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Maintenance is a very important aspect of any online multiplayer. Any game which has millions of players tends to undergo regularly scheduled maintenance in order to keep the service in proper order. It is very important for the developers to maintain the server on which the games are played and this is the reason why you might face temporary outage on PC or Mobile. The PUBG mobile and PUBG PC have different servers and this is the reason why they are not down at the same time. We going to explain everything about PUBG PC maintenance in this post.

Why am I not able to play PUBG?

Many players have raised the question that they are not able to play the game sometimes. It shows happens that the game doesn’t get launched on the PC and it keeps getting stuck on the loading page. It just displays the background and keeps on loading for unlimited. However, this is not an error and people need to understand. You might have got a dialogue box on the screen which you might have ignored. It is not an error that you are not being able to play the game on PC.

PUBG PC or any other version of the PC has a dedicated server on which the online games are played. It is very important to have a regular checkup of this server in order to keep them active. Hence, you are not facing any outage but it is due to the reason for maintenance and all people are not being able to play the game at the time you face this issue. It is because of the fact that PUBG has officially stopped gaming on the platform for some time. We are going to explain to you everything about PUBG pc maintenance.

What is Maintenance in PUBG?

All the multiplayer games are played on a server and this means that there is a computer system where all the devices of the players Get connected during the game. It is very important to keep a regular checkup of all the computer systems because we know that technology can fail anytime if not maintained. This is the reason why PUBG maintains the server because they do not want the players to face any outrage or problem while playing the game. So it is a better option to keep a check on all the technology-related items.

PUBG undergoes scheduled maintenance at regular intervals in order to keep the server up to the expectation of the players. It is very important to keep all the computer systems up-to-date and this is the reason why the scheduled checkup is done. The developers check the system by playing and putting a heavy load on the system and try to analyze if any problems can occur due to overload. Once all the results are satisfactory, the game is opened again. This is also done when some big update is coming up on the game and some changes are needed to be done.

Here’s a Small Video Video about how you can Maintain your PUBG PC:

When does PUBG PC maintenance happen?

There is no fixed time when the maintenance work is done. It is decided beforehand and the same information is shared with the players a few days ago. The information about PUBG maintenance is kept private until the entire procedure is planned. This maintenance work usually happens before some big update is going to hit pung and this is the reason why they keep updating the software in the background during the maintenance work. Any update regarding the map or vehicles, require back and system update and it happens via maintenance.

Hence, whenever the news breaks out in media about a potential game update coming on PUBG, there is a chance of the server going under maintenance. However, there is no need to worry because the maintenance work is not done suddenly and the information related to the same is communicated to everyone before doing so. Hence, most players are aware of the time when the PUBG updates are done and the system is unavailable for playing. We have given down some ways in which you can keep track of the PUBG PC maintenance system and how and when it happens.

How to know the timing of PUBG Pc Maintenance

Many players panic because of the reason that they do not know the timing when the PUBG maintenance will happen and this is why they are unable to plan their matches. It is a common thing that the maintenance often takes place before an update. Many players are planning some tournament and they are unable to fix the timing of the tournament because of the potential update coming up and the issue of maintenance. However, there is no need to panic because all the things are scheduled and you will get to know using one of the following ways.

Pang always announces the time when the systems go under update. It is announced at least one week prior to the scheduled maintenance work. The players are notified why application notification and the dialogue box is also displayed regarding the timing of PUBG PC maintenance every time you open the game. Similarly, the date and timing are shared on the Twitter handle and other social media pages of the company. Hence, You can follow them on social media in order to remain updated with all the latest developments. It is very easy to remain updated about all the development and this is the reason why you must panic.

Final Words

This article was all about PUBG PC maintenance and how to keep track of the maintenance timing. The reason for the PPC maintain and has also been shared in order to give a brief about the backend system of gaming. It is important for all the players to organize tournaments to understand and know the timing of maintenance in order to prevent any clash of timing. Hence, all the players must go through the articles and understand the system update thing.

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