Razer Gold Pubg Lite BC Purchase For FREE

Pubg mobile lite is the lightest version of Pubg available for mobile devices. It is basically made for people who are using low-end phones so that they can still enjoy the experience of PUBG with their comfort devices. The features of PUBG mobile lite are still the same as PUBG but the developer’s team has downgraded the graphics to some extent and removed some not so essential elements from the game.

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The Indian Gaming market is very huge and a specific group of this market does not have high-end smartphones. Keeping this thing in mind, the Pubg developers have developed this game for huge specific target users. And the game is now so popular that almost every youngster in India has played either Pubg or Pubg mobile lite. The lockdown in the whole world has also drastically affected the whole gaming industry in a positive manner. Making users more addicted to the game and holding their users base.

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Now, when the user is investing their time in some game they also think of looking cool or having some items that are different from the rest. PUBG lite mobile some items for free so that people can use that for their own character and then it also releases some paid items. Items that are paid cannot be purchased with real money but the user first needs to convert the real money to the in-game money to purchase the in-game items.

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There are plenty of websites available in the market that provides the service of changing real money into Pubg lite in-game currency which is “Battle Coins”. Battle Coins are the in-game currency that is used to make purchases in the game. Battle coins are not given as a reward or free to any user by the authorities of the game. So, it means that the player will only have to purchase the Battle Coins. There are two sources from which you can Purchase the Battle Coins.

  1. In-Game shop.
  2. Online Sources.

The in-game shop is a legitimate way of purchasing Battle Coins but the conversion ratio is not that great. That is why there are other online sources available in the market which have the ability to provide the best conversion rate possible. One of these sources is Razer Gold.

How can you get BC Coins on PUBG Mobile Lite for Free?

Razer Gold is an online website that allows you to convert your real money with the in-game currency(Battle Coins). The website is one of the trusted websites on the internet which has been used by millions of users till now.

Razer Gold not only provides the conversion of Battle Coins but also deals with other popular games as well and they convert the money into various different in-game currencies too. Games like Call Of Duty Mobile, Genshin Impact, PUBG New State, and many other online games are associated with Razer Gold.

How to buy BC from Razer Gold?

buy BC from Razor Gold

  1. To buy Battle Coins from Razer Gold, first, you will have to login through your account. You will be needed to choose the PUBG Lite mobile game and then login to it.
  2. Then select your recharge value, the amount you want to top-up in your account as Battle Coins. The Unknown Credit Pin will be generated and will be shared in your email inbox.
  3. Then visit the Pubg lite mobile webshop and select your region. Select “Pubg lite” and click on the “Redeem” option.
  4. Then your Player I’d and Redeem Code will be asked, fill up the details, and click on the “OK” button.
  5. Now you can log in to your Pubg lite account and the amount will be credited to your account.

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Razer Gold provides the safest transactions and they are true to their policies as well. However, due to the ban of Pubg Mobile lite in India, people are now unable to enjoy the game as well as unable to purchase the Battle Coins from this site. Though there are many more online sites available on the internet but you should check their policies properly before making a payment.

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