Fix Tencent Gaming Buddy Lag

Tencent gaming buddy is the official PUBG emulator. It is used by millions of people across the world to play PUBG mobile on PC. However, there are many queries that arise in the mind of Tencent gaming buddy users. The most common question that we have come across is how to increase the speed of Tencent gaming buddy for how to fix Tencent gaming buddy lag. Hence, we have come up with this post in order to explain to you some methods using which you can increase the speed of your PUBG emulator and fix the Tencent gaming buddy lag.

Top ways to fix Tencent Gaming Buddy Lag

1. Set up high-performance mode

The very basic step that you must take is to increase the performance of your PC. By default, the PC or laptop does not use full hardware in order to run a specific application. Hence, you must enable the high-performance mode on your PC.

  • Click on the battery icon on the right-hand side lower part of the home screen.
  • Now you will see the performance bar.
  • Set it to maximum performance.
  • you can also go to the setting and click on the power option in order to select the high-performance model.

high-performance mode

2. Increase Pagination Size

Pagination size is important for giving more power to a particular application. It allows the application to access more memory on the computer. However, do not give much space to the application. Ideally, it should be 40% of the ram size.

  • Right-click on the My Computer icon and go to properties.
  • Click on the advanced setting tab.
  • Select the performance tab and click on the advanced setting.
  • Now select the visual memory option and then click on change.
  • Turn off the automatic size option and enter the size that we have recommended.
  • Click on apply and close the menu.

3. Prioritise Tencent Gaming Buddy in Task Manager

You might be aware of the fact that there are multiple applications running in the background of the computer. Hence, Tencent’s gaming buddy has limited space to function in. Therefore, give high priority to the PUBG emulator by following the steps.

  • Open Tencent gaming buddy and run the game of your choice.
  • Now press CNTRL + SHIFT + ESC.
  • This will open the task manager.
  • Scroll down and search Tencent gaming buddy and click on priority.
  • change the priority to high and you will find that it is a possible fix of Tencent gaming buddy lag issue.

Tencent Gaming Buddy in Task Manager

4. Update Drivers

It is very essential to update the drivers of the PC to the latest version. Tencent’s gaming buddy requires updated drivers and order to function smoothly. Hence, the users must automatically update the drivers to the latest version. If not, you should regularly keep track of the updates that are available for the drivers. Go to the settings of your PC and select drivers and search for updates. Update all to the latest version available. In this way, you can fix the Tencent gaming buddy lag issue very easily without doing many hard things.

5. Delete all temporary file

It is very important to delete all the temporary files from the PC in order to make the computer faster. This it’s because a lot of temporary files and folders get stored in the cache memory of the device and thus reduces the speed of other applications.

  • Click on the windows icon and then go to the search option
  • Enter “temp” and then click on run
  • all the temporary folders and files will be displayed on the screen
  • select all the files that are displayed and click on delete all
  • Hence, the memory very free up on your device.

6. Turn on Turbo Engine Mode

The Tencent gaming buddy has its own performance optimizer for low specification PC. This means that you can select the mode in which you want to play the game. You must make sure that the turbo engine mode is always enabled while playing the game. The standard version is not optimum for playing PUBG on PC. Hence, all you need to do is launched the game from the home screen of the emulator itself. The turbo mode is written at the left-hand side top part of the screen while running the game.

Turn on Turbo Engine Mode

7. Switch to High Graphics Mode

It is important to enabling the high graphic power mode because the PC is set on the standard mode by default. Therefore, the drivers do not perform in their complete capacity. Rather, they have balanced power. This is why you will have to go to the settings and increase the power in order to ensure that there is no lag while playing PUBG mobile on a PUBG emulator. Follow the steps given below and get your speed increased within 5 minutes. The step by step procedure to update to the hi mode has been given below.

  • Open the graphic driver panel on your PC
  • Go to the settings
  • Select the performance tab and increase it to high
  • now click on apply and the performance will be automatically upgraded to the high mode.
  • Now run the game on Tencent gaming buddy and you will find that it is running smoothly.

8. Install the latest version of emulator and game

This is one of the most important steps that you must take in order to fix the Tencent gaming buddy lag issue. Make sure that Tencent’s gaming buddy or any other emulator is updated to the latest version. Moreover, PUBG mobile inside the emulator must also be up to date in order to run smoothly. There is no issue when both the emulator and the game is running on the latest version. You cancel the app Tencent gaming buddy updater in order to check for the latest version. It is a better option to enable automatic updation.

latest version of emulator


This article was all about the methods that can be followed in order to fix the Tencent gaming buddy lag issue. The steps are very helpful and have been proven in most cases. So follow all the steps and let us know if you have any problem with any of these steps.

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