Payload Mode PUBG

These days, Payload Mode is one of the most sought-after modes in PUBG Mobile with the latest addition of PUBG Mobile Lite Payload 2.0 Updated version in October 2020. Presently, Payload Mode brings loads of exclusive features as a series of unique heavy weaponry and helicopters, etc. to the fans to heighten their air-to-air combating experience which is quite unlike the classic BR mode. One can play this game as a solo player or in teams of a maximum of four players.

To create a real-time war zone for the players this mode included the portable radars that can be used in any location for scanning all types of vehicles and to spot vehicles of enemies, unmanned aerial vehicle to control onboard missile launcher, the M3E1-A rocket launcher, bomb suit, the AT4-A laser-guided missile to specifically identify the location of the missile to land, the M202 four-barreled rocket launcher able to fire rockets back-to-back apart from the MGL, and M79 grenade launchers are like M79 sawed-off shotgun which can be used to attack the enemy that’s grouped up at one point and kill them instantly, and RPG-7 with a complete name of Rocket Propelled Grenade is used to abolish cars, motorcycles, and even a helicopter. This model also includes the M134 Minigun which is the highly advanced gun with a Gatling-style rotating barrel that fires a high rate of 7.62mm bullets at your enemies and can fire 200 bullets at a stretch; even in special cases it can hold 300 rounds, M3E1-A which is a man-portable anti-aircraft weapon (gun) and the most powerful launcher weapon in PUBG MOBILE and able to spot objects and sense heat, thereby taking down the enemy’s helicopter. It contains an airstrike beacon feature and superweapon crate with super heavy weapons, level 3 gear, and top-tiered weapons. Moreover, all the vehicles i.e. UAZ, Dacia, Buggy, etc. are armed with flamethrowers, machine guns, rocket launchers along with inbuilt floaties and propellers. Nonetheless, helicopters are now more modernized and armed with machine guns.

This game can be easily downloaded from the Google play store or any other popular app store platform. One has to follow the simple steps given below to install PUBG Lite new update 2.0:

  1. Open
  2. Look for PUBG Mobile Lite.
  3. Click on the first option and install it.
  4. Open it on your device
  5. Login with your account.

In response to the rising public campaign against the game’s adverse effects on the players’ health PUBG has initiated to lock out players who have been playing the game for too long at a stretch. The game will be disconnected automatically for a certain period. Moreover, the game also includes an age bar.

However, in different parts of India, this game has already been banned and people have been arrested for playing this game publicly to check its health hazards as well as its adverse effect on children in particular.

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