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Pubg is a highly competitive game with a lot of active users all around the world. To maintain its popularity, it needs to keep updating its software and keep upgrading the game according to the user’s need.

Now, Pubg has gained control over a large market of the gaming industry, and to remain at the top, it needs to make changes from time to time. That is why, Pubg targets a selected audience, based on their region, languages, and levels. It does some changes like, if you are playing in a certain area/region, you will get more players of a similar area/region. The same goes for levels as well, the in-game experience and knowledge indicate the level of the player. The more high-level player you are, you will be matched with other high-level players in the same lobby. The same is true for low levels as well; if anyone is a beginner or a “Noob” in Pubg terms, he will be matched with other newbies as well. This is done to ensure a fair game and to maintain the level of competition within the game. By doing so, Pubg regularly works on necessary changes to the game.

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Growth tactics:

Now to gain more audience different forms of tactics are used, as we discussed earlier in the previous post about the Mascot and its roles and how it plays an impact on the audience. All these tactics are used to grab more and more users.

Another best tactic to enlarge the customer base is to make different versions of the  Main game. This tactic has been very graciously used by Pubg, for a quite long time. Pubg has been making different versions of the main game, based on different nations and regions. The main purpose of these versions is to increase the number of users and engage them for a little bit more time every day inside the game.

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Pubg different versions:

There are many versions of Pubg, that are available online for you to try and play. Remember these different versions could be in different languages as they are selectively made for a particular region/nation.

The different versions available online are:

  1. PUBG Mobile Global Version.
  2. PUBG Mobile Lite Version.
  3. PUBG Mobile Korean Version. (KR)
  4. PUBG Mobile Chinese Version.
  5. PUBG Mobile Taiwan Version.
  6. PUBG Mobile Indian Version. (BGMI)

There are many versions available in the Pubg universe, but today we will talk about the Pubg Chinese version.

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PUBG Mobile Chinese Version:

pubg chinese version ios

Pubg Mobile Chinese Version is also called “Game For Peace”. This version is one of the two official titles based on the Main Version (PUBG) for the Asian market. This means this game is very similar to the original game but with some changes.

The main reason for releasing this version was the Chinese government is denying approval to the publisher to monetize their game, that is why a modified version of Pubg Mobile was released in China in May 2019.

The concept of the game would be similar always, a plane will drop 100 players in different places on the map. And they have to survive the whole game till the last and the last man standing will full- fill his stomach with a Tasty Chicken Dinner.

Overall, most of the things would be identical to PUBG global version but still, there are some pretty decent changes in the Chinese Version.

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The difference between the global and the Chinese version are:

  1. The Chinese version is the most updated version and it delivers updates even faster than the global version. Most of the features in the global version updates are generally copied from the Chinese Version.
  2. Chinese players can have button transparency to zero, on the other hand, Global Version allows transparency up to 10 percent only.
  3. The Chinese Version could also be played with a 120 Fps frame rate on some specific devices and the Global version can run only in 60 Fps.
  4. The Chinese Version also supports external usage of the gamepad feature in the game, whereas there is no such support available in the Global version.
  5. The Chinese Version interface is basically created for the people of China, so it is available in Chinese and the Global Version is made for all with English as a basic language.

So from these differences, you can easily guess that the Chinese Version of Pubg is a very popular and updated version, as its updates are even faster than the global version and due to the large population of China, this is pretty much popular too.

So after reading these differences many of you are thinking of switching to the Chinese Version. So don’t worry guys, here are some ways available for you to download this version of Pubg into your systems. Follow every step one by one to get the version with ease.


For android players it is not a big deal, just download the “Tap Tap” application and there you will find the Chinese version available or you can follow these simple steps-

  1. Open the play store and search for “Apk installer by Uptodown” and install it.
  2. After the installation, go to chrome and type Pubg Chinese Version”.
  3. The link will appear from the Uptodown website, open the link and click on download.
  4. After finishing the downloading, go to APK installer, and then press the ” Install App” button.
  5. There will be a downloaded Pubg Chinese Version file.
  6. Open the file, unzip it and install the application.
  7. Allow installation from unknown sources from settings.
  8. Then tap on Install.
  9. After the installation process finishes, you will see the Chinese version of Pubg downloaded and you can enjoy your gaming.

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There is also a trick for iOS users to download the Chinese Version of Pubg. All you have to do is fiddle with your settings:

  1. In iOS systems open the app store and then press on your account info.
  2. Check your account settings and go to country/region settings.
  3. Open the settings and change your country to China.
  4. Accept all the terms and conditions available.
  5. Fill the information page of address/ copy address from google or you can type the wrong address as well.
  6. Click on the done button.
  7. Close the app store completely and reopen it.

And just by following these simple steps, you will be able to download the Chinese Version of Pubg on your mobile.

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