Best VPN for PUBG Crate Opening

In this 21st Century, most of the youths are choosing the path of gaming as their career or as a part of their lifestyle. They are putting their efforts and time into the game for their specific reasons. And noticing this craze for Pubg, Pubg is updating its game every day and bringing something new per season and also introduces some challenges or events in the middle of the season too. And for better engagement purposes, it continuously updates the character’s rated elements like the outfit, skins, and other accessories.

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The Youth generation and the gamers community are totally mad to get the exclusive and rare items of Pubg to show off their skills with their rare outfits. Every gamer wants to stand out from the crowd, in terms of skills and looks so the popularity of exclusive and rare items is insane. But to get hands-on on one of the rare items is not an easy task. Pro-Gamers spends thousands on UC’s in the game just to buy an exclusive costume or gun skin. Exclusive gun skins have their kill effects that are why they remain in high demand most of the time. But just like Pro players, regular players also desire to get the exclusive or rare skins or outfits but they can’t afford this much money to invest in one or two skins, so they always look for other alternatives and tricks to get one of the coolest rare items for free.

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There are chances to get rare items from crates but the chances are very slight in some countries and other countries, the chances are more. This is because the items in the crates are based on the country or location and the items are equally distributed for each region in the crates, but in countries where the population is very high the chances of getting a rare item becomes less and the countries where the user population is low, the chances of getting a rare item are more. So some smart minds of Pubg found a trick of using VPN and connecting it to different locations where the Pubg user crowd is low. So let’s see how this process is done and how to obtain rare items with the help of this trick.

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Best Server for Pubg Crate Opening

To use this trick first you will need a good VPN service. A good VPN service is that which is trusted by many users and can work well in stable and unstable connections. Also, the interface of the VPN decides whether it is user-friendly or not. So look for the most popular VPN. Some of the best VPNs for PUBG crate openings are Nord VPN, Cyberghost, Hotspot shield, and UFO VPN basic. These all VPNs are choices of millions of users. They are very budget-friendly but not free. Do not worry, I got you covered with free alternatives also.

So some of the best free VPNs for Pubg crate opening are Turbo VPN, Secure VPN, Tomato VPN, Solo VPN, and Touch VPN. These all VPNs could be used for free and have the potential to challenge the paid ones. They also have an upgrade plan, if your hunger is more, that’s all depends on your usage.

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But why do people use this trick? Because people hate to spend their hard-earned money on games. So most gamers prefer the VPN option for collecting rare items. Let’s break the process into a simpler version.

  1. You need to connect your VPN to a different country where the population is low.
  2. Then when the server is connected, try logging into your PUBG account.
  3. Then go into the premium crate section and tap on the different items available there.
  4. It is said that tapping increases the chances of getting a Rare or legendary item.
  5. Then after tapping 5-10 times on different items randomly, try opening a crate.
  6. Then repeat the tapping process each time till you get your hands on any legendary or rare items.
  7. There is a high chance of getting a legendary item when trying 10 times, so try to collect at least 10 premium crates.

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Best Server for Pubg Crate Opening:

Ok, so now the process is clear but which server is the best for Pubg crate opening?

The best server for Pubg crate opening 2020 is Indonesia as per the users poll. Indonesia is the best server because the population of the country and Pubg user population is low and Pubg always tries to increase its user base, so that is why it is more likely to get Mythic, legendary, or at least rare items in Indonesia. There are other servers too like Canada, Cambodia, Thailand, Macau, and many more. You can always switch to different servers if your luck is not working in favor.

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