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PUBG is probably the only game people talk about these days. However, there remains one confusion among all the players. there are many new players asking if they should install the game on mobile or start playing PUBG PC. Basically, the question is that what is the difference between PUBG mobile and PUBG PC? It seems to be a very silly question but it isn’t really. There are a number of people who are seriously get confused while choosing between PUBG mobile and PUBG free PC. Hence, it is very important to know the differences between the two platforms before getting started.

Difference Between PUBG Mobile & PUBG PC:

Pubg pc vs pubg mobile

There are multiple differences between the mobile version and the PC version of the game. It gets very important to understand the difference beforehand because the PC version of PUBG is not free. You how to purchase the game in order to start playing it. Hence, we cannot directly say that you can try out both and the version of the game and then select the best one out. However, we are going to differentiate between PUBG mobile and PUBG PC to give you a clear view of the better platform. Here are some major differences.


Pubg pc vs pubg mobile

The most obvious and considerable difference between the two platforms is graphics. Good graphics is very essential for playing an RPG game and this is the case with PUBG. The mobile version of the game is basically the low graphics version. It hardly reaches 480p in high settings. That means you can achieve a maximum of 480p graphics resolution on PUBG Mobile.

On the other hand, PUBG PC is designed for a better specification device. Hence, it supports both 720p and 1080p quality. Therefore, the graphics and screen resolution of PUBG PC is much better than PUBG Mobile.

In-Game Design:

Pubg pc vs pubg mobile

One major difference that you will find while playing PUBG PC is that there are a lot of details. For instance, when you enter a particular house in PUBG PC you will find a lot of artworks and other prominent designs inside the house. This is in contradiction to what you see in PUBG mobile. The interiors of the house are completely plain and simple in the mobile version of the game. This is done to keep minimal pressure on the hardware of the smartphone. It looks extremely good while playing the PC version.

Gun Recoil:

Pubg pc vs pubg mobile

You might have often observed that guns recoil a lot while playing the game. This is closer to reality. People who might have seen a gun in real might be aware of recoils as well. In PUBG, AKM and SKS are among the guns which have the highest recoil. However, you can most of the recoil of guns in PUBG mobile easily. It doesn’t require much practice. However, it is very difficult to master the recoil of guns in PUBG PC. Even the professional players face a lot of difficulty in controlling the recoil of guns like AKM and SKS.

Gameplay Difficulty:

The Gameplay of PUBG Mobile is a lot simple compared to PUBG PC. One of the major differences in these two versions is that the footprints in the map are not displayed in PUBG PC. The feature of displaying footprints of the animals via Orange marks on the map is absent on PUBG PC. It is valid only for PUBG mobile and this is the reason why playing the mobile version becomes simpler. You must be wearing a good quality headphone in order to hear the footsteps of the enemies in PUBG PC.

PUBG Game Updates:

Pubg for xbox update

Frequent updates are very important in a royal battle game to keep the players engaged by introducing new features and fixing all the problems. PUBG comes up with a regular update for both the mobile and PC version. The features added via update are somewhat similar on both the platforms. What matters is the size of the update. The bass size of PUBG mobile is 1.5 GB and the update is near about 1GB. However, this is terrible for PC users because the updates may size up to 10 GB. Hence, updating PUBG PC is a big challenge for many people.

Game Mode and No FPP:

Pubg pc vs pubg mobile

The gaming mode broadly remains the same on both the platforms. Erangel has been adopted as a common map across both the platforms as well. However, the PC version of PUBG lacks some features in the game. For example, there is no FPP feature in PUBG PC. You can only have a third-person view of the game. On the other hand, PUBG mobile gives you g option to choose between FPP and TPP. Besides, the training camp where you are trained and given the opportunity to practice is also the same on the PC and mobile version.

No Bot:

You will not be able to differentiate usually between a bot and a normal player. However, PUBG mobile adds a number of bots to the game if an adequate number of people are not available for a particular multiplayer match. Most players do not like bots in the game because they are a noob. This decreases the difficulty level of PUBG mobile games. However, this is not the case in PUBG PC because there are no bots added to the game. Hence, the difficulty level remains quite high and all the players are essentially live. Therefore, it depends on you if you want to select the hard version or the easy version.

For Better Understanding the Difference, Watch out the below Video:


We have mentioned all the necessary details and differences between PUBG PC and PUBG mobile. After having gone through the differences, you can select the platform which you want to opt for. The PC version of the game costs $30 and can be purchased from steam. It is just that you get a keyboard and mouse to handle the character in the game and the game becomes more intense because of the height difficulty level on PC. Mobile version is standard and is not as thrilling as the PC version. Hence, the decision is on you.

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