Ninja Dancer Set in BGMI

Gamers are literally mad about the unique and different outfits. They always want to look good and always wanted to stand out of the crowd. And Pubg knows that people love being exceptional or rare, so Pubg also works on new costumes and outfits so that people can enjoy their virtual look in the game. These unique outfits are just made for the purpose of fashion and uniqueness, they do not provide any other special ability. They do not provide extra Armor or defense. But some of the exclusive outfits often come with emotes. This is a combination kind of deal and is only applicable on some theme-related items.

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Gaming freaks always lookout for something new either in the game or in their gaming character. And most of the Pro Players have filled their inventory with crazy unique outfits. But the Pros always change the outfits with the updates because they always want to be updated and need to follow the trend, just for the sake of their popularity or their own enjoyment. As a result, what they actually do is spend a tonne of money on a Virtual Game.

Ninja Dancer Set

Also playing with the newly updated outfits helps the players in building up their confidence and helps them to maintain their performance in the game. Pros in India have spent around 130- 180 k UC on buying these extraordinary outfits.

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There are many outfits in the game which are very exclusive and rare, some of them are Blood Raven X Suit, Poseidon X Suit, Golden X Suit, Yeti Suit, and Demi-God Gladiator set. These are some of the extraordinary and expensive sets of Pubg mobile but rather than being expensive there are also some suits which are not so expensive but they are stylish and very much on demand. The most recent example of this set could be “Ninja Dancer Set”. This is the new update of wearable collections updated inside the Pubg.

Ninja Dancer Set is going on a sale currently which is going to end soon on 28 Feb 2022. The Normal Price of this set is 420 UC but as it is available on the sale the prices are dropped down to 340 UC.

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How to Purchase the Ninja Dancer Set?

  1. Open BGMI on your mobile.
  2. Go towards the Shop inside the game.
  3. Open up the “Hip Hop package” available on the treasure tab.
  4. You will find ” Ninja Dancer Set” there, click on proceed now to confirm the payment of 340 UC.
  5. When the payment is completed, this event-based Outfit will be yours permanently. You can use this outfit then in your whole Pubg journey.

Alongside this Ninja Dancer Set, you will get “Neko Sakura Pan Skin”. So you can call it a combo deal of buy 1 and get 1 free. And this pan skin is also available for a lifetime.

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Well, some of the YouTube content creators have purchased this set and were not that much happy with the Pricing and outlook of the set. Their review is that the pricing of this outfit is a bit too much for the Outfit. And I also think that the pricing of this product is a little too much compared to the outfit. It is cool but not that much kind of special though.

Also, one more thing is that this set is available in BGMI for 310 UC but in other versions the pricing of this outfit is different. The pricing of this product is very lower compared to BGMI, in other variants of Pubg it is available in 120 UC.

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In BGMI, it is much more expensive because it is also included with a permanent Pan skin. Many players have different opinions regarding this set. Let us hear what is your opinion?

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