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Crossplay in pubg has become one of the hottest topics in most gaming communities. There are a lot of requests by different players to answer the question of whether pubg crossplay is available between PC and Xbox. There are thousands of posts on Reddit that mention crossplay. Today we are going to discuss pubg crossplay PC Xbox. Pubg was declared free for the PC version and this demand has been rising since then to make PC crossplay available with Xbox, PlayStation, and stadia. Are you one of those players who are looking to play with your friends who are having the opposite device? This article will help you to get the answer to the pubg crossplay between PC and Xbox.

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Is Pubg Crossplay available between PC and Xbox?

Yes! Pubg allows crossplay between Xbox, PlayStation, and stadia. It simply means that crossplay is available only on the different variants of consoles. It doesn’t matter if you are having Xbox or PlayStation, you are allowed to play with any friend who owns a console irrespective of the brand and version. However, crossplay is not available between PC and console. It means that pubg does not allow pubg crossplay PC Xbox. There are a lot of people who have this question and the simple answer to this is no. There are various reasons why pubg does not allow crossplay between console and PC. The major one is that the players having pubg PC always have an added advantage of using keyboard and mouse which is lacking in the console.

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Hence, a player playing the game from a PC will always have an added advantage and will win over the players using a console and they will come back the same that this is an unfair gaming practice and should not be held. To put a hold on this discrimination, the developers of the game decided to not allow crossplay between pubg PC and Xbox. So if you have a friend who has a PC and you are having Xbox, it is practically impossible to play on the same server and the same match. Both of you need to have the same device in order to play the game with one another on the same server in the same team. It is better to try and find the same device that is available with both the game and partners so that they can play on the same server without any problem.

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Is there any Hack for PUBG Crossplay?

Currently, there is no trick or hack to play pubg cross-play. The players on the PC can not match with the players on any devices like PlayStation or Xbox. The user can choose to play with their friends having the same device because there is no possible trick to match with cross-device. There are many platforms that have applications or add-on extensions that say that they can enable cross-play on PC. However, it is not at all recommended to use the extensions and download them on a PC because it might be malware and virus that can affect your game as well as your PC. There are chances of these being fake because most of the extensions that we have tried have no use at all and are corrupted files. It is recommended to not download any application from the internet that guarantees crossplay in pubg.

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Is Crossplay available between Xbox, PlayStation, and Stadia?

If your friends have a console and you are having a PC and you are decided to buy one of those consoles, let us tell you that crossplay is available across PlayStation, Xbox, and Stadia. Therefore, you can go out and buy any one of the three years irrespective of the variant available. You just need to go to the settings of the pubg application and the console and enable cross-play so that they find you a server where all the players from different consoles are allowed to match together. You can add your friends to your group and collectively play on the same so work using the cross-play setting of the console. This is the simplest thing that you can do and play with your friends without restrictions.

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