Sahmee Map in PUBG

Sahmee Map in PUBG is a tough one to find. This is because of the location of the map. It is a small village. But why is this small village Sahmee in PUBG important? This is because one needs to complete the mission to get Royal Passes. In order to complete this mission, a player has to kill 20 enemies in Sahmee. This makes it important to locate Sahmee Map In PUBG.

In the 4 maps of PUBG, you might encounter some locations that are very tough to find. But these locations are needed to complete the missions. One of the tough locations is Sahmee Map in PUBG. But don’t you worry, after reading this article you will be able to locate the village very easily.

Why Is It Tough To Locate Sahmee Map In PUBG?

sahmee location in sanhok

Sahmee is located in Sanhok Map. On this big map, Sahmee is just a small village. To add to the isolation of the place, it is located on the lower side of the map. You will find this village in the southern – left corner of the map. It seems too tough to find it but if you follow the article, it will become easy.

Hints To Locate Sahmee Map In PUBG:

Here are a few hints to locate Sahmee Map In Pubg very easily:

  • The southern side of the Sahmee village is the sea. Also on this side of the village, you will find a hill. The hill isn’t too big rather a small one.
  • If you know the location of Campcharlie, it will be easy to find the map. Campcharlie is located in the surrounding area of the PUBG Sahmee map. If you are in Camp Charlie Town, the nearest village you find is Sahmee.
  • As you would know that Sanhok map contains three islands. One of them is Sahmee. But where? Note down the following trick, in terms of area the second island will contain Sahmee. The largest island of Sanhok has locations like Paradise resort. The island which contains areas like, camp charlie, Pai Nan and Na Kham, will also have Sahmee on it.
  • The surrounding neighborhood of the Sahmee map in PUBG has the following locations- Pai Nan, Na Kham, Campcharlie, Tambhang, Ban Tai, etc. If you can reach one of these locations it will be peanuts for you to find Sahmee.
  • This village mostly contains abandoned houses and buildings. What you need to pay attention to is that most of these houses are two-storied. This abandoned town is a great place for loot. It is noticed that Sahmee City in Sanhok has enough for almost two teams to loot. You will find all sorts of stuff here. From weapons to health kits. Not many players come to this mao because of its isolated location. Hence, it is a great place not only to complete the mission but also to loot.
  • This village is so small that it overall has just 29 houses. As mentioned above a majority of them i.e., 15 are two-storied. This makes it tough to hide much. It will bring you face to face with your enemy for the mission. PUBG has a lot of missions that involve the Sahmee map. One of the most famous is to KILL 20 ENEMIES WITH AKM IN SAHMEE MISSION. Therefore, it is important to know beforehand the details of the place.
  • If you reach Sahmee and need to go to CampAlha, you simply need to head to the south. In the southern area of Sahmee Map in PUBG, you will find a bridge that will take you to CampAlha.
  • The road on the western side of CampCharlie will take you to Sahmee District on the Map of Sanhok.

If you follow the hints above it will be very easy to find Sahmee Town on the Sanhok Map.  Sahmee though is a small village but is important to find. You need to locate the Sahmee map in PUBG to gain Royale Passes. I hope this article helped you to get hints about its location. Happy Gaming!

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