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Gamers are always looking forward to new and exciting gaming activities. Whatever is enjoyable, challenging, novel, and current will pique their interest. Pubg is a good example of these traits. For players who enjoy action and adventure, Pubg is always a good pick. It’s even more exciting and indulgent with a vast armory of weaponry. It’s so addicting that even non-gamers tune in to professional matches and live streams merely to observe the pros’ gameplays, skills, and game knowledge.

However, the Pubg was prohibited during a pandemic because it was owned by Tencent, a Chinese firm. Due to India’s strained diplomatic relations with China, many Chinese apps, such as Pubg and TikTok, have been blocked by the Indian government. The whole gaming community in India was shocked when this news broke. Many people were dissatisfied because the Pubg was their sole source of income. They make money by uploading Pubg videos and live streams on YouTube and having a large fan following.

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But nothing can stop the gaming community from inventing a new way to play Pubg. To avoid losing their audience, the community downloaded Korean and other versions of Pubg and continued playing with the help of various VPNs. They also demonstrated various methods for obtaining free skins by using different locations in VPNs via crate openings.

Now, the situation is that you can play through a VPN, but the issue is that the ping is too high, resulting in a lag in gameplay and graphics. So gamers tested various servers and discovered some of the best servers, such as Singapore or the Netherlands, where traffic is low and they can play with low ping.

That was the time when the Pubg Korean version became extremely popular due to its striking resemblance to the original Pubg.

So, how do you get the Pubg Korean version? The answer is simple: there are numerous websites and apps that offer free downloads of the Korean version. “Tap Tap” is a well-known app for downloading this version. This app contains thousands of different games, including different versions of Pubg, such as the Korean version, the global version, and so on.

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Downloading apps from various applications is simple for Android users, but it is a bit more difficult for iOS users. There is also a trick for iOS users to download the Korean version of Pubg.

  1. All you have to do is fiddle with your settings. Let’s find out how shall we?
  2. In iOS systems open the app store and then press on your account info.
  3. Check your account settings and go to country/region settings.
  4. Open the settings and change your country to Korea, Republic of…
  5. Agree to all the terms and conditions.
  6. Select a street, city and change it to Busan or google some other city.
  7. Select postal code and type 600-001 for Busan/ if selected some other cities to type its
  8. Now close the app store completely and reopen it.

After completing all of these steps, you should notice a difference in the app store. It has now been converted to the Korean app store, and you can now search Pubg and download the Korean version of Pubg. Install the version and have fun with your game.

  1. There is also a Chinese version of Pubg, which can be downloaded on iOS.
  2. Follow the first two steps similar to the Korean version.
  3. Open the settings and change your country to China.
  4. Accept all the terms and conditions available.
  5. Fill the information page of address/ copy address from google or you can type wrong place
    address as well.
  6. Click on the done button.
  7. Close the app store completely and reopen it.

Kaboom, you got the Chinese app store available for you. Isn’t it cool? For android players it is not a big deal, just download the “Tap Tap” application and there you will find the Chinese version. Or you can follow these steps-

  1. Open the play store and search for “Apk installer by Uptodown” and install it.
  2. After the installation, go to chrome and type Pubg Chinese Version”.
  3. The link will appear from the Uptodown website, open the link and click on download.
  4. After finishing the downloading, go to APK Installer, and then press the ” Install App” button.
  5. There will be a downloaded Pubg Chinese Version file.
  6. Open the file, unzip it and install the application.
  7. Allow installation from unknown sources from settings.
  8. Then tap on Install.
  9. After the installation process finishes, you will see the Chinese version of Pubg downloaded
    and you can enjoy your gaming.

After Pubg was banned, it lost a lot of users because not everyone knows the trick of downloading different versions of Pubg and playing them through a VPN. It did a lot of financial and public relations damage to Pubg. Because the Indian audience is far too large, and no one has anything to do during the Corona lockdown, a large portion of the youth population was playing Pubg at the time.

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Following such a drop in Pubg in India, the Korean company “Krafton” stepped in and announced that they would introduce the Indian version of Pubg, dubbed BGMI ( Battlegrounds mobile India). BGMI will be released in India on July 2, 2021. The game quickly gained popularity. And there was a lot of excitement surrounding this version of Pubg for two main reasons.

  1. It was specifically made for India.
  2. People were fed up with using VPNs.

Because the game was designed specifically for Indian users, the Indian version of Pubg had a greater impact on the Indian audience. People were interested in what changes they might see in this version. There were many reservations about the version. Will there be a car? Will the same roads be used? Animals? et cetera… et cetera…

And people simply do not want to waste their data on VPN, because using a VPN for gaming consumes significantly more data.

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And the popularity of Pubg skyrocketed during India’s lockdown. But, for content creators, the lockdown was not all bad. It was a boon for the pro-gamers because the audience was so receptive that they began watching a plethora of Pubg videos in India. All of the crazy gameplay, tactics, and one-of-a-kind content creators have a large fan base. Many pro-level content creators in India were sharing their work and receiving a lot of traffic. Mortal, Scout, Carry Minati, Mr. Spike, Jonathan, and Hydra Dynamo, and many more are the big names in the Indian Pubg Gaming community.

Not only Indian YouTubers, but YouTubers from all over the world, benefited from the spotlight. Athena, levinho, Sevou, Tacaz, panda, and a slew of others are among them. Now there is always the war for the best in the world of gaming, especially in Pubg as it is a very competitive game. Here is a list of these famous pro-gamers Pubg IDs.

  • Levinho Pubg ID – 546590561
  • Sevou Pubg ID – 5181866304
  • Gamexpro Pubg ID – 5397003232
  • Legend x Pubg ID – 510190306
  • Kaztro Pubg ID – 591984617
  • Carryminati Pubg ID – 545247961
  • Hydra dynamo Pubg ID – 591948701
  • Casetoo Pubg ID – 5108853226
  • Soul regaltos Pubg ID – 593193849
  • Tacaz Pubg ID – 5545342200
  • MRX Pubg ID – 577261439
  • Jonathan Pubg ID – 5112616229
  • Maxtern Pubg ID – 594387287
  • Panda Pubg ID – 5178659321
  • Ruppo Pubg ID – 553177605
  • Paraboy Pubg ID
  • XGF Paraboy Pubg ID – 155943358
  • Ron gaming Pubg ID – 5102099001
  • Mr conqueror Pubg ID – 51013737408
  • Novaking Pubg ID – 565939622
  • Athena gaming Pubg ID, Athena Pubg ID – 694984807
  • Mortal Pubg ID – 590211476
  • Kronten Pubg ID – 525348414

These content creators may compete for the best in the game, but in real life, they are all very good friends and share a good form of sportsman spirit by not defaming other content creators, which is why the YouTube gaming community is so beautiful.

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Furthermore, some of these creators’ classic brand dialogues are simply amazing. For example, “OP Bolte” or “Patt Se Headshot.” That’s something I’m sure you’ve heard at least once in your life.

So just stick to your game now and chant “Patt Se Headshot” on your every kill. Thank you.

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