Unfriend Friends In BGMI

BGMI is an online battle royale game that can be played with your friends in your comfort zone. Pubg has changed the culture of playing online games and made it more fun and entertaining. Before the entry of PUBG into the gaming world, there were many games present, but there are hardly any mobile games that you could play with your friends online. Now some would say there is Mini Militia and Takken-like games available, Yes they were present but they do not have that many features the PUBG provided like the Mic and emotes and other things, which made gaming more entertaining with friends. Even if your friend is Seven Seas apart, you will be able to play with him without any major issues and the voice clarity inside the game is superb that you will hear each word correctly and on time as the other person is saying right in front of you.

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Similarly being a part of the sensational game PUBG, BGMI is also preloaded with this feature to play games with your friends and create massacres inside the game.

In the game, we add too many players, known and unknown that sometimes we get frustrated and want to remove them from the list. But some people are unable to find the proper way to kick out a friend from their friend list. Even due to bad performance of someone known might be the reason for kicking him out of the friend list. So today, we are gonna check the methods of kicking friends from the friend list in BGMI.

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Remove Friends In BGMI

Removing the unnecessary friends from the game can be very peaceful and important for your gaming mind. And to make the process easier, the method of removing a friend from BGMI is divided into some steps. These steps are mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, open up the BGMI application on your phone.
  2. Move towards the friend’s tab located on your top left corner of the screen.
  3. Tap the box to view the friend list and tap on the 3 bullets icon.
  4. After that, tap on the ‘Batch Manage’ as the new box opens up.
  5. Using the checkbox on the left side of their profile picture, select the player or players you want to unfriend.
  6. The delete option will pop up located at the bottom.
  7. Then BGMI will allow you to recheck so that the chances of mistakes stay low.

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Selecting this option will remove the selected player(s) from your friend list in BGMI. In addition, you can block people by tapping on the message icon on the right side of their avatar and selecting the option to block them.

This is the easiest method to block any friend from the game.

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