How To Gift Uc In Pubg Mobile

PUBG Mobile and PUBG emulator is surely free to play the game. However, there a lot of items in the game which are not free. You might be familiar with unknown cash which is an exclusive currency in PUBG. The unknown cash is used to purchase the items in PUBG mobile for PUBG PC which are not free. It is a currency that you have to purchase from the game by ping in your local currency. The steps to do so is easy but many people are not yet aware of it. Hence, we are going to explain the steps to add PUBG UC in PUBG Emulator.

What is PUBG UC?

PUBG UC or unknown cash is a general gaming currency which is used for purchasing endgame items. The gamers are allowed to buy anything from the store including wearables and other items. It is quite easy to add the unknown cash in your PUBG mobile and PUBG PC account. However, users are generally confused about heading the money in the PUBG emulator. Hence, we are going to explain to you the steps to Get PUBG UC Credits in the PUBG Emulator. You can go through the entire procedure given below to easily get the money and recharge your account without any failure or trouble.

Is it possible to add PUBG UC in PUBG Emulator?

Pubg Uc Free

It is possible to add PUBG unknown cash in the PUBG emulator as well. Many people ask if the process of adding money to the account is similar or not. Well, there are multiple ways of adding credits to your PUBG account and it is similar across all the platforms. However, it is easier to add money to PUBG mobile. There is also a common method using which you can add money to the account easily and that will be independent of the platform that you use. Hence, we will use this method in the tutorial to help you had PUBG unknown cash to the account be it on an emulator on mobile. The procedure to do so is quite easy.

Steps to Add UC in PUBG Emulator:

Pubg Uc Buy Online

The procedure that we are going to use to add PUBG unknown cash is universal and is available as a general option and dependent on the platform that you are used to playing the game. All you need is the browser. PUBG has a dedicated website from where you can purchase unknown cash directly into your account. There are several other procedures as well to add unknown cash to your account. However, we consider this as the best method because it is very easy and does not require any specific platform as such.

  • Go to the official website of PUBG to make payment for PUBG credits. They have a dedicated website for adding noncash to the account.
  • The website can be accessed from any platform be it PUBG emulator for mobile.
  • Go to the website and use your PUBG user ID to login to your account.
  • Don’t forget to verify the name of your id once the account is logged in.
  • Now you can select the amount of cash that you want to your account
  • Then select the payment option and proceed
  • The website allows you to locally pay via Internet banking and other options as well. Paytm option is also available in India.
  • Enter your mobile number and email address for billing purposes. The details is required to send you the invoice.
  • The amount of unknown cash will be added directly to your PUBG account.
  • Now you can log in into your account on PUBG emulator for PUBG mobile and you can purchase items of your choice directly from the store.

Here’s is the Detailed Video Guide Explaining the Steps to Buy UC in PUBG Mobile Emulator:

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