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PUBG has been very popular amongst Asians and especially in India. It has millions of users in India. The Government of India banned Pubg due to security concerns. Against the backdrop of the tussle with China, the Government of India took the step. However thanks to the variety of servers to chose from, Indians are still in the game. One such popular server in India is KRJP Server In PUBG. But a recent announcement by Krafton brings a piece of bad news for the Indian gamers.

What Is KRJP Server In PUBG?

Before we get into the announcement, let us understand what servers are. PUBG has grown so much because of its uniqueness. It offers a lot of creative ideas to its users. One of them is a variety of servers. Servers are geographically distinguished. They are specially designed for particular areas. They have local essence in them. A local essence in the game gives you a familiar surrounding and attract you to play more. You will be more comfortable with something that looks familiar. Hence, PUBG has designed special servers for different areas which are:

  • KRJP: Korea and Japan.
  • SEA: South East Asia.
  • AWS: London, Ireland, California, China.
  • North America.
  • South America.
  • Austalia or Oceania.

It is noticeable that PUBG does not bound you to your server. In other words, you are free to play on any server you wish to. There is no foundation. KRJP server in PUBG was not only for Koreans and Japanese but also for anyone who wished to play here. However, this might not happen after a recent announcement by Krafton.

KRJP Server In PUBG is Now Specifically For Regionals

Krjp Pubg Mobile Update

The Indian Government banned the beloved global version of PUBG recently. This troubled Indian gamers however they found a way out. The gamers knew they had other servers to play on. KRJP Server In PUBG has been the most popular and reliable one amongst Indian players since then. KRJP is popular because it is considered to be the easiest one to play on. Hence, since the ban, a large number of Indian Players have been using KRJP Server in PUBG. KRJP is said to be the most sort for a server to gain maximum rewards and earn RPs. This is one of the major factors as to why Indian players moved to KRJP Server in PUBG post-ban. But, to the dismay of Indian gamers news came up. A recent, announcement by Krafton is the reason behind it.

Krafton in its recent announcement has given a blow to the Indian gamers. It announced that KRJP Server in PUBG will be limited to the locals only. This means anyone outside Korea or Japan will not be able to use the KRJP server. It also added the following details with the announcement:

  • From June 2021, players outside the region of KRJP will not be able to access or use their accounts. They won’t be able to settle it too.
  • From June 2021, players who log in to their accounts will face network issues. Hence, they won’t be able to use their account properly.
  • From June 2021, players outside the region for the KRJP server in PUBG will not be able to log in to their accounts.

This is a serious blow to the Indian gamers. They had been relying on the KRJP server in PUBG for a long time. the  KRJP Server in PUBG offers you plenty of options when it comes to skin and instruments. Hence, a lot of gamers have put in a lot of investment in their accounts. They have invested a lot of money to buy new skins and instruments. Not being able to access their accounts will put all their money to waste.


Not only money, but players have also put in a lot of their time and energy in the server. Many have grown comfortable with the KRJP server in PUBG. This news has hurt a lot of gamers in India. What troubles more is that the players do not have an option to transfer these investments into other accounts. If they could transfer these skins and accessories investments to other accounts things might have been easier.

The news has annoyed Indian players who were already facing a hard time post-ban on the global version. They might lose patience and trust in the game. KRJP Server in PUBG has been their favorite. The news is a serious blow.

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