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The world is getting addicted to games day by day. Every player wants to win in the game. Players push their limits just to get better in the game and defeat their opponents.
Training, working hard and making tactics are the legal way of playing the game, but still there are some players who are just tired of losing or not getting the first position in the game and use third-party applications to do the job of securing 1 position in the game. These players use some Modded applications or Apk’s which provide these players an advance over the opponents. Call it mod or hack, it is kind of the same thing.

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Getting any kind of advantage except skills and training is illegal in every game. In BGMI also, the backend team always looks out for suspicious activities done in the game. They always try their level best to ban those accounts in which suspicion is raised. BGMI is totally based on skill level and does not compensate with any kind of illegal activities in the game.
But sometimes the developers also get mistaken by the pure skills of extraordinary players and consider their activities and reflexes as they are using some illegal methods to play their game and mistakenly ban their BGMI IDs. This ban can be very long as some of the pro players I’d were banned for like 10 years. But they have not only banned the Pros Ids, they have also banned those Ids too who are using some mods in the game.

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But now for their relief, they can download the BGMI Unban Apk Latest Version and remove the ten-year ban from your BGMI ID using a new method accessible on the market.
Most of the time, there is no reason for your BGMI ID to be banned; it was simply a mistake that you were accused of and banned for. However, if you’ve ever used a third-party APK or tool to improve your BGMI gameplay or employed a hack to locate and kill the adversary in BGMI, your account has been flagged.

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You should stay away from Apk and Mod applications as they may contain some changes that are not legal in BGMI and if the developer’s team found something odd happening in the game, they can directly freeze the account or ban it, temporarily or for a very long time.

What is BGMI Unban Apk?

The so-called BGMI Unban Apk is fiction; there is no such app that can remove a 10-year ban from your BGMI ID. It’s only a facade that YouTubers have created, and no Apk can help you reclaim your account if Krafton has banned your BGMI ID.

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BGMI is a game that you download on your phone, but your progress is saved on Krafton servers, and you can only access your ID if Krafton gives you permission. If the Krafton team bans your ID from their servers, you will be unable to play for ten years.

What to do to Unban BGMI ID?

Unban BGMI Account

To unblock your BGMI ID, simply follow the instructions outlined below:

  1. First and foremost, you must go to Crafton’s help center, as this is the only way to get your BGMI ID unbanned. You will find a link to the Crafton Help Center below, which will take you to the Crafton Help Center page.
  2. You will see a form on your screen as soon as you reach the Help Center by clicking the link. You must correctly fill out whatever information is requested on this forum.
    You must include your personal email address, the cause for your violation, and whether or not you have broken any rules. You must also include a screenshot of your Battleground Mobile India account.
  3. You must submit this form by pressing the submit button after you have completed all of the fields.
    Now the Battleground Mobile India team will review your application form, and if the reason stated in the application form is acceptable, your Battleground Mobile India account ID will be unbanned.
  4. In addition, the Battleground Mobile India team will send you a confirmation email to the email address you provided in the application form.
  5. Also, if it is your fault, the cause will be explained in the email, which will arrive when your Battleground Mobile India ID is not unbanned.
    This is the only possible way through which you will be able to Unbann your BGMI Account.

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