How To Reach Conqueror In Pubg Mobile

PUBG Mobile has a fanbase and player count that any company would die for. This is the era of PUBG Mobile in the gaming industry. The growing popularity of PUBG Mobile has created stiff competition amongst players. Now, PUBG Mobile offers a lot of titles. The titles are worth fighting for. Players can kill for these titles. These are important to earn respect and ranking in PUBG Mobile. One of these titles is Conqueror in PUBG Mobile. This article will tell you about how many points to reach conqueror PUBG mobile?

Conqueror in PUBG Mobile is a very important title. Players have to work hard to reach there. However, it is quite simple to reach the tier if you do a little planning. This article simplifies your work. We have shortlisted the easiest and the shortest route to bag the Conqueror tier in PUBG Mobile. Read the article to the end to find it out.

Conqueror Tier In PUBG Meaning

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Before we dive into the ways to get Conqueror in PUBG Mobile, let us first understand what does it mean. The highest rank that anyone can get in PUBG Mobile is Conqueror. Now you might have the idea of its importance. Most of the average gamers can achieve up to Ace tier. But Conqueror is beyond Ace. You need to be one of a kind player to a bad Conqueror in PUBG.

How can you get this prestigious title? There is no set of eligibility and requirements to get Conqueror in PUBG Mobile. Then what do you need? You simply need to be in the top 500 players on your server. Only these players are rewarded with Conqueror in PUBG Mobile. This prestigious title is the identity card of your skills in PUBG Mobile wherever you go. You automatically get the respect you ought to, through this tier title.

How To Reach Conqueror In PUBG Mobile?

How Many Points to Reach Conqueror PUBG Mobile

How Many Points to Reach Conqueror PUBG Mobile?

It is not a layman’s job to achieve Conqueror in PUBG Mobile. Nor is it quick. It takes a lot of hard work and time to bag Conqueror in PUBG Mobile. Someone who is in the top 500 players in a server will have 5000+ points in PUBG Mobile. Hence there are already a lot of skills and tools that you have gained reaching this journey. What more do you need? How to plan to bag Conqueror in PUBG. Everything is planned below:

  • The first thing that you need to do is to at least reach the Ace tier. This has to be done before the end of a season. This season could be any. Once you reach the tier you need to have patience and wait until the ranks reset.
  • What happens after ranks reset? The people sitting at the top fall back down. They are all now at the Platinum level. This is your opportunity. Now you need to fasten your seatbelt and play your matches with full dedication.
  • Now your goal is to reach the Ace tier. This has to be done as fast as you can. Do not rush and showcase your skills. Keep it easy and safe. Classic matches are your new best friends. All you need to do is to survive.
  • To reach the Ace tier the fastest, you need to focus on winning. Get as many chicken dinners as you can. You have to focus on your target and that is the Ace tier.
  • Once you reach the Ace you are done. You are now in the top 500 players on the server. You are now the Conqueror. You have bagged the title and the fame you need along with it.

Note: It can be very tough to achieve the Conqueror tier in squad modes. It is recommended that if you need  Conqueror in PUBG you have to either play solo or go in duets. Do not risk and go with a squad.

These were the tricks and tips on how to reach Conqueror in PUBG Mobile. It is not easy to bag the title. You have to avoid risks at all costs. When you achieve the Conqueror in PUBG Mobile you get tremendous fame and respect. Follow the points given above and the title is yours.

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