How To Get Free Battle Coins In Pubg

PUBG mobile is much more than just a game. It is not only about opening the application and playing the game along with your friends. There are multiple other things that you must know about the game. You might be aware of the fact that PUBG offers various in-app purchase items. Hence, the players must have sufficient PUBG battle coins for PUBG UC in their account in order to purchase the item. However, most people are not having sufficient battle coins or UC for purchase in the items. Hence, we are going to guide you through the steps using which you can get unlimited PUBG battle coins.

PUBG In-App Items

PUBG offers different kinds of outfits for the players as well as skins for the guns and weapons. The outfits look very attractive and it makes you unique among the hundred are the players in the game. This is why most people purchase a unique outfit in order to look different from all other people. So do you want to purchase PUBG outfit but you do not have sufficient battle coin or PUBG UC? We will teach you how to earn battle coins in PUBG and also about PUBG UC. Hence, continue reading the article.

What is PUBG Battle Coin?

Benefits of Battle Coins

Regular players of PUBG might already be aware of the battle coins. However, relative Lene players do not have any idea about battle coins or UC. Hence, you must know that battle coin is nothing but a currency inside the PUBG app. The player can purchase different items from the store by making payment through battle. If you have sufficient battle coins in your account, you can purchase any item from the store. However, most people do not have adequate battle coins in their accounts, and the think of the ways in which they can earn unlimited PUBG battle coins.

Hence, the battle coin is nothing but a mode of currency that is used for purchasing in different items inside the game. Moreover, the players can also purchase the pass of various tournaments using Battle coin. It can also be converted into unknown cash later. The entire details about PUBG have been given on our website and you can go through it in order to understand the basic concept and how to earn unlimited PUBG UC using different tricks. So this article is mostly about PUBG battle coins and how can you earn a good amount of it.

How to Get Unlimited PUBG Battle Coins?

How To Get Unlimited Uc In Pubg Mobile

There are various websites that will give you hacking tips in order to get unlimited battle coins. However, those tricks are very risky because your entire account can get banned within a day. Hence, you must use only the legal ways of earning battle coins in the game. There are many ways in which you can win battle coins and we are going to give all such procedures below.  The following are the ways in which you can on unlimited PUBG battle coins in a legitimate manner.

1. Play & Win

The easiest and most of this way of earning coins in the game is to play matches. PUBG gives you battle coins for playing each and every match. Moreover, it is not necessary to win the match in order to get the reward. All the players are given the coins based on their performance in the game. It is calculated on the basis of a number of kills and assists. The system also calculates the number of coins based on the time for which the players are wise in the game. Hence, all you need to do is play the game as you do and earn battle coins after every.

2. Login Everyday

PUBG also offers a login bonus to all the players. Hence, all you need to do is log into your account every day and get rewarded. You might have seen that a reward screen appears on the homepage of the game when you open the application for the first time during a day. The user can claim the battle coin as a reward and it is given every day when you log in for the first time. This is basically a way in which the player is encouraged to play the game everyday.

3. Complete Missions

you might be aware of the fact that there are various challenges and missions in the game. In fact, you can participate in the daily challenge and win battle coins. Therefore, you will get coins for playing the game and even more if you win the game. It is also applicable if you play with a squad. However, the calculation is done individually and will be based on your performance and not on group performance. Hence, all you need to do is open the application and play the daily challenge. Also, participate in the weekly challenges.

4. Login using social media

PUBG offers a signup bonus to all those people who log in to the application using social media. This is strange but it is a true fact that it will give you sign up a battle coin when the player users Facebook or Google to sign up. Moreover, even those people who have already signed up and have used just an email id to do so can avail the offer. All you need to do is go to the settings of the game and connect your Facebook account. Once the account is successfully connected, PUBG battle coins will be credited.

5. Ask Your Friends

Many players did not like collecting battlegrounds because they just enjoy the game and not play for coins. So if you are having any such friend, you can ask him to transfer the battle coins from his account to your account. However, there is a limitation to the number of coins that can be sent from one account to another in a day. Hence, you can transfer 50 PUBG battle coins every day from your friend’s account. All you need to do is open the friend list and select ask for a battle coin. Later, You can also return the coin if you want to.

Here is a Video Demonstration about the Trick to get Unlimited PUBG Battle Coins:


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