Lower Ping in PUBG Mobile

Ping is one term that is highly relevant and is linked very closely to the experience of online gaming. The smoothness of the game completely depends on this term and you are probably here because you are facing high ping issues in PUBG mobile. There are millions of people who have the same question of how to reduce ping in PUBG mobile. High ping means that there will be a frame drop issue and a lot of lag while playing the game. It is extremely going to have high ping in an online game. However, we do have some solutions which will help you in reducing ping in PUBG mobile.

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What is Ping?

How To Lower Ping In Pubg Mobile

Ping is particularly the time required to send a particular message to the server and bring it back to your phone. The time is denoted in milliseconds. In PUBG, ping simply means the time required to send your single tab message to the server and bring back the response to your phone. This process is very quick and takes place within some milliseconds. Having high ping means that your internet is taking a lot of time to send and receive the information from your device. This will have multiple consequences while playing PUBG mobile or any other online game be it on mobile or on PC.

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Significance of Ping in PUBG Mobile:

How To Reduce Ping In Pubg Mobile Android

Ping is one of the most important factors that affects the gameplay of PUBG mobile. High ping will result in lagging. On the other hand, having sloping means that your device is able to quickly communicate with the server and get the appropriate response on time. Hence, you will have a very smooth experience while having a low ping. High ping will slower your gameplay and you will get killed even if you have not moved from your place. This is because your mobile is not actually connected to the server at the same speed as the opponents. Hence, before you can act or click any button, your opponent will kill you.

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How to Check the Ping in PUBG Mobile?

How To Reduce Ping In Pubg Mobile Emulator

Are you having trouble and are not able to play PUBG on your mobile smoothly? You t to check the Ping at which you are playing the game online. It is very easy to check the time required for your device to communicate with the server. You can find the live ping on the left-hand bottom part of the screen. It is denoted in m/s. Any ping below 150 is considered good and it is generally a sign that your internet connection is good. Anything over 200 is considered high and it junks the gameplay. Hence, you must follow some quick tips given below to reduce ping in PUBG mobile.

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Tips to Reduce Ping in PUBG Mobile:

  1. The very first step is to check the speed of the internet connection. You must be connected to a connection that is fast enough to communicate with the server at the least possible time. Having a Wi-Fi connection is a better option.
  2. Close all other applications in the background and do not update anything in the background. Also, make sure that your mobile is up to date.
  3. Update your PUBG mobile to the latest version.
  4. Always connect to the nearest server. If you reside in India, Asia is the best server to play in. You will have a minimum of ping in Asia while the maximum is in Europe and others.
  5. If you you are willing to play on a foreign server without compromising much on the Ping, consider connecting your device to VPN in order to reduce ping even while playing on foreign servers.

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