Get Weapon Master In PUBG

Apart from rewards and ranks, titles are the most looked-for achievements in PUBG. Every player awaits these ‘glorious moments’. PUBG for Mobile provides for Nine Titles. These titles range from “well-liked” to “Chicken Expert”. One of these renowned titles is “Weapon Master“, a dream for many. This article is about how to get Weapon Master in PUBG easily.

Imagine the title appearing along on your name in lists.’ A moment of glory’ as they call it. The title is a perfect exhibition of your skill and your gameplay. Every player in the lobby who reads your title will be cautious and you will be respected.  As easy as it sounds,  to be able to master weapons in one mission is daunting. There are also some eligibilities that you must have to bag the title.

Eligibility Criteria To Get Weapon Master In PUBG:

1. A newbie cannot just come from nowhere and obtain the title in any league. You must at least be at Platinum league to be eligible for the title.

2. The Player also must complete the following tasks:

  • Kill an enemy with an AR Gun
  • Kill an enemy with SMG Gun
  • Kill an enemy with Sniper Gun
  • Kill an enemy with Shot Gun
  • Kill an enemy with Throwables like grenades
  • Throw a vehicle like a car, buggy, jeep, etc.

Completing the following task may not sound very tough to you. But, the turning point is that you need to complete all of these in one mission! This sounds tough, right? But if you keep a few things in mind and plan a strategy you can do it swiftly.

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Tips To Get The Weapon Master Title In PUBG Easily:

  • Go for a Duo or a Squad mode rather than solo. The trick behind this is that it is the last kill that counts.  So even if you kill with an ordinary weapon and then confirm the kill with the weapon that is required, you can earn the title. These teammates will also help you to spot the bots and kill them. Also, your teammates need to be understanding and supportive for you to bag the title.
  •  Be quick in the loot. This is because regardless of your teammates you need to get access to the major chunk of the required weapons as quickly as possible.  It is also advised that you should go through the PUBG armory regularly. This helps you in getting acquainted with the weapons. This will make it for you to search and identify the weapons as well.
  •  Be a bot magnet. The trick is to land on the last map location. This makes it easier for you to find these bots in nearby buildings. These bots are tended to be found at places with fewer people. They also hit you swiftly and hence, are easy kills. On the last location, you can easily find them and kill one with a shotgun and another with a grenade. These two weapons are of the toughest to get through type. Once done with these two apart from the vehicle others are classic and easy to use.
  • Now another tough part is to throw a vehicle. It is advised to perform this task early. Spot and grab a vehicle early, regardless of your teammate, get one for yourself, and use it to kill early in the game. This will make the task simple. As of now you only need to spot the bots and kill them.
  • Select a server that has less traffic. You know that aiming for a weapon master title with the platinum league, you cannot take risks. Servers of Asia and adjoining regions will have more players and fewer bots. This will decrease your chance and confidence. Hence, choose servers of the Middle East or Europe that will have more bots.

These were some simple tips that will definitely help you to gain the Weapon Master title easily. With these in mind and a little hard work, your moment of glory awaits you!

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