How To Increase RP In PUBG

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has created a wave of thrill since its launch amongst mobile phone gamers. Every day a new clan is created with the goal of standing at the top. To fulfill the goal, the basic step is to gain royal passes (RP). So here in this post, I’ll answer the most asked question which is the process to Increase RP In PUBG. And if there is actually a shortcut to increase your PUBG Rank including the Free Royal Pass.

How to Increase RP In PUBG?

PUBG ranks the players on different leaderboards. You can compare your rank with your friends. The rankings are divided into various categories. These categories are in form of tiers.  The base tier is bronze and then you go on to silver, gold, platinum, etc. Your Royal Pass increases as you progress to the levels which are 5. Your rank is determined by your ranking. These ranks depend on various factors like survival, killings, etc.

The rank you achieve is a sum total of all your achievements in gaming. Be it any form of the game, the rank you achieve is total and is determined by the amalgamation of all your performances to the date. RP (Royal Pass) is divided into two categories: Free and Elite.

The Free RP (Royal Pass) is achieved by completing daily and weekly missions. The highest you achieve in this category depends on person to person. However, Free Royal Passes can only be earned till level 60. The Elite RP is one that is bought with UC (Unknown Cash). The highest Elite Pass level is 100. Elite Royal Pass is again of two types 600 and 1500. The 1500 one can automatically take you to level 25. The best part of Elite Royal Pass is that with this you earn rewards at every level wherein in the case of free Royal Pass, it was only at entry-level.

Increase Royal Pass

Now, How to increase RP in PUBG is a crucial question. Apart from distinguished gameplay, there are a few things to keep in mind that will add to your Royal Passes. 

Tips and Tricks on How to Increase RP in PUBG:

With the steps listed below, you can boost up your pace to increase Royal Pass and your ranks:

1. Take Note On Daily Events:

PUBG offers a bundle of daily events. This is introduced from season 17. By keeping track of these daily missions and participating in them you can Earn Free Royal Passes!  This will only add to your RP bonus’.

2. Weekly Events:

Similar to daily events, PUBG organizes weekly events. The difference between the two lies in the bonus. Weekly events offer you a larger bonus. However, to attain a larger bonus, you need to perform larger goals. For example, to hit more targets.

3. Keep an Eye on Crate Openings:

PUBG drops crates. These can be premium or classic. You can get 10 Royal Passes from each crate. These are other free RPs to grab and increase your rank. You can also bag the weekly crate which is dropped by PUBG once you complete multiple missions. They contain a huge bonus of 200 Royal Passes! This can change your rank entirely!

4. Always Pick Your Favorite Game Mode:

PUBG displays rank for every game mode. Hence, it would be wise to choose and stick to the game mode which you enjoy the most and are most confident in. 

5. Prefer longer survival than more killings:

Killings and Survivals both are accounted for while deciding your rank. However, you might be unaware of the fact that killing only account for 20% of the total points while survival gives you the larger portion. It is advised to always make it to the top 10 survivors even if you kill less.

6. The Importance Of Damage:

Another factor that decides your ranking is Support. The majority of the players have no idea about how to get the support points. The support points take your healing through the game into account and hence it is important to get damaged.  Get damaged so much so that you heal back to full frequency quickly. As survival is important, get damaged but keeping the healing process in mind.

These were a few tips that can change your game entirely. With these little things in mind, you can increase your RP massively. Just make them a part of your gaming process and witness the change.

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