Pacifist Title in PUBG

While playing PUBG, you are offered a lot more than just ranks. To get a hold of your excitement, PUBG offers you titles. These titles are ‘moments of glory for a player. These titles flash along with your name for everyone to see it. You are automatically seen as dauntless, are respected and your enemies are cautious. PUBG offers you a lot of titles, like weapon master, pacifist, etc. I have already explained about weapon master earlier. In this article, I will enlighten you on How to Get Pacifist in PUBG?

What does Pacifist in PUBG mean? Unlike the other titles, Pacifist is not about more killings. Just the opposite, Pacifist means you are a peace lover, non-violent. Strange right? That you have this title in a game meant to kill? But that is what Tencent is famous for, it is unique in its ways. Coming back to the point, You get Pacifist in PUBG when you have zero kills. Yes, you heard it right,  you cannot kill a single enemy. Being Pacifist means that you are non-violent hence, you cannot kill. Pacifist is one of the most renowned titles in PUBG therefore, you cannot expect it to be easy. To get Pacifst in PUBG you cannot just start off immediately. You need to fulfill some basic requirements plus you need a strategy. This article provides you with both.

How To get Pacifist in PUBG?

Get Pacifist in PUBG


In order to claim the title, you need to have the following things at least:

  1. A newbie cannot just come from anywhere and claim the title. You need to be at least at tier Platinum or above. Even if you are at gold, you cannot have the title. You can be at the platinum either solo or in the squad. Either of them will do.
  2. You cannot kill a single enemy but you need to make it to the top ten. Yes, you need to have the chicken dinner.

Now, how is that possible?  How to get Pacifist in PUBG? Well, here are a few tips and tricks to bag the title with a little strategy.

Tips and Tricks to Get Pacifist In PUBG:

Tricks to Get Pacifist In PUBG Mobile


Using a little plan and strategy you can easily get the pacifist title in PUBG, Here is How:

  1. Get A friendly Squad: If you wish to get the title, invite your friends. The reason is simple, You can always tell them beforehand that your goal is to get the pacifist. You can seek their help This might be tough because every player enters with a different motive. But if you have the support of your friends, things will be easier.
  2. Loot the Heal Kit: While going for a loot, get all the healing items that you can. Health packs will help you recover from a hit from an enemy.
  3. Make Use Of Smoke Grenade: Now, at times you are surrounded by an enemy. You do not have a way out. At times like these, you should properly use a smoke grenade to save yourself. In this way, you can get out of the location without killing.
  4. Stay Away From Hotspots: To be safe, you are advised to stay away from hotspots. Find isolated locations. Also, try to land as far as you can from the airplane path. Even if you see bots, get away from there. In this way, you can save your kills.
  5. Kill But Do Not Knock Out: You cannot knock out your enemy. You can attack them but make sure you do not knock them out.
  6. Get Good Players And Form Formations: Make sure that the people you invite to your squad are good players. This will lessen your burden. Another tip is to move in formations. These formations should aim to save you from killing.

With these few things in mind, your query of how to get Pacifist in PUBG can be solved. Follow these simple steps and no one can stop you from being a Pacifist. I hope this article helps you in some way. Good Luck!


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