BGMI 2.0 New Update

After the ban of players unknown battleground Mobile in India by the Indian government, Battleground mobile India has become one of the top competitors in the battle royale mobile gaming section. BGMI was started by Krafton Developer on 2nd July 2021 and was able to complete its first anniversary recently. They had many events on the anniversary and which even continued later. According to the analysis recently made among the youngster, six youngsters among 10 have been seen playing the battle royale. It has even gained a common trend among youngsters not only in India but even globally.

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After the last update of version 1.9 updates of the BGMI which was released in March 2022 were available on the android play store and iOS apple store. By Krafton Developer of battleground mobile India has officially announced the BGMI latest update 2.0 version that is to be released in May 2022. This has come up as amazing news for all the PUBG lovers in India. This is the battleground’s sixth big update which has come with a lot of new features that can simply blow your mind, unlike the last 1.9 updates.


With the latest update players are going to make a return of all the BGMI 2.0 lovers as they are going to have an experience like never before and not anymore in beta. There are a lot of new modes, new weapons, new vehicles, new maps, new events, rewards, sinks, new outfits, etc.

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There is an update in the lobby as a new winter Lobby Vikendi 2.0 has been updated and has intense battles in Erangle, Livik, and Sanhok.

As we know that the M 9 Royal pass is going to end there is an upcoming M 10 royal pass that will be launched soon.

That will even be a new weapon named M417. This will be a burst mode weapon that will be introduced in the BGMI 2.0. This weapon will be running with 5.56 MM ammo.

There will even be more new updates modifications in the damage and recoil control and even there might be some new changes in an archer which is also going to be added in BGMI 2.0.

With all the new updates even the size of the game is now 989 MB in the play store and all the additional maps, events, and resource packs will be downloaded during the new version installation.

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BGMI 2.0 Download

The new version for the BGMI under M9 M10 Royal pass official trailer has already been announced. All the players can download the BGMI 2.0 updated version once released on their gadget whether it be android or iOS apps but for early access, they can download an APK. The gamers can download the new version either directly from the PlayStore or from App Store. To download directly the latest version of the BGMI players need to go under the update section if the game is already downloaded and then click on update. Once the update has been clicked the file will automatically get updated and the download will start. Once the download is complete whenever the player opens the game for the first time they can check that it has been updated and can enjoy all the latest version updates.

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Players can download it from the play store or App Store or they can even go to the official website that is and download it from there directly.


As we all know that the current M 9 royal pass is already going on and it’s about to end from March 22 to April 19 and on April 20 it is been seen that the new season of the royal pass which is the M 10 royal pass will begin. This royal pass will begin at 7:30 AM IST in the morning on 20 April 2022.

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With this new updated royal pass players can use UC as by using 360 UC Players can get an elite pass and with 9 UC players can get an elite pass plus. 360 UC is refundable if the players want to refund the elite pass and don’t need this pass, they can easily get it refunded.

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