SKS Vs SLR In Pubg Mobile

SKS and SLR both are types of Designated Marksman Rifles. Designated Marksman Rifles sit in the midway of Sniper and assault rifles. This is primarily because the fire rate of DMRs is superior to Sniper Rifles. Also, the damage rate of DMR is greater than Assault Rifles. It is for this reason that they sit in the midway of Assault rifles and Snipers. This article deals with the contrast between the SKS Vs SLR In Pubg. After you read this article thoroughly, you will be clear which Designated Marksman Rifle is better.

There are a whole lot of weapons offered by PUBG to its players. From assault rifles to shotguns and sub-machine guns. PUBG has an applaudable range of weapons. Amongst these, the one we are talking about is Designated Marksman Rifles or DMR. SKS and SLR are the two most popular DMRs. A lot of gamers are searching for a comparison between the two. This article does exactly this for you. It gives you a rationale comparison of SKS Vs SLR.

SKS Vs SLR In Pubg Feature Comparison:

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We will compare the two on the basis of their features. The differences are:

Firing Speed:

The rate at which guns fire plays a key role. The power of a gun is estimated on the basis of its firing speed. Now, when it comes to speed SKS is far better than SLR. SKS has a firing speed of 32 while SLR is just at 26. Hence in the case of firing speed, SKS is the winner.

Damage Rate:

SKS and SLR both are considered to be the most dangerous DMRs. The damage rate of both of these guns is significant. However, in this category SLR is the winner. SKS has a damage rate of 52/bullet while SLR has a rate of 58/bullet. Hence in this category SLR wins over  SKS.

Number Of Attachments:

Both of these guns require a significant number of attachments. They both require compensators. Grips, mags, etc. The capacity of both these guns is similar in the case of attachments. However, it is to be noted that SLR is stable because of the attachments. SLR requires Cheek Pads and a Compensator. If you do not have these two things specifically, SLR might not work great.


The range of bullets is also an important category. It is worth noting that the firing range of both SKS and SLR is the same. Both of them have a fire rate of 7.62mm. This ammo is considered significant when it comes to weapons.

Magazine Size:

The capacity of bullets plays an important role in gameplay.SKS and SLR both do not have a great capacity when it comes to bullets. Both have the same number of 10. However, SKS has an extended size of 20. But this bullet capacity is not impressive. But, both SKS and SLR stand on the same ground when it comes to magazine size.

SKS Vs SLR In Pubg: Which is Better?

SKS Vs SLR In Pubg

Both of these guns stand on the same ground in a majority of categories. There are slight differences that can help you chose between the two. Though SLR can easily hit and finish a level 2 helmet. However, it is also worth noting that SKS can knock out level 3 armor. This can be done with 2 shots only. Hence, though SKS is more lethal, SLR is more stable and powerful. It should also be noted that SLR is more stable only with Cheek Pads and compensator. Without the two attachments, SLR is not as great of a gun. On the other hand, it should also be kept in mind that the recoil rate of SKS is the third next to only two DMRs in the world.

The above points give you a rationale analysis between SKS Vs SLR. If you read and understand the points above, you will be able to compare the two. The two of them are lethal DMRs. The rifles are highlights of the DMR category. I hope this article helps you in the quest to find a better weapon. Read the points carefully and you will find your answer.


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