Find Golden Mirado

Tencent in 2020 released PUBG Update 0.18.0. This update came with a lot of new features. It also updated the classic Miramar Map into Miramar 2.0. However, besides the map what stole the limelight is the new Golden Mirado car. This article will furnish you with information like where to find Golden Mirado and why is it so important. If you need the answer to these questions follow the article to the end!

What is Golden Mirado?

Before we jump into the locations let us know what is this vehicle. Golden Mirado is a very rare vehicle that one can find in PUBG. What makes it rare? It’s availability and location. Golden Mirado can be found only at one location in PUBG. The new Updated Miramar 2.0 contains this vehicle and that too only at one location. This makes this vehicle tough to find.

The most applaudable feature of Golden Mirado is that it is super fast. This four-seater car has a speed of 152 km/h. Out of all the four cars, it is Golden Mirado that is the fastest. However, this vehicle is not as good enough on off-roads. The speed and functioning of Golden Mirado are not very catchy when taken off-road. The car comes in the color gold and hence the name ‘golden’ Mirando. It also has an open-top making it stylish and catchy to look at. It is also to be noted that you get only one of these cars in a match. Therefore, you cannot get a replacement if you lose or destroy it.

Why Is Golden Mirado Important?

If you are a PUBG player you know the importance of Royal Passes. Every player fights to get the maximum of these Royal Passes. It is the Royal Passes that determine your rank on the final scoreboard. This makes Golden Mirado important. If you are wondering how to walk through the following paragraph,

PUBG made two announcements with this update. The first being that you need to finish in the top 10 of the players eight times on the Miramar 2.0 map. The reward will be 125 Royal Passes for you. The second and the easiest way to get RPs is the Golden Mirado. If you get the Golden Mirado and take it out for a ride, you get 100 RPs straight at once! This when done together will fetch you the highest RP in the season. This quest is what is called Mad Miramar. What more can a player ask for? It is the easiest way to get so many RPs. The tough part is the location to find this one-of-a-kind vehicle on the map. It is this reason that makes the Golden Mirado so important.

How To Locate Golden Mirado?

Locate Golden Mirado

Now, after reading the importance of the vehicle you must be curious as to where to find it. This article simplifies your work.  To get the vehicle first thing is that you need the  Miramar 2.0 map. Golden Mirado is available only on this map. Hence, if you do not have the map download it as soon as possible to claim the vehicle. Now, if you have the map and need a hand on the vehicle, follow this simple tip- get to the Hacienda del Patron before anyone else. If you succeed in the process locate a tall building nearby. In the garage of this building, you will find the Golden Mirado.

Now, that you have the rarest vehicle, flaunt it! Take part in the race track found in PUBG Mobile and show off this glorious vehicle. This desert beast will give you an edge in the Miramar map 2.0. It is the fastest and the most stable vehicle on the map. This will also help you get through the desert storms. Now take part in the Mad Miramar with this vehicle and you stand a chance to get closer to stand on the top. Now, that you know the vehicle location be prepared and get the Golden Mirado before anyone else can!

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