How To Play Solo Vs Squad In Pubg Mobile Lite

Players start off by playing the game with their own team. If not, beginners like the auto-matching feature which connects them to the other players from around the globe and form a squad. It is a better option for the players because it gives them the opportunity to match with other players and form a team and then fight together to become the best squad in the match. However, thanks have been changed in lately and the experienced players are switching to the PUBG solo mode. You might have often heard about the PUBG solo mode which has gained popularity in recent days.

Pubg Solo Mode

How To Play Solo Vs Squad In Pubg Lite

Going solo in PUBG means that you do not have any team and you also do not prefer to match using the auto-matching feature. So are you planning to switch to the PUBG solo mode from the PUBG squad mode? In this post, we are going to explain to you how to play PUBG solo vs squad. Usually, when you click on the solo matching option in the game, it connects you to all the people who are playing in this solo mode. That means it will be a single-player was a single-player match. No team will be there as such in that match particularly.

Pubg Solo vs Squad Mode

How To Play Solo Vs Duo In Pubg Mobile

However, the trend says that the players are looking to challenge themselves as well as the other teams in a new fashion. The players who claim themselves to be expert in PUBG, often use the PUBG solo vs squad mode for gaming. So are you confident enough to battle against a complete team individually? in this case we will help you out in understanding how to play PUBG solo vs squad mode. However, there are certain things that you must keep in mind before playing in this mode.

There are many challenges that will come before you when you try out this type of gaming mode. Firstly, the difficulty is going to rise exponentially and you must be able to tackle the new difficulty level. Moreover, you will have to survive anyhow because there will be no one to revive you. If you get knocked out by your opponent, you will directly die. Hence, there is no chance in the solo game compared to the unlimited number of chances that you get as knockdown during a squad match.

Advantages of Playing Pubg Solo

How To Play Solo Vs Squad In Free Fire

There are multiple advantages to playing the game alone. The very first reason being that you do not have to text your friends individually, again and again, to add you to their team. Moreover, if you often play PUBG alone and match with random people online, you will be familiar with the kind of teammates that you get. Most of the time the teammates are not supportive and they purposely annoy you. Sometimes they try to kill you with the bomb itself. Hence, playing in the PUBG solo mode will discard all these tensions and you will be the master of your own team, which is you. There are many other benefits as well which will be added in the following paragraph.

Playing in the solo mode will enable you to challenge yourself to play all by yourself without getting knocked out. This is a very important step for all those people who are looking forward to improving their skills in the game and become a professional player. You might have often come across YouTubers who professionally play the game. You will notice that all the YouTubers play The PUBG solo vs squad Mode when they are alone. This helps them in showing their advanced skills to all the viewers and game more and more audiences as well as donations. So what is holding you back from trying out this amazing gaming mode? skip to the steps given below and start your solo journey today.

Disadvantages of Playing Solo in Pubg

How To Play Duo Vs Squad In Pubg Mobile

Playing alone in the game also brings a lot of disadvantages. The very first being that you do not get any chance of revival in the game. You will be dead on one headshot of AWM. This is opposite to the situation when you are playing with a team. The team is always there to cover you and review in case you are knocked out. Moreover, going solo really decreases your kill and death ratio if you do not play well. So if you are someone who is very particular about the gaming ratios and ranks, do not play the solo mode quite often on your main I’d until you master it.  However, once you are accustomed to the solo mode of the game, you will become a professional player and you can even challenge your friends to come solo and play with you. This can also so help you in improving your audience base if you stream your game on YouTube for any other social media platform. Hence, you must start off and try Solomon today itself and find out if it is made for you or not.

How to play Pubg Solo vs Squad Mode?

The procedure to play the PUBG solo vs squad mode is very easy and all you need to do is follow the steps given below. Note that the following steps are applicable for all the platforms in which the game is currently available. That means the procedure remains the same for PUBG mobile, PUBG PC, Emulator, and others. Hence, the procedure is similar for all the devices. So if you are ready to undertake the challenge of playing solo, follow the simple steps given below and start your journey.

  • Launch the PUBG game on your device.
  • Now select the map from the left-hand side top of the screen as usual.
  • At the bottom, you will find the squad selection icons.
  • Make sure that you select the solo logo.
  • The most important step is to untick the automatic matching feature.
  • As soon as you switch off the automatic matching feature, you will enter into the match without any teammate.

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