xbox update

It is very important to remain updated because there are a lot of new settings and features added in the updated version of the game. Their number of updates have been received on both the PC and the Xbox version of the game. If you have already installed the game on your Xbox device, consider going to the Xbox store and updating it to the latest version. However, you need not worry if you haven’t downloaded the game yet. This is because of the fact that the latest version of the game is only installed when you are going to the Xbox Store.

Pubg For Xbox Free Download:

Pubg For Xbox Free Download

Pubg is officially listed as a game on the Xbox Store. However, it is not free to download and has a specific cost. However, Pubg for Xbox is free to download during special occasions and sales. For instance, the game was exclusively listed for free on the Xbox Store. This was a special offer period and was applicable because the PlayStation version of Pubg was about to launch. Similarly, there was a one-week period when the Xbox Live users and the Xbox live gold users got free access to the game for a limited time. The good play Pubg on Xbox for free. However, this was the online version of the game and was available only for a limited period of time. Hence, you will have to wait for the next of an if you want to try it for free on Xbox.

How to install Pubg on Xbox?

PUBG free on Xbox

Pubg on Xbox can be installed in two ways. The very first method is to purchase the game directly from the Xbox Store and install it using your internet connection. The other way is to manually order the Pubg Xbox cd from the Microsoft store for Amazon. The CD version is better because there is a high probability that you will not have an unlimited Internet connection at your home.

Pubg for Xbox Review:

Pubg for Xbox Review

We played the game on Xbox for a month and then decided to review it. Overall, the gameplay was extremely satisfactory. It is very similar to the other versions of the game. However, the controls are very smooth and you can become a good player if you are searching for Pubg mobile. The multiplayer mode is incredible when played with friends. The multiplayer mode with giving you the real feel of the game and it is advised to use a good quality headphone in order to get enhanced audio quality.

Overall, the game is really good and there is no complaint whatsoever. You need to select the character and enter your game name after installing it for the first time. The game is really a good one if you are switching from Pubg mobile. The great controls of the console will make you feel like you are playing extraordinarily.

Should you switch to Pubg for Xbox?

switch to Pubg for Xbox

It is always a great feeling to play the game on a console. However, we must look at the financial part of it as well. For instance, the game comes at a significant price and there is no way to get it for free. If you are already having the game on your PC, it is worthless to switch to Xbox because it has the same gameplay. But it is surely significant for those people who are looking for a portable version because PC cannot be taken from one place to another. Besides, if you have been playing the game only on mobile, where does the best decision to switch to the Xbox version because it is completely different from what you play on mobile. The controls and graphics are much better on Xbox and you will really like it after having played Pubg mobile.

Is PUBG compatible with Xbox?

I would suggest you watch this video in order to know the PUBG Gameplay more clearly. PUBG is Completely Compatible with Xbox but to how much extent? You would know this after Wating the below Video.

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